Full Moon #Eclipse: Boogie Woogie Or Don’t Dance At All

Lunar Eclipse(Astrology Explored) Monday’s partial lunar eclipse (August 7, 2017 at 2:10 PM EDT) is the bookend of the February 10, 2017 Full Moon Eclipse. The Sun/Moon position is reversed. The February moon in Leo talked about our public images. This full moon, with the moon in the sign of the individual, Aquarius. The question will be: how will you fulfill your inner longing for personal fulfillment?

Do you boogie woogie to your own drummer? Or are you deaf to the callings of your soul? Are you authentic? Are you real? Are you expressing your true self? If you aren’t the Universe won’t want to dance with you.

Aquarius, as a zodiac sign, talks about finding your unique and honest self and gifting that to the world. Where house the eclipse falls will call you to develop your talents in that area and gift it to the world.

In a real way, this process started back in February where you examined your public image in relation to others. Now you will reconcile your inner self to your public image.
Up to the point that Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, was discovered in 1781, people did not have access to a planet to help excavate their individuality. Self-actualization wasn’t a mass concept as most people struggled to survive whatever way they could. People lived within the strict dictates of government and church. But within a shy five years of the Uranus’ discovery people were talking about the rights of the people to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These were radical thoughts for a revolutionary time.

Uranus called us to boogie woogie, and we did that. The United States Moon, the planet of the public, is in Aquarius. It is why we claim to be rugged individualists, even though most of us aren’t.

An eclipse ignites an area of sensitivity a natal chart for at least six months. For the United States, this eclipse moon is opposite the US natal moon in Aquarius. But even more pressing the eclipse moon is part of Yod, called the Finger of God, with transiting Chiron, which I call “the planet of something wrong” and Pluto, who most astrologers call the planet of transformation.

The energy of Chiron and Pluto is forced up the lines of their respective inconjuncts to the eclipse Sun fixing it in place and forcing the chart native to deal with this issue.
Because the energy of the Yod is explosively intense, it often feels like the events that arise out of the Yod feels like destiny or fate.

President Trump’s natal Pluto is at 10 degrees Leo, caught up in this yod and the eclipse. It is not a metaphor to say that within six months a shadow will fall on this presidency that is far worse than we expect.

On the post of about February’s eclipse, I told you that Moon in Aquarius concerns itself with humanitarian issues and the rights of the public at large. This eclipse moon lands in the ninth house of legal issues. So we are going to see a lot of back and forth about the rights of the people.

And we certainly saw that in Trump’s travel bans and Federal Judges batting them down. Now there is a “limited and temporary ban,” that Trump can’t call a victory
I also said the United States will be engaged in discussions about the rights of “foreign” people. I said this because the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, and the US natal Uranus sat on the cusp of the seventh house of foreign affairs and trade, foreign policies, the law and interestingly enough countersuits. The seventh house can also be “enemies of the state,” so expect that rhetoric too.

Now we have a situation where a Special Prosecutor was called to investigate charges of collusion with the current administration and Russia. Make no mistake. Mueller has empanelled a grand jury. He will be indicting people in the current administration. How far it will go no one is saying but the pundits.

This moon hits squarely on the natal US moon opposite the Transiting Sun in Leo in the ninth sitting next to Mars, the planet of trouble at the apex of a relentless inconjunct with Pluto and Neptune as the base.

As for us personal look to the place where 25 degrees Aquarius to 5 degrees Virgo is in your chart. ( I use wide orbs, other astrologers do not agree with this.) This is the place illuminated in your chart, where you will feel the events ruled by these houses are destined to happen. Read for the area where Aquarius resides.

You can get a simple list of your planetary positions and house cusps here.

Where does this eclipse fall in your chart?

Eclipse Moon falls in your first house—You will be concerned with your appearance. This may manifest as a self-improvement program Surgery is not advised at this time. Unless it is a life-or-death procedure reschedule for six months from now.

Eclipse Moon in your second house—Your financial situation needs a serious review. Holes in your savings and investment strategies become apparent. You may have to pay a tax bill you didn’t expect.

Eclipse Moon in your third house—the third house is a mixed bag, containing people and things such as your siblings, books, communication devices, short trips and short courses of study. Expect changes with your siblings or a legal summons. Watch your driving to avoid tickets.

Eclipse Moon in your fourth house—Changes are due regarding your parents or your home. These may be sudden and or shocking. Friends or institutions you rely on for support may not be helpful. You may do some remodeling

Eclipse Moon in your fifth house—Love affairs, creative endeavors and your children are the focus in your life for the next six months. You have an urge to create and wonder if you make a going financial concern of your work.

Eclipse Moon in your sixth house—People you count on, co-workers, health care professionals, employees have their own ideas of what they should do. You may experience the loss of trusted employee, or unfortunately, a family pet. Get checkups for you, your family and your animals.

Eclipse Moon in your seventh house—The theme of personal freedom dominate relationship issues. Problems with foreign people or your grand parents may crop up. Be as generous as possible to minimize your contribution to the situation.

Eclipse Moon in your eighth house—Other peoples resources are an important theme. You may find it difficult to find funding for home repairs or remodeling You may be tempted to take out a second loan. Appeals to authority are slow and give back less than expected. Pay all your taxes and insurance monies to forestall future problems.

Eclipse Moon in your ninth house—Expect issues with legal authorities, (even if it just a parking ticket,) higher education, publishing and out of country travel. Check legalities before you make a move. If needed, hire a good lawyer.

Eclipse Moon in your tenth house-You may take up your own business or transform it to conform to the current market conditions. Coping with the problems will be an uphill battle. Be persistent.

Eclipse Moon in your eleventh house—Friends and institutions may be resistant to you taking a leadership role. Trying to exert political influence could backfire on you. This is the time to tread and speak softly.

Eclipse Moon in your twelfth house—This can be a very psychic time for you or you may find yourself involved with healing institutions. Secrets play a big part in your life now. How you handle them will determine your future success.

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