Weekly Astrology Forecast: Squirrels in the Trees

squirrel2Venus, the bright shining lady of our evening and morning star has left intense and sexually charged Scorpio, after stirring up a heap of trouble in connection with the planet of our sexual drive Mars. Now she wraps herself in the sign of lofty ideals. Sagittarius. Usually when Sagittarius is on quest to find “true love” they tend to sample the whole Baskin Robbins of the flavors of love hardly lighting in one place long enough to explore what it is they are seeking. This is always the danger with Venus in Sagittarius, the tendency to treat others as chicklets rather than as people.

Adding fuel to the fire is the planet of our sexual drive Mars, in the attention seeking sign of Leo. Leo has a need for followers, so if we are on the hunt for love, we will look back to see who is chasing us and take delight in that.

Fortunately, Saturn in the zodiac sign signifying relationships, places a steady hand on love fraught Venus. Things won’t go as fast as we like and we just might end up in an enduring relationship in spite of ourselves. But before we get to that place we’ll be like squirrels playing a game of tag in the trees, running furiously, and just enjoying the game as its played.

Aries—The mad rash of activity at holiday time leaves you breathless yet exhilarated. Money flows as you meet the challenge.

Taurus—Avoid rushing and trying to do too much. Though you feel there is a lot to do, you won’t get anything accomplished if you wear yourself out.

Gemini—Swift footed Gemini can usually roll with the punches, but even you have a hard time managing this week’s frenetic pace. Keep plan B and C in your pocket to handle contingencies.

Cancer—You’ll be asked to lend a helping hand as a friend goes through some tough times managing an unexpected event. While you love your friend, you do not love the circumstance. This is too much like what has happened in the past.

Leo—You either stare straight into or crash into the unexpected. You find yourself at odds with the strangest people, and yet find your friends curiously supporting them, not you. Bummer.

Virgo—Your partner’s extravagant spending habits come as a shock and a surprise. What can you do to regain your footing? Stand down, and think things over. A fight is not going to help matters.

Libra—Someone gives you what for and tells you what to do! Though Libra just wants to get along there are just some things you just won’t tolerate. You deal with a little mall therapy.

Scorpio—The Scorpion loves nothing better than to fade into the background, which you do with alarming skills this week. Come out; come out, where ever you are.

Sagittarius—You remind me of the Beach Boys’ song, “And she’ll have fun, fun, fun, ‘til (and when) her daddy takes her T-Bird away. Nothings stops Sag from a good time.

Capricorn—Partnership issues grow sticky when someone wants more of a commitment than you are willing to give. Is it is possible that you sent out the wrong signals?

Aquarius—Sudden and unexpected news in the romance front proves to be at once a day brightener and another appointment in your overscheduled life. You need to decide what you are going to cut back.

Pisces—Other people want you to do things you don’t want to. Truth is you are exhausted enough already and need some alone time. Take some.

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