Life Cycle Astrology: Prince Philip’s Health

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip

Buckingham Palace announced that 90 year old Prince Philip had a “good night” after heart surgery where he given a stent to treat a blocked coronary artery.

In his later years, the consort of queen has amazed many with his stamina, attending 400 hundred engagements a year, giving 7 speaking engagements a month while engaging in competitive carriage racing. As the Prince turned 90 he scaled back his schedule, joking to Oldie magazine who gave him an Oldie Award:

“There is nothing like it for morale to be reminded that the years are passing — ever more quickly — and that bits are beginning to drop off the ancient frame. But it is nice to be remembered at all.”

Philip has been active in sports up through his 70’s though a wrist injury forced him to give up polo when he was 50. He has had minor brushes with health issues over the years, the latest one prior a lung infection in 2008. Still, overall, and especially for his age, he is a healthy man. Surprisingly then, even though stent surgery is usually very low risk, with most patients returned home within 24 hours, his astrology chart shows that Phillip isn’t out of the woods yet.

Astrodienst gives us the full birth details so we can use every point in the horoscope chart for analysis.

A main personality driver in the Prince’s chart is the Sun, the planet of the life force conjunct the planet of action Mars. Both are in Gemini, a zodiac sign that is reactive to it environment, nervous, changeable and excitable. The Sun and Mars are in challenge aspect to the planet of duties and responsibilities, Saturn which is amplified in its affect by the planet of abundance, Jupiter. Both of these planets are in the perfectionistic zodiac sign of Virgo. This is a man driven to duty, uncomfortable with rest, driven to perform his role to perfection. Both these planets are in tension aspect to the planet of individuality, Uranus which is in Pisces. Here is a man who just doesn’t take the advice of others seriously enough and can be unreasonable in insisting on doing what he wants to do.

We see, by progression (middle wheel) that progressed Mars is hitting his very royal Moon in Leo, that in one aspect represents his wife the Queen. The Queen feels the need to take action regarding the public image of the monarchy, and even though she’s advanced in years herself in took an eleven-day trip to Australia, accompanied by her husband. 2012 will see an uptick in activity as the couple prepares for the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee. But the fly in the ointment is that his progressed Sun, his vital life force, is sitting with his Natal Saturn. This has the effect of feeling drained of energy. All of this opposing his Uranus, which rules the circulation and electrical activity fo the heart, just promises a problem with that vital organ. This time the trigger is transiting (moving through the heavens at this time) Mars, the planet of trouble. Next time it will be Chiron, the planet of wounds, as it moves to 9 degrees, which will be in May of 2012.

Another transiting to consider is transiting Pluto opposing his natal Pluto.
This is rare astrological event that does not happen to most people. However due to the elliptical orbit of Pluto those that were born in the 1920’s still alive will experience it. It indicates a period of were transformation must happen. The transiting Pluto is sitting right now with his Arabic Part of Death at 6 degrees of Capricorn. This would indicate a major life change, one that needs to be honored in one way or another.

If I were Phillip’s astrologer I would tell him to honor his body’s need for rest, that there is a place in anyone’s life to retire from public life and enjoy his family and the private hobbies he enjoys.

But like most clients given good advice, he probably wouldn’t listen.

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Prince Phillip Natal, Progressed and Transit Horoscope Astrology Chart

Natal (Inner Whee) Progressed (Middle Wheel) Transit (Outer Wheel)

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