November 2010 Monthly Astrology Forecast

—When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This is your motto especially this month when travel helps you resolve some sticky relationship issues. Or maybe the travel causes these issues. This hardly matters to the Ram who is happiest when the wind is at his or her back.

—Though you aren’t exactly comfortable with the idea, you find yourself making travel plans to visit with your family. Whether you should go or shouldn’t is really not the issue though you’d like to make it so. This trip is about making some connections that you are fated to make. The questions is: Are you ready to meet your destiny?

—Things happen with young people or people you know that are young at heart that stresses your already tightly strung life. Fortunately you can count on the help of an older person to help you through. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

—The Crab tries so hard to make everything nice for the holidays that you usually end up stressing yourself out. While you feel that you have to do everything yourself, your family is more than willing to pitch in. Why don’t you let them?

—Power and authority and the consequence of exercising same provide a powerful backdrop this month’s emotion laded stage. The same people that are urging you to do something are the same people who act to upend the show. Take this with a grain of salt noble Leo, as you naturally carry all parts of the play.

—There are a few things that can happen this month and mostly it is because you are rushing around to get things done. You MUST slow down or you may find yourself cooling your heels in traffic court. Speak slowly and clearly to the airheads around you to make your requests known for help. Bribe them if necessary.

—Relationship oriented Libra loves nothing better than to dish about their latest, and you, dear Libra has been a little more lucky than most in this area. The trouble is, now you are expected to put the pedal to metal and actually commit. What is a Libra to do?

—You’ve done the lone wolf thing far too long, Scorpio and it is time to get your game on. There are at least two different potential loves waiting in the wings. One however, has the intensity and the staying power to keep the Scorpion interested. What will it be: door number 1 or door number 2?

—Your energy and drive is impressive this month, Archer, gaining you kudos at home and at work. Mind that you don’t pay any attention to the snarks in the corner jealous of your success. While they show their true colors, you show yours by being above it all.

—You may feel as if someone is asking too much of you, Cap. Its true, of course and it may be time to revise your thinking about this particular relationship. Capricorn does best in a relationship of equals, which, sadly, you realize you do not have right now.

—I have good news and I have bad news. Your love life heats up very nicely. The family does not approve. While you are not ready to share all the spicy details, you needn’t be so secretive. If you act like you have nothing to hide, then people won’t be so eager to pry into your personal affairs.

—Oh gosh, Pisces, what drama! There are a couple of people hot on your trail, while you are on the hunt for a couple others. Love may not be all roses and kisses this month, but at least you won’t be bored.

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