Mars in Virgo—The Hypochondriac’s Dream

zodiac6Astrology of the Week of June 11 to June 17th, 2010

If you want to get a doctor’s appointment, and you will, you best get on the phone and make it right now. The planet of our survival instincts, Mars has just come into health and fitness oriented zodiac sign of Virgo. For those that are particularly sensitive to Virgo influences, anyone with Virgo or Pisces or making a challenge aspect to a Virgo point, this is likely the time that you will be concerned about a health issue. It is not for me to judge the seriousness of your concern; that is for a doctor to do. However, please be assured that for most people, the concern is just that. Virgo is well known for fussing over the smallest details and literally making a mountain out of them. This is why, deserved or no, Virgo has the reputation of being a hypochondriac. So docs, rearrange your vacation plans, your appointment books are going to be well filled.

Aries—All that rushing around has either a.) drained your nervous system b.) caused you to have a minor accident c.) a & b. No this isn’t is a multiple choice question, but rather what your life is like right now. Slow down!

Taurus—You’ve got it all going on, don’t you Taurus. You’ve energy to burn and you are putting it all in the right places. You go!

Gemini—The planet of communications rolls into your zodiac sign, the sign it rules. Normally chatty, you annoy the rest of us with your non-stop repartee right about now. Go sell something.

Cancer—Suddenly someone seems bright and shiny right about now. How come you never noticed this person before? It’s because you weren’t ready for an adventure, but now maybe you are.

Leo—Love and business are looking good now, though not necessarily interconnected. Venus in your sign making favorable connections to Jupiter and Uranus bring new things quickly in your life. Have fun!

Virgo—While you are at it, make that appointment for the second opinion, since you won’t believe what the first doc has to say. Maybe if you trimmed your workload you won’t feel so stressed and crappy. Think about it.

Libra–You are entering a period (until the end of July at least) where you will tend to go overboard in matters of love and money. Don’t overspend your budget and don’t spend to impress a love interest.

Scorpio–The co-rulers of your zodiac sign Mars and Pluto conspire to keep your love life on the down low until latter in the year. What to do now? Hang tight, Scorpio, nothing is forever.

Sagittarius—With Jupiter, Uranus and Venus all making favorable aspects to your Sun, you are ready, set, go to conquer the world. Your lightning fast reflexes makes you the ace in any move. However, every superhero has their kryptonite, dear Archer, and yours is a tendency to overdo. Moderation is the key.

Capricorn—You are feeling you missed the boat on a love or money opportunity. Don’t try to recapture the moment, Cap, as sometimes the window of opportunity just closes. Let this be a lesson in waiting too long to do something worthwhile.

Aquarius—Good news. The planets that were harassing you have moved off. Bad news, Venus has moved up for her spot at the plate. If it seems you can’t catch a break, Aquarius, you are right. Jupiter and Uranus bring opportunities to make money, but not as much as you hoped or need.

Pisces—Get plenty of rest, eat your vegetables and don’t talk to strangers, including those friendly telemarketers with lovely bridges to sell. You’ll do better if you let someone else drive the car since right now you are feeling a little freaked out by cosmic influences. Enough said.

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