Astrology and Prophecy: Preacher Says World to End–Astrologer Disagrees

Judgment DayApparently this astrologer has failed to schedule in an important event in my daytimer. According to minister Harold Camping judgement day is arriving this coming Saturday. Here is the pitch:

On Judgment Day, May 21st, 2011, this 5-month period of horrible torment will begin for all the inhabitants of the earth. It will be on May 21st that God will raise up all the dead that have ever died from their graves. Earthquakes will ravage the whole world as the earth will no longer conceal its dead (Isaiah 26:21). People who died as saved individuals will experience the resurrection of their bodies and immediately leave this world to forever be with the Lord. Those who died unsaved will be raised up as well, but only to have their lifeless bodies scattered about the face of all the earth. Death will be everywhere.

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