#Astrology: “What Do You See?”

Psychic (Astrology Explored) I recently had the privilege of doing astrology work at a statewide exposition. This means working with, in general, a group of people, looking for a “psychic” reading who have no knowledge of astrology or what they can get from a reading.

Being an astrologer at one of these things is a singular experience. Around me are eight gifted psychics, all with tarot cards, and (for the more dramatic) psychic looking paraphernalia on their tables. A couple of the women are astrologers too, but they know from experience that it is easier to sell their intuitive gifts than their astrological ones.

Me, I’m an Aquarian, and while being no slouch with tarot, I go for being different, every time. Fortunately, the woman working the front table, Janet Booth, is an astrologer as well, and had a good feel for the people who could benefit from a session with an astrologer.

But here’s the thing. At ten or fifteen minutes, (the initial offering) you aren’t going to get the benefit of a full one hour reading. Mathematically impossible. I can give you five minutes of a your basic personality profile, and we can go on to other things, but short readings are tight, laser focused, and hit immediate concerns.

One client asked, “What can we talk about?”

Short answer. Everything.

But here is where I suggest that instead of me poking around your insides, we get to the question you most want answered. Fifteen minutes, folks, and I, like the detailed oriented astrologer I am, (because my Mercury is in Capricorn, and I want all the information) looking at your natal, progressed and transit charts at the same time.

And what do you ask me. “What do you see?”

Folks, what don’t I see? In front of me is the blueprint of you as a person, the way the good Lord created you. I see your talents and failings, your fears, how you relate to other people, and the sorts of things you do to mess yourself up over and over again. If I look, I can see how you like to have sex (but trust me, unless it comes up, I don’t look.) If you think that as a precious human, unique from all the other seven billion of us on the planet that I can talk about all that in fifteen minutes, you are selling yourself short.

People want to know the future. Big shock. I don’t do the future. Why? You have enough to deal with right now, in the moment. Oh, I will, if you ask, look to see when it is better time to initiate or end a situation. But the big questions, “Will I find love?”, “Will I get rich?” have more to do with how willing you are to change who you are to pursue singular goals. If you aren’t in a relationship now, and without good cause, something in your insides needs tweaking. You have to reorder your way of thinking to get from A to B, and that’s not my job, that’s a therapist’s. I will however, tell you how you trip yourself up in the love department, to give you an assist. If you aren’t working, and need to find a job, I can point out the most fortuitous time to do that. If you didn’t/don’t like your job, we can discuss the best path for you to secure what you want. If you are concerned about health issues, we can discuss that in a general way, but I’m not a doctor, so the best thing you can do is discuss that with him or her.

So when you see me for a short reading, don’t be shy about asking a question. I’ll do my best to answer it. And we’ll save time by getting to what you really want answered.

Photo published under a Creative Commons license from Flickr User gammaman.

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