Relationship Astrology: Schwarzenegger and Shriver Terminated?

Schwarzenegger and Shriver

Schwarzenegger and Shriver

(Astrology Explored) Unexpectedly Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced they are separating after 25 years of marriage. Is this a case of long-term marriage terminated? The California power couple seemed to have overcome differences in politics and care directions to sustain their long time marriage.

One commenter on Huffpo article about their separation said:
“This relationship was always a mystery to me. I could never understand what drew them together in the first place. Truly an “odd” couple. I couldn’t see what she saw in him, or how they were compatible­.”

Well she is a Kennedy, a dyed in the wool Democrat, and he is a Republican. One can only imagine the political discussions that graced their dinner table. However, the astrology in the relationship is clear. Synastry, the astrology technique that shows the compatibility of a couple shows powerful influences that drew these two together. For starters, his Sun and her Moon are in the sign of regal Leo, the Sun/Moon combination being a classic aspect for compatibility. His Saturn, the planet of longevity sits on her moon. Moon/Saturn ties are extremely long lasting, weathering situations that most people find intolerable. Also his Pluto conjoins hers Sun. She is naturally, even in some ways obsessively drawn to him. Her Jupiter, the planet of abundance sits on his Sun/Saturn combination. Sun/Saturn people often suffer from depression Maria’s Jupiter spreads warmth and light to Arnold, her very presence making him happy. So what is the problem, why are these two going their separate ways?

In their statement to the press they say, “They acknowledge that they’re both going through a “time of great personal and professional transition.”

While a separation is always a combination of more than one factor, probably the astrological factor that weighed mostly heavily is Pluto as it moves through the sky now has been hitting Arnold’s Capricorn Moon for the past two years. While Arnold was Governor of California, it wouldn’t have been good political form to divorce his wife, but now that that gig is up, he has more room to move about.

Indeed, this very Pluto transit has and is having profound effects on Arnold and how he is ordering his emotional life. Pluto demands such transformations and this planet will not be denied. Both individuals have an intense need to be in the spotlight and to be appreciated and adored. Both of them are without jobs or public roles now, something neither Arnold or Maria used to experiencing. Not that either needs to work for the money, but their jobs served to bolster their ego needs.

With his Moon in Capricorn and his Saturn influenced Sun, Arnold would regard marriage as a death to us part proposition, that is unless he felt that Maria broke some important “clause” in the relationship contract.

Of course, these feelings were percolating for the past two years, so that causes them to manifest now? Take a look at the Davison relationship chart, and you will see the Moon and Jupiter in the tenth house, the king and the queen, being brushed over with a stellium starting with the planet of trouble, Mars and ending with Neptune sitting on the Midheaven. There is a whole lot of stuff going here, with both of them needing a heady amount of appreciation, attention and devotion. This stellium is opposite their fourth house stellium of the home. Family concerns are putting extra pressure on the couple. And for an extra kick, both these stelliums are in challenge aspect to the composite Uranus, the planet of individuation and transiting Pluto. Both of them feel there are receiving kicks in the head to do something, but with Neptune at the top of that chart, I’m not so sure either one is thinking clearly.

If I were their counselor, I’d tell them to go to a marriage counselor rather than to their divorce lawyers. The things that drew them and kept them together aren’t so easily ignored. Even if they divorce, they just might find themselves back in the relationship anyway. Some people just shouldn’t divorce and this is true for Arnold and Maria. Good luck to them both.

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Schwarzenegger and Shriver Synastry Chart

Schwarzenegger and Shriver Davison Chart with Transits

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