Weekly Astrology Forecast: Dreams of Dragons

dragon2-smallAstrology for the Week of March 26 to April 1

Having spent a heady weekend listening to lectures of Pluto in Capricorn, dragons and the Book of Revelations, courtesy of the Astrological Society of Connecticut, what should greet me as I look at this week’s stars but the aspect structure of the dragon itself.

Sliding like a great snake through the round of the great wheel of the zodiac, it starts at Pluto making a challenge aspect the Moon/Saturn conjunction on the 29th, which stresses the Mercury/Venus conjunction, wrapping itself around a Yod, the finger of God, that talks about the fated nature of our relationships.

Destiny plays a hand in our relationships it seems, and the deepest part of our natures will be touched, like a note plucked on a stringed instrument.

Where Libra is in your chart, especially at zero degrees, is the area that will be kicked up for your examination. What you give, what you do not give, what you desire will all be called into question. Libra, a cardinal sign, in this early degree will rush in where angels fear to tread.

If you want to find where Libra is in your chart, go to this website—http://astro-software.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal—which after a couple simple questions will spit out the positions of your planets and your houses in simple English. What you will be looking for is the house where the zodiac sign of Libra sits.

If you have Libra in the first house, you’ll be thinking that your physical attractiveness plays a role in your connections to others. The tendency here is to overemphasize what is essentially a small part in attraction and desire. If it were true that only beauty made us worthy for love, most of us wouldn’t marry! Keep that in mind.

Libra in the Second—Is it love, or love of money? You tend to get romantic when dollar signs, not cupid arrows are flying, so you just might be faced with the choice of the right one without a sous, and the wrong one with all the right stuff financially. Interesting choices.

Libra in the Third—The one that won’t get past you is the one who knows all the pretty words to make you swoon. Do you fall for them, hook, line and sinker, or do you grab the closest lifesaver? Sink or swim.

Libra in the Fourth—You greatest desire is harmony in the home, but lately to achieve this you have been, shall we say, glossing over some uncomfortable truths. The result is that you are holding in you fears and resentments, not the best thing for your sensitive stomach. If you are having problems with your insides, it is time to look at what is really bothering you.

Libra in the Fifth—With the Yod activating this area that relates to love affairs and creative ventures, you are feeling locked in and strangely locked out of both of these areas of your life. You can’t stop thinking about that special someone, but at the same time, you aren’t sure that person is thinking about you. Do be sure that he or she is, but whether or not something will happen is anybody’s guess.

Libra in the Sixth—You are sure there is something wrong with you. The doctor finds nothing. While it is not all in your head, as the kindly doc suggests, maybe it is something in your soul. Time for a second opinion, so whatever works for you in the spirituality department is where you should head for your answers.

Libra is the Seventh—Before you blow up your relationship, it is time to write the good things on one side of the list and the bad things on the other. If the good outweighs the bad, see a therapist. If the bad out weighs the good, see a lawyer. In any case, this is not a DIY project.

Libra in the Eighth—I don’t know whether to envy or pity you. On one hand you might get to experience carnal pleasures the like of which you’ve never had before, on the other, the fallout of such an experience just might blow you away. If you aren’t sure, concentrate that tax return. That will dampen all desire.

Libra in the Ninth—Higher education and travel are transformative experiences, though neither one is likely to go without a hitch. Make sure you have plenty of your own resources rather than relying on someone else to get you through a bumpy ride.

Libra in the Tenth—The attraction of new business partner is upmost on your mind. No one is better than you at networking, and if you are wary of the fine print, you just might find someone who can help you advance your work goals.

Libra in the Eleventh—The people you hang with expect far too much of you right now. They want you to “make things work” while doing very little of the work themselves. Use your natural charm to get them on board with current projects.

Libra in the Twelfth—You may be thrashing about some difficult issues relating to the care of a loved one. While the other people around you have good intentions, they want to move more quickly than for which the situation calls. Call the shots and take your time.

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