The Astrology of Earthquakes: The 7.1 Quake of Southern California

Astro World MapOn Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 3:40 PDT an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale tore through Southern California, with the shocks being felt through California, Nevada and Arizona.

Preliminary USGS information indicated the epicenter was 19 miles southeast of Mexicali, in an area that has been hit with magnitude 3.0 quakes all week. Earlier this weekend, a series of small-to-moderate quakes hit the geothermally-active area.

The prediction of earthquakes has been a spotty business at best, with mixed results. However, some astrologers persist in the study of earthquakes and some even get it right. Richard Nolle in his March 31, 2010 prediction for April says:

These are the very kind of solar, lunar and terrestrial configurations that signal an increase in newsworthy storms with high winds and heavy precipitation (and subsequent flooding); as well as an up-tick in notable seismic activity, including magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions . . . Still, as I mentioned in last month’s forecast, astro-locality mapping the March 30 full moon, the anchor for this period, shows some special risk zones, including a longitudinal vulnerability running from Adelaide-Melbourne up through Tokyo in the east, across the pole and down across central Greenland and eastern Brazil. I’d also keep an eye on the Sun-Moon horizon arc running through the Middle East (touching Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey), across western Russia and the north of Greenland, and down through Canada, the Pacific Northwest and California – including Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

How Is It Done?

Astrologers specializing in weather forecasting use various tools, one of them being the astromapping the planets against the surface of the earth. Pioneered by the late Jim Lewis, Astro*Carto*Graphy as he named it, maps the longitudinal position of each planet, the hypothesis being that the influence of each planet is especially strong along the longitude where it sits.

In addition, astrologers study weather events to find common threads that reveal an astrological pattern. Robert Currey says:

On my small sample, a high frequency of aspects between Saturn and Uranus, Uranus in Capricorn or Saturn in Aquarius – which any astrologer will know are all similar energies – appear in the charts for these quakes. This is more of an intuitive leap and serious research is needed to draw any conclusions

Astrologer Ed Tamplin postulates that along with a correlation with the new and full moons, earthquakes tend to happen when most of the planets are within one half of the zodiac with Uranus in challenge aspect to Saturn, Mars and or Pluto being significant.

Indicators of the Southern Califiornia Earth

Easter Sunday’s seismic event featured the opposition of Uranus and Saturn, both making a challenge aspect to the Moon in Sagiittarius which is a few degrees away from Pluto thus drawing Pluto into the mix. The result is a T-Square in (mostly) Cardinal signs, under pressure and demanding action to relieve it.

The trigger for the event was of the moon moving into orb with Pluto.

Mars was activated from an inconjunct to Pluto. As Ed Tamplin suggests, most of the planets were sitting in one half of the chart, in the western part of the chart though the moon is in the gibbous moon phase.

Curiously, in an astrocartography chart of the event, the planet of deep wounds Chiron is in Aquarius, ruled by shocking Uranus, and sits at the descendant making a stress aspect (the inconjunct) to Saturn, one point of the T-Square. Chiron’s astrocartography line slices right through the Pacific Northwest down through Los Angeles, 187 miles west of Mexicali., three degrees of longitude apart from each other.

Since the Moon has moved into a tighter orb with Pluto, today, April 5, 2010, may be a day to watch for further seismic activity.

Astromap courtesy of Astrodienst.

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