Astrology, Power Outages and CL&P: CT customers left in the cold

Emergency Shelter Sign in CT for October 30 Snowstorm

(Astrology Explored) Eight days into the massive power loss experienced in Connecticut Light and Power missed its deadline of restoring 99% of the service to its customers leaving over 52,000 homes and businesses without power in the cold and the dark. CL&P now promises 100% power restoration by Wednesday.

Though CL&P picked up the paced of the restorations after the initial criticisms of how the power company was handling the crisis, this is cold comfort to the thousands that continue to sleep in homes with heat in temperatures dropping to below freezing each night, while the food in their freezers spoil and those that do have fireplaces or wood stoves scrounge for wood to burn at night.

State assistance is curiously lacking. Even though President Obama at Malloy’s request, declared Connecticut a Federal Disaster Area, Malloy waited until Thursday to call for assistance from the National Guard to clear downed trees that hampered restoration efforts. Individual towns and cities were responsible to set up emergency shelters which could only support a fraction of any town’s residents. Supplies, such as a firewood, gasoline for generators, hot food, etc, were the responsibility of individual residents though Connecticut’s Governor Malloy expected that some through out the state may be without power for a least a week and many businesses were closed due to power outages.

This lack of preparedness seems ludicrous to residents that experienced extended power outages two months prior in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Wasn’t this enough of a dry run to understand the logistics involved in dealing with large scale power outages?

Media, investigating the slow response of CL&P uncovered several problems, all profit related, that hampered response time. CL&P would not pay for “standby time” for out-of-state repair providers in anticipation of the storm, bills to outside repair providers for services for Irene were not paid at the time of the snowstorm putting CL&P at the bottom of the list for states calling for out-of-state repair crews, a refusal to pay overtime to CL&P own repair crews limited their work hours and downsizing the number of repair crews to “save money” all contributed to the slow response of CL&P.

Jeffrey Butler, CEO of CL&P defended his company’s response time by saying:

Given the need for so many additional workers, Butler was asked if he should hire more people. He said the company continually reviews the staffing levels and has to be mindful of the costs, as Connecticut has some of the highest rates in the country.

Yet this is not a company in financial trouble.

CL&P’s parent company reported second-quarter earnings of $77.3 million, compared to $71.9 million a year ago

While state hearings were held in the wake of Hurricane Irene, now the Federal government wants to get involved:

The governor announced on Friday that the state has entered into a pro bono agreement with former Federal Emergency Management Agency director James Lee Witt to investigate the company and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal announced Sunday he would be seeking a federal investigation into CL&P’s handling of the situation.

Though Jeffrey Butler keeps mentioning the severity of this freak October snow storm, bad weather is no stranger to Connecticut. Last winter alone 121 inches of snow fell, with the last major storm dumping over two feet of snow in some areas and the power was not disrupted. So what is going on with CL&P that there are two major disruptions in the space of two months? What can astrology tell us?

From CL&P’s own website we have the date of the start of this company”

When the Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P) was formed on August 9, 1917, it was the era of the trolley and the horse-and-buggy, and most of Connecticut had narrow dirt roads. Electricity was used primarily for operating streetcars, for illumination, and for industrial purposes. Many applications of electricity on which modern society is built were not even imagined.

We, of course do not have a time, so the house positions and the moon position I can’t comment on. But there is still plenty in this chart to talk about. (See chart below.)

In the birth chart of this public power utility the Sun is in Leo opposite Uranus in Aquarius. Uranus rules electricity, so this signature seems to be an apt description of the largest power utility in Connecticut. Pluto and Mars sit together, a configuration that seems to be the signature of powerful monopolies and this combination is in friendly energetic connection (sextile) to Venus and Mercury sitting together in the sign of perfectionistic Virgo. This company know how to make money. However, but transit, Chiron and Neptune have been running over the natal Uranus, thereby influencing the Sun through its opposition to Uranus. Chiron points out the flaws while Neptune masks them. One gets the sense that all this cut costing was done without fully realizing (or maybe even caring) what the consequences would be if there was a major problem. Since Neptune by transit is opposing the Sun, the company’s leadership appears to present one thing while during another. Case in point:

. . . CL&P in mid-decade apparently failed to hire the number of workers spelled out in its rate case (bolding added by me).

Meanwhile transiting Uranus provides the fly in the ointment as it rides over CL&P’s own Chiron, shaking up the utility with surprise events that highlights the flaws in the running of this company.

Last, but not least, the game changer, Pluto in Capricorn is opposing CL&P’s natal Pluto, indicating that major shake-ups are due within the company, probably in response to transiting Jupiter moving towards and over the CL&P’s moon sign which represents its customers. This moon sign is most likely in the zodiac sign of Taurus, though, of course we can’t be sure of its exact degree. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the drama of the Federal investigation. The American public is tired of the profit dredging antics of large corporations, and a utility like CL&P is the perfect scapegoat.

One thing is for sure. Connecticut residents are tired of being left out in the cold.

CL&P horoscope natal chart

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2 Responses to Astrology, Power Outages and CL&P: CT customers left in the cold

  1. Pete Moss says:

    It’s striking how many planetary dignities and debilities there are in the CLP chart, and ominous (in retrospect) to note that the July 1, 2011 solar eclipse fell on the debilitated Mars and south node. Interesting that in the statehood chart (1/9/1788) Mars and Jupiter were also both in the same signs of debility. Poor timing. It makes me wonder how CLP stayed in the game all these years.

  2. Beth Turnage says:


    Good observations! I think the key to CL&P staying in the game is the exact aspects I was talking about, Mars/Pluto sextile Venus/Mercury. Though Mars is in a weak placement zodiac sign wise, it is part of the favored sect in this day chart and is lent a sort of grace, a benefication if you will, by the sextile to Mercury. I have also found as stated before that Mars/Pluto combinations are found (anecdotally) in charts of powerful corporations. Its only when the astrological shit hits the fan that these corporations perform badly.

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