Weekly Astrology Forecast: Money Never Sleeps

Weekly Astrology ForecastAstrology for the Week of October 1 to October 7

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps opened this past weekend taking first place at the box office as Michael Douglas reprises his role as Gordon Gecko. This character was brought to life in 1985 as the no holds barred corporate raider that bought controlling shares of stock in companies and broke them up selling the repacked pieces of companies for more than their original worth. The first Wall Street was much clearer in vision; good versus evil. Gordon was the obvious greedy bad guy seducing through money the boy next door Bud Fox, who was looking to do better than his father. Wall Street 2 is much murkier as producer Oliver Stone tries to explain the financial meltdown of Fall 2008. It is clear however that the esteemed Mr. Stone has missed the boat and fails to understand the factors that rolled into our current economic situation.

Economic theorists have identified a 20 year boom and bust cycle that is called the Kuznets swing cycle which was studied intensely then abandoned because it failed to predict events with regularly. In truth the Kuznets swing cycle corresponds to the dance of Saturn and Jupiter, which in this time frame starts at the conjunction, then moves through the aspects, square, trine, opposition, square, trine and conjunction again. However, this model does not predict events exactly as the position of the other planets need to be evaluated. At this moment we are in the middle of this cycle when Saturn is opposite Jupiter. Pluto, the planet of bankruptcies and financial losses is a major player this cycle because it is in stress aspect to both Saturn, the planet of restrictions and Jupiter, the planet of abundance. In addition the planet Uranus sits along with Jupiter, adding by its very unpredictable nature the volatility to the “take no prisoners” attitude espoused by Pluto.

The government won’t name this as a Depression, and pronounces that the recession is over, but the truth of the matter is we are in the middle of it, waist high, and relief isn’t due for years. Play your money short term, folks, and at your own risk.

Aries—A lot of demands are placed on you this week, as you are expected to pick up more of the slack. Great competitor that you are, can you be a team player?

Taurus—This weekend your own desires trip you up as someone leads you down the garden path to get what they want. Be a leader not a follower.

Gemini—Ignore the drama of others and keep things light and social. You might consider spending some time with some older people (like your parents) who provide a calming influence.

Cancer—Other people are pushing you to do something different, while you hold onto methods from the past. You don’t have to change completely, but you might find the new works better than the old.

Leo—You are no good at back door deals so why do you try. Use your natural charm to get what you want. Stay away from shady characters.

Virgo—Find some stress relief by hanging out with some girlfriends. You can rant and vent all you want with them better than with other people.

Libra—Libra’s diplomatic skills are tested this week by two types of people, the flakes and the powers that be. Keep cool and keep your head low.

Scorpio—You enjoy kicking back this weekend in your digs, doing some things to spiff up the place. This is so natural to you right now, you want to turn off the cell. Don’t, because love could come knocking.

Sagittarius—Other people want you to move off the couch and get some things done. Whether you listen or not determines how well you get along with them. Your choice.

Capricorn—You are going to hear some news that you don’t want to hear. You might have to take on some additional duties. Check your investments and don’t let your money run away from you.

Aquarius—Work. Work. Work. Is that all you do? Unfortunately for you Waterbearer, the only thing that comes easy right now is more things to do. Do your best to get your sleep. You need it.

Pisces—Unexpected news upsets the applecart. It is important not to overreact. Things are not as bad as they first appear.

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