The Astrology of Eclipses–A Very Potent Eclipse

lunar-eclipse-2Astrology for the Week of June 25 to July 1

June 26, just five days after the Summer Solstice, is the long awaited lunar eclipse that features a Grand Cross in action oriented Cardinal signs. This eclipse, but virtue of this Grand Cross is especially potent, and while it might not make immediate physical changes in your life, is bound to churn up questions about the areas of life the eclipse falls in and may affect how you handle this area of your life for at least six months.

The power of the eclipse comes from the Moon joining Pluto. Though the Astronomical Union demoted Pluto to a dwarf planet, astrologers make no such distinction. Since it was discovered, Pluto has revealed powerful lessons in personal and spiritual transformation. The problem is with Pluto is that this taskmaster is relentless. Under Pluto’s grip, people, places and things that you’ve come to rely on are wrenched away. Or it maybe people, places and things are suddenly thrust at you. Whatever happens you are forced to focus your attention on that singular issue until you have completely changed your perspective on it.

The axis the eclipse falls on is the Cancer/Capricorn axis which rules our emotional and security needs versus our place in society. In the dichotomy of yin and yang, it is difficult to secure one without the other. Our society used to handle this by a strict division of labor. Women handled hearth and home, providing for the emotional needs of the family, while the man navigated the career sphere, providing for the material needs. Things have changed since the last go round of Saturn in Libra, so this is no longer true. What is true that both men and women both have the challenge to balance the needs of work and home, of providing for the family while working on issues of their own personal growth.

With this Moon/Pluto combination the focus is going to be on your feelings and your emotional responses. Let’s take a look at where the Moon/Pluto combination falls in your chart. Moon/Pluto is at 4 degrees of Capricorn. Since this eclipse is in early degrees, the house that has Capricorn on the Cusp is the one that is affected, though cusps are slippery things so it is best to be sure. To find where this falls in your chart, you can go to and get a copy of your chart, or God help me, you can write to me at with your birth date, birth place and birth time and send all three pieces of information at the same time, and I’ll will tell you, though if you don’t, I can’t help you.

Moon/Pluto in the First House—Your appearance and body image, how you feel about yourself, is about to take a dramatic change. Maybe you’ll lose weight, apply yourself seriously at the gym or take up a new sport. Whatever you do, don’t focus so exclusively on yourself or your own goals that you forget to pay attention to the important significant other in your life.

Moon/Pluto in the Second House–Your possessions and the resources of other people come into sharp focus. Either someone asks you for help, appealing to your heartstrings, or you find yourself looking to someone for financial assistance. Taxes, insurance and goods of the dead are also important themes, and whatever happens with those areas will have an emotional impact on you. This is an excellent time to start therapy.

Moon/Pluto in the Third House—Emotional issues with siblings take center stage. Communications with them center on issues of who controls what. Better you should focus your energies on a workshop or class. At least you have something to think about besides stewing on their demands. You may have to employ legal counsel to explore your options. Whatever you do, tread lightly, because you are dealing with close family ties, and it’s never good to do battle with family. Be the voice of reason.

Moon/Pluto in the Fourth House—What comes first, career or family? Simultaneously your work load increases and a family issue crops up demanding your attention. You feel stretched to the breaking point. Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue where you can delegate tasks and duties, your presence is required. Ultimately you’ll have to decide what you can give and what you can not.

Moon/Pluto in the Fifth House–Oh Goody! You get to obsess over a friend that you want as a lover, or a friend you regard only as a friend wants to get more personal with you. Whatever happens with this eclipse energy you are bound to explore your hopes, dreams and wishes and may ultimately find that what you see is not what you get. Creative endeavors may frustrate you but that is only because you are having problems articulating your vision.

Moon/Pluto in the Sixth House—Either you take very, very good care of yourself, or you find yourself in the doctor’s office every other month. Diet and nutrition become an important aspect of self care. Pets need veterinary attention. Employees wig out. Because this eclipse falls on the work and service axis of your chart you find yourself taking care of others more than in the past. Volunteering at a hospital is an excellent outlet for this eclipse energy. Whatever you do, resist the urge to let your concern for others come off as criticism.

Moon/Pluto in Your Seventh House—Of all the eclipse positions, this might be the luckiest as transiting Part of Fortune meets up with the Moon and Pluto. You may feel driven into relationships where you have no control, either of the situation or your feelings and you aren’t too happy about it. You’ll feel you are taking on far too much work, but ultimately if you keep your cool, and work through the issues you might find yourself in a much better place than at the start of this eclipse.

Moon/Pluto in Your Eighth House—No one likes the eighth house, (except Scorpios) and with good reason. Here you are dealing with icky things, like taxes, insurance and goods of the dead. OK there is the sex thing, but that is the type of sex tied around perversions, fetishes, and obsessions. Here you delve into the seamy underside of life. If Moon/Pluto falls here for you, for the next sixth months you walk around feeling naked and alone while you thrash through some dark fantasies. Maybe you’ll explore some, but my advice is to get therapy. It will help and is better for you.

Moon/Pluto in Your Ninth House—The ninth house deals with education and legal matters. Here the emotional issue is the whether or not a child is going to follow the path you’ve set out for him or her. Pressing the issue is only going to spur the child to rebellion; you are sure the child is hell-bent on wrecking his or her life. Mom/Dad, the best thing you can do is reconcile your own unrealized dreams with the life you crafted for yourself. If you see that you’ve haven’t done so badly after all, maybe you’ll give your kid a break and let them make their own decisions no matter how much it shakes you.

Moon/Pluto in Your Tenth House—This is the first house this eclipse falls on Saturday as the moon comes to conjunct the Lord of Transformation. Even as you dig your heels in to master your career, problems at home crop up seeming to derail your plans. You may be dealing with a child’s legal problems or suddenly the issue of custody rears its head or a health problem arises. Whatever happens, it is you that needs to address the situation. The issue, of course, is balance. Trying to burn the candle at both ends will only burn you out.

Moon/Pluto in Your Eleventh House—Looking at a broader scale this eclipse period brings you to exploring your hopes, dreams and wishes as you thrash about trying to articulate your artistic vision. Or on a small scale, a Cutie with a child shows up suddenly as a romantic prospect, and takes up far too much of your time while you should be spending time with the people who’ve been there for you. Ultimately, it is you who needs to decide how to slice and dice your goals, dreams and wishes, but the lesson is “What is best for you?”

Moon/Pluto in Your Twelfth House—You are overwhelmed with dealing with issues surrounding a loved one’s confinement, either in a nursing home, a hospital or a prison, so much so that you feel like you are locked up there yourself. It doesn’t help that the money doesn’t seem to be where it’s suppose to be and insurance companies don’t want to pony up. The light at the end of the tunnel is that you really can handle all of this, which curiously, once it is said and done, will lend to you a certain measure of pride in handling difficult tasks.

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