Reader’s Question: Troubles With Pluto

astrologers-mailbox-copyHi Beth,

I’ve been your fan for sometime now, excellent work (and funny too!)
My stats are as follows: DOB: 12-24-1955 in Guantanamo, Cuba born at 2:20 AM. I’ve had Pluto affecting me now for years…first in Scorpio (my ascendant) now in Capricorn, my natal 2nd house, so my question to you is, what should I expect this time around? Sometimes it feels perfect, other times, I feel the world is crumbling around me…the changes are, to put it mildly, formidable…Thanks for you time, and I truly enjoy your work…Susan

I would imagine that you’ve been a fairly anxious person, regardless of Pluto transits, throughout your life. So anxious, that you’ve hardly know what it is like to really relax and let go of your troubles even for a little while. People tell you all the time to relax, but you don’t know what they mean. Doesn’t everyone feel like you?

Well no. You have a rather extreme set of aspects in your chart that hightlights the edginess you feel all the time:

1.) An excitable Moon in Aries in grand trine with your Sun to your Pluto/Jupiter combination with Pluto in “do as I please Leo” and Jupiter in “do I please you” Virgo.

3.) and rather strange grand cross in fixed and cardinal signs (rather like being in car that bucks when you apply the clutch, you want to go, and maintain your position at the same time)

The whole dichotomy of your life is this “pushmepullyou” dynamic that has you wanting very much to “fit in” to society while having a strong desire to do as you please. And though I usually apply the “honorary Scorpio” badge to some one with Plutonic intensity driven by strong connections from Pluto to a personal planet, here you are more like an honorary Aquarian. You have a strong need to pursue spiritual growth through achieving unique personal goals. However, because of the inconjunct to Uranus you hardly have a clue to do this, and the result is weird type of rebellion, where you stubbornly refuse to do anything except get into trouble. As a result, your self image suffers, because you have a sense that you should be achieving something important, if you could only figure out what it is. Does this sound familiar?

As much as if doesn’t seem like it, Pluto here is your friend. Not everyone get a Pluto transit to their Sun as it takes Pluto 245 years to circle the Sun. This is once in a lifetime chance to make major improvements. In a real sense, this next two years is the time you’ve been waiting for your entire life to finally resolve those issues that have been haunting you this entire time. Because it is Pluto, you have one of two ways to go with this. One is kicking and screaming, which is noisy and ultimately fruitless. The other is total submission to the process, much like a patient enters surgery. This does not mean releasing your conscious intent, but rather living fully in it. If you navigate this process successfully, you will own entirely the result of your actions. You will no longer be the victim of “fate” or the messed up people that complicate your life. You will learn that you can not control events. The only thing you can control is your emotional reactions to them.

The whole point of this is discovering your unique gift and sharing it for the good of the community. That is the point of the Uranian process.

And then, lucky you, you get to have your second Saturn Return.


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1 Response to Reader’s Question: Troubles With Pluto

  1. susan122455 says:

    Thank you Beth

    Excellent reading. The anxiety factor has lessen through years of “evolution” and I agree with you, I am rebellious. The best for me was that you have given me and honorary Aquarian title, though I still have alot of Scorpionic traits ( I’d like to think the good

    Fabulous, thanks again

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