The Astrology of Eclipses: April 29 Solar Eclipse and Tornadoes

(Astrology Explored) One day before the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse a string of dangerous tornadoes started hitting the southern United States.

After spawning deadly tornadoes that flattened homes and businesses in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, a storm system that also caused havoc in the Midwest had Georgia in its sights early Tuesday.

At least 11 people in the South were killed Monday, bringing the overall death toll from two days of severe weather to at least 28.
In Mississippi, Republican state Sen. Giles Ward huddled in a bathroom with his wife, four other family members and their dog Monday as a tornado destroyed his two-story brick house and flipped his son-in-law’s SUV upside down onto the patio in Louisville.

“For about 30 seconds, it was unbelievable,” Ward said. “It’s about as awful as anything we’ve gone through.”

Tens of thousands of customers were without power in Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky, which did not report tornadoes but was slammed with severe storms. Thousands more hunkered down in basements and shelters as The National Weather Service issued watches and warnings for more tornadoes throughout the night in Alabama.

The chart of this Solar Eclipse has the planet of transformation on the Ascendant opposite the planet of abundance Jupiter. This is not comforting astrological symbolism. Pluto is the planet of transformation, a symbol of death in its most extreme form. Jupiter only kicks up the punch. With at least 28 people dead, this eclipse is already living up to its reputation.

The astro*carto*graphy chart above doesn’t appear to be that revealing with a large swath of territory between the Mars/Uranus line and the North Node. However, when you look at the tornado reports for the last two days on NOAA, you will see that tornado activity marching west to east to today’s prediction of tornado activity though Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and Western North Carolina. What is troubling is the Pluto line conjunct the North Node at the northern crook of the Florida/Georgia state line.

Barry Orr is an astrologer who believes three dimensional astrology is the way to go. He calls it paran astrology and its based on the idea that rotation of the earth is “of extreme importance of astrology.” Intersections of natal planets with the horizon and meridian (Ascendant and Midheaven) of the chart of the day is when things happen. Especially significant are natal planets that parallel and contra-parallel with each other, called parans, as these connections are made. His online software give a report on when natal planets make connections with these points with brief explanations of the energies in play. In today’s report Pluto sets as Mars rises at 10:13 EST indicating explosive energies. From 10:23 AM to 10:29 AM there are break-ups in structure. We may not get the full story as to what happens at this time because Neptune is in play for until 1:37 PM when it sets, indicating things being hidden or distorted. When Saturn rises and Uranus sets at 4:37 PM, again there are break-ups in structure according to Barry’s reports.

All these things together don’t paint a pretty picture, but hopefully nothing dire will happen. We’ll see what the news reports bring to us today.

Solar Eclipse April 29, 2014

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