Jupiter in Pisces: There’s More Room in Broken Heart

Note: Play song while reading.

In two of the last three periods when Jupiter was in Pisces, I fell in love, mad, wild, passionate loves that didn’t have a hope and a prayer of lasting despite my fervent prayers. It took years for the some of the prayers to manifest, when the man who was my first love came back into my life and we married. Unfortunately, the taint of Jupiter in Pisces was too much of a mark upon the relationship and for Neptunian reasons, we divorced after seventeen years of marriage.

In the Carly Simon song “Coming Around Again” she sings:

I know nothing stays the same
But if you’re willing to play the game
It’s coming around again
So don’t mind if I fall apart
There’s more room in a broken heart.

Pisces itself is a heady sign, a rare wine that can be drunk by few without losing their head. Those with more earthy influences in their chart tend to cluck and shake their heads, wondering what is wrong with those people, the ones who chase rainbows and believe in happily ever after, like life is some sort of fairy tale.

Those with a serious Pisces or Neptunian signature in their chart understand of course. They are the ones that tell tales of little people who place their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, who hear Gaia whispering her song in the tops of trees and tinkling of waterfalls. They are the ones who delight little children with nonsense tales of Cheshire Cats and Mad Hatters and Queens with a dark sense of law and order. Part and parcel with this penchant for fantasy comes the need to for a transcendent love, one that throws a glamour around all flaws of the beloved. What is reflected back to the loved one is a mirror of perfection that few can resist.

Call it a drug if you will. They are born addicted, these souls with Neptune running through their heart and their blood. When reality and dreams clash, these souls may fall apart, weeping piteously and railing against fate for the end of the dream. Curiously though, after a suitable period of mourning, they will pick up the pieces of their broken heart and glue them back together. They have to, because to fail to do so would be the same as death, life without color or meaning or passion.

With Jupiter in Pisces, we all get to experience a bit of this, and you should look where Pisces is in your chart to see where you dream impossible dreams, where you might have your heart broken.

As for me, transiting Jupiter is slated to run over my Pisces moon and Saturn is hitting on my natal Jupiter in the fifth house. So bring it on, Jupiter in Pisces, I’m on to you. There is plenty of room here because of the work you’ve done before.

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  1. Jo tracey says:

    I love this. Thank you.

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