Weekly Astrology Forecast: A Matter of Proportion

(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the week of September 3 to September 9

Much of what we understand about geometry sprang the Greek’s attempts to explain the natural world in mathematical terms and they were especially fond of slicing up the 360 degree circle for various purposes. Slicing up the circle produced angles. One half of circle was 180 degrees, one quarter of circle 90 and so forth. 180 degrees showed one end opposed to another. Two oppositions perpendicular to each other created a square.

The Romans took these ideas and used them in architecture. One architect Vitruvius proposed that the ideal proportions of the human body corresponded to the proportions of the circle and the square. Renaissance artists, in perfecting the application of perspective to their art, also tried to applied ideal proportions to their figures by using the proportions of the circle and the square. Perspective and proportion is what make Renaissance art so compelling.

Leonardo DaVinci displayed these proportions in the work the Vitruvian Man, a well known drawing displaying the idea proportions of the human body within a circle and a square.

On Friday, a cardinal grand cross, the perfect shape of the square, forms in the heaven and within it a perfect triangle the points of both intersecting in the last quarter moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Here is a culmination of the energies of the grand cross that happened a month before, and by virtue of the moon’s opposition to the planet of transformation, Pluto, there is bound to be a transformation that will shake our emotional core to the roots. But we needn’t these events upend our lives. How we handle Pluto will show how we can keep a sense of proportion in our lives.

Aries—Much like last week, a decision regarding a relationship is pending. Unlike last week, the stakes have kicked up a notch. Be ready for some changes. Don’t overspend even when tempted. Especially when tempted.

Taurus—You provide an important supporting role this week for your family. Be cautious of holding on to things to loosely or too tightly.

Gemini—Communications with others take an upswing and your social life improves. Take care, however, not to dominate conversations. You are witty and all, but other people like to talk too.

Cancer—You are the fulcrum from which all actions spring. Be aware of your role and be circumspect in your actions. What you do and say have more impact than you realize.

Leo—Usually the star player, this week you are handed a bit role. Remember, there are no small parts, just small actors.

Virgo—You now have access to powerful people. Use your connections well. If you are looking for a loan or refinancing this may be the best time to act.

Libra–Others seem to bent on upsetting the apple cart, while you want everyone to just get along. This isn’t about to happen, Libra, as others are more intent on getting what they want rather than getting along. Practice counting to 10 often.

Scorpio—Latter in the week someone who can’t believe you are so quiet about what you do will try to draw you out. Try to resist your natural camouflage tactics, as this only looks suspicious to that person.

Sagittarius—Naturally buoyant Archer has a hard time understanding why you are feeling so achy and cranky, especially when so many friends are calling you out to play. Maybe its because you want to do what you want to do. So do it already!

Capricorn—This weekend sees you wrapping up the tag ends of long project. You’ve worked hard, but you are wondering if all that work was worth it. If you are expecting others to pat you on the back you’ll be disappointed. You did what you did for your own reasons.

Aquarius—Good times continue by virtue of Mars and Venus spicing up your social life. This weekend you have the potential to met an interesting person that lights up some sparks for you.

Pisces—Other people want to get down to brass tacks and that makes you want to stick a few needles in your voodoo doll. Play nice, Pisces, as those folks are only trying to help you.

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3 Responses to Weekly Astrology Forecast: A Matter of Proportion

  1. Astrology says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thank you so much to tell me about the week forecast . I need your help about career, my sun sign is gemini.

  2. Catherine says:

    Yay! Only one more day from staying away from my voodoo dolls. Though with this whole Pluto thing going on, I have a feeling that my fellow fishes and I are going to be telling a lot of people to take a long walk off the plank.

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