Weekly Astrology Forecast: We Don’t Always Get What We Want, Part 2

searchingAries—Hanging on to old relationships of any type is going to hinder rather than help you. If you have a hankering to dial up your ex after a night of soul searching via the help of the local pub, think twice about it, if you can. Unfortunately learning that the grass was greener on the pasture you just left is a part of life.

Taurus–Many planets in the sign of Aquarius means for the security conscious bull that there are likely to be a few surprises in store for you. Fortunately lucky Jupiter in friendly aspect to your Sun means that these surprises are great opportunities in disguise. Loosen up and explore the possibilities.

Gemini—The free thinking energies of four planets in Aquarius are your cup of tea, inspiring you to strike out on new adventures. Don’t forget the loved ones at home or the baby in the car seat. There are some things you do need to take care of.

Cancer—The weekend has you nesting at home, but soon you are forced to peek out on the wide world. As much as you’d like to hide out in your cave, you must pay attention to two areas of your life, your work and responsibilities and your romantic relationships. Time to stop hibernating.

Leo—You will see a change in your finances and unfortunately not in the way you expect. Now is not the time to spend money or make risky investments. Your best investment this week is planning a hot Valentine’s surprise for your sweetie.

Virgo—Usually steady and reliable, you find things are slipping out of your control. Jupiter, king of the gods, is opposite your Sun sign, demanding that you pay attention to developing a deeper sense of responsibility to the wider community. It is not enough to recycle those cans and bottles; you have to recycle your attitude as well.

Libra—Sprightly Libra hardly knows what it means to do the heavy lifting in relationships. The idea that a relationship requires work is a foreign one to you. However, with Saturn sitting in your sign and with a challenge coming from the planet of transformation you are beginning to learn the meaning of the phrase “turnabout is fair play.” Secretly your friends think you are getting what you deserve, so don’t count on much sympathy.

Scorpio—You have such a strong need to kick ass right now I worry about you Scorp. Carry a big stick if you must, but use it only in extreme emergencies. Find the nearest Chocolatier and load up on that medicinal chocolate.

Sagittarius—Though the spotlight is off you, and you feel the chill of the Universe not paying attention to you this week, don’t fret. Think of this as a breather before the next rounds of tasks required of you.

Capricorn—No one is better at crafting a strategy than you, Capricorn, and you spend this week plotting your next move. The glitter of Jupiter in the friendly sign of Pisces lends a type of magical sparkle to your desires. Remember that all that glitters is not gold.

Aquarius—A secret desire wrecks your head and your sleep. Though things seem slow in manifesting don’t worry. You’ll get to know the meaning of the phrase “be careful of what you wish for” soon enough.

For more on the planetary influences of the coming week, check out yesterday’s post: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Part 1.

Pisces—Destiny seems to play a hand as a new relationship steps into your life. Now, I’m not saying that this is the love of your life. Maybe it’s a new BBF, or a co-worker with a great network of new people to meet. However, whoever it is will have a significant and welcome impact on your life.

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