Horoscope for the Week of September 9 to September 15

(Astrology Explored)

Aries—Open mouth and insert foot, Ram. With the planet of communication opposite your sign a lot is coming out of your mouth without much thought. It’s not as adorable as you might think. Nor should you run to authorities looking for favors They aren’t buying your story. Same thing for the traffic cop. Oh, geez. Just hide at the house for the next week.

Taurus—Venus opposite your sun brings you new social opportunities, though you might not see them as such. It’s a case of too much too soon, as new friends take valuable time away from the things you need to do. Children may need some extra attention. Avoid extravagance and exaggeration. People really do love you for who you are.

Gemini—While many of your friends swirl about in their melodramas, the Twins mixes, mingles and has a good time. You have notion to take a road trip, which is a very good idea. But don’t check your good sense at the door. Watch what you drink, eat healthy foods and get yourself plenty of sleep. Under these energetic stars you might find yourself on your last nerve.

Cancer—The planet of love and money moving into harmonious Scorpio brings you rare opportunities for romance and cash earning opportunities. If you haven’t had much luck lately, because I don’t know, you’ve hidden inside your house, its time to fly and find out what life has to offer. This is a limited time offer, so get off your tuffet and get out there!

Leo—Master or Mistress of the Universe that you are, Lion, even you need to obey the traffic signs. This includes the signs to follow the speed limit, stop, and slow down! If you think I’m being literal, I’m not. With the planet of lover, Venus, making a challenge to your sun, this applies to your love life too.

Virgo—Big worries over a minor health issue sends you careening into the nearest vitamin store. But a cleanse, or a diet or even those smoothies you love so much isn’t going to cure what ails you. The planet of transformation is pushing you gently, at least for him, towards shedding attachments, and earthy you wants your attachments. Meditate on who you really are.

Libra—With the planet of Love and Money leaving your sign, it is time to do a good Fall cleaning of your finances. This means no more free spending ways, Libra, not for some time. Balance your checkbook, put away your credit cards, and pay your bills. Open the phone lines for your friends. Talking with them will keep your mind off your financial diet.

Scorpio—With the planet of action challenging your sun, you feel the need for speed. Problem is the other planets lining up so favorably only encourages you to ignore caution. Add to that your natural propensity to seek out risks, and well, things can go boom. We aren’t just talking household tasks, and roadway antics. With the planet of love moving into your sign that too is a danger.

Sagittarius—The Archer likes to look to look at life philosophically. As such you look at thing as how they could be instead of how they are. The problem is that with the planet of delusions challenging your sun, you are not looking at things clearly. You tell yourself all sorts of things that aren’t true and allow yourself behaviors that aren’t good for anyone. Meditate.

Capricorn—Responsiblities on the home front are frustrating your plans for fun and frolic. You have an intense desire to get away, to be released from the shackles of your present conditions. If there is anything that it is true, Capricorn, it’s that the world is a better place for your sense of duty. Use those surefooted feet of yours to find the right balance between work and play.

Aquarius—Fun and friendly Waterbearers don’t like to be drawn into angst filled affairs. With Venus in Scorpio, however, that mysterious stranger comes knocking at the door. Flirt that you are, you won’t realize until too late that you’ve been drawn into something hotter than you expected. Can you keep it chill? Nope, Mars in your opposite sign only heats it up.

Pisces—Headtripping Chiron, which is making a long slow transit of your sign, connects with the planet of love, bring you a situation that you can only describe as “It’s complicated.” Chiron connecting with Pluto promises a funhouse fun ride, which may or may not be your cup of tea. What is true is that you’ll be turned around giving you a much broader perspective of the world.

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