Weekly Astrology Forecast: Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em

venus-symbolAstrology through December 4, 2009

Venus, the bright shining lady of our evening and morning star leaves intense and sexually charged Scorpio, after stirring up a heap of trouble in connection with the planet of our sexual drive Mars. Now she wraps herself in the sign of lofty ideals. Sagittarius. Though Sagittarius is on quest to find “true love” they tend to sample the whole Baskin Robbins of the flavors of love hardly lighting in one place long enough to explore the depths of true love. Should you find love during this time enjoy it, but don’t expect it to turn into a life long commitment unless factors in your chart suggest otherwise.

Aries—You are much too dangerous to be let out on your own, but who can stop you? Fueled the planet of action in Leo and the Sun in Sagittarius, you are not just a force to be reckoned with, but a force of nature as well. Use your powers for good instead of evil.

Taurus—This a good time to face some secrets that have you bothered. You are poised for action, but aren’t sure of the correct response. The correct one for you, dear Bull, is to act in the interests of your own long-term security.

Gemini—You’ve got brilliant ideas, and plenty of energy to make them happen, but you can’t get anyone to pay attention to you. People want to see things in grander perspective right now, waiting the whole pie when you are offering them just a slice. Patience.

Cancer—What worked well in the past is not likely to work well now. There is just much going on around you to fuss about with odd ways of doing things. I can’t tell you to go with the flow since you are like a fish out of water now. Pull your canoe to the bank of the river and sits things out.

Leo—Though you are hearing what you want to hear, the fact is that the irresponsible and/or unpredictable action of others puts some big kinks in your plans. Best to sit back and wait until all the details are available.

Virgo—Settle back and let everyone else do the rushing around. Sometimes the best part of the holidays is the fond memories of the good ones. Reach out to an older relative and share your recollections.

Libra—Your big news now and in many months to come is that you are having to take a serious look at your relationships and pin down what it is you want to happen. Be aware that your attitude about affairs of the heart is due for a major transformation.

Scorpio—The planet of beauty and love winks out of your sign, an all to brief sojourn for Scorpio who goes it alone more often than not. You get homesick later in the week, maybe a bit nostalgic for the warmth of the family hearth fire, though the real problem is that you’ve isolated yourself far too much for your own good.

Sagittarius—You are itching to do something, but you can’t figure out what people want from you. Archer, the problem here is that you are far too blind to your own foibles and deaf to the appeals of your loved ones. Listen with your heart to get the information you need.

Capricorn—You are dangerously deadlocked from moving forward in an important relationship. Though you harbor some secret fantasies, your old devils prevent you from seeking a relationship of equals. No wonder you are so grumpy, Cap!

Aquarius—The phone is ringing, the emails keep popping up and everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Its exhausting being on call 24-7 so you absolutely must set some boundaries. Get plenty of rest, and lay off the white sugar and soda. You need all your resources to get through the week ahead.

Pisces—Sweet visions, Pisces, of romance and secret soul shattering love haunts your days this week. However, the object of your affections is a bit unavailable, too busy with the affairs of the world to respond to affairs of the heart. No matter to Pisces, you’ll just visit them in your dreams, which is almost as good.

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