Celebrity Astrology: Kim Kardashian’s Happily Ever After

After just 72 days into her “fairytale wedding”, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce October 31, 2011 from basketball star Kris Humphries, citing irreconcilable differences. On December 1, 2011 Kris Humphries responded with a petition for annulment of the marriage based on fraud.

Sources very close to Kris Humphries tell TMZ … Kris is gunning for an annulment based on fraud because he feels “he was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian’s latest headline and newest business venture.”

We’re told Kris believes Kim never intended to stay married to him, but needed a groom to fuel ratings for her show. One source says, “Once they were finished taping, she just didn’t need a groom anymore.”

Similar stories have cropped up.

But now, one of the performers at the event is saying he felt something was definitely wrong at the nuptials.

“Honestly, in retrospect, I’ve got to admit it didn’t feel right,” Grammy nominated saxaphone player, Dave Koz, tells the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

“I’ve played a lot of weddings,” he recalls. “Of course, this is a television show. But it felt like it was scene from a wedding, like a movie and not an actual wedding, if that makes sense. Who knows whether they were in love or not, but it just didn’t seem to have authenticity in that moment for me.”

Gossip site Radar Online.com was stronger in their allegations siting a number of unnamed sources to declare that the marriage was hoax.

Though the multimillion dollar affair netted the “E” Network a near record breaking 4 million viewers on the first showing of the first episode, E Netword denies orchestrating the wedding. However, it is true that the Kardashian clan was paid an unknown cash sum for the wedding episodes. This does not include the millions of dollars of wedding perks, such as 3 Vera Wang gowns, the wedding cake and other wedding supplies given to the bride and groom in exchange for bragging rights.

In addition:

While Kardashian spent $10 million for her over-the-top nuptials, she actually made more money then she shelled out. Kardashian reportedly raked in nearly $18 million in wedding gifts and from selling her exclusive wedding photos to magazines.

So on the face of things Kim and Company came out ahead with this wholesale sale of her no so happily ever marriage tale. But this is America where shameless self promotion and the making of a buck, even on something as personal as a wedding, is not a crime. But is this marriage as Kris Humphries apparently came to believe a marriage built on fraud?

Let’s take a look at the astrology charts of this marriage and subsequent legal actions to see what they have to say.

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The Marriage

Kardashian and Humphries married on Saturday, August 20, 2011 with the ceremony to start at 6:00 PM. I set the chart then for 6:20 PM as it typically takes 20 minutes to get to the “I do” part, but if someone has a better time, please let me know.

But the chart set for 6:20 PM has the Sun, and Venus, the man and the woman in the seventh house of marriage. Mercury sits there as the arbitor of the marriage contract.


Mercury sits in the seventh, but it is challenge aspect (square) to Jupiter and the Moon sitting in the house that Mercury rules the third house. Notice also that Mercury is retrograde in motion. Any astrologer would advise a couple not to marry during Mercury retrograde (except on some very special circumstances) as this indicates that the man and woman are not in agreement on the accords of the marriage. This is confirmed by the challenge aspect of Jupiter, which again represents the man and Moon represents the woman. In fact when first considering this chart, pre-wedding, this astrologer mused that the wedding wouldn’t be held at all. While obviously I was wrong, the speed of the proffered divorce papers make this a marriage that barely happened and if Kris has his wish, on paper, it never happened at all.


Opposite the Sun/Venus connection in the seventh house is Neptune the planet of illusion and glamour, and Chiron the planet of wounds. This combination is interesting. Neptune in the first would be something we expect to find in a celebrity wedding. But what is unusual is the conjunction to Chiron as the Centaur shows where something is flawed.

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The Divorce Filing–Her Story

In the divorce filing Mars in in the ninth house of legal matters. It is opposite that sensitive Neptune/Chiron point and challenges (squares) Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. Venus is the woman and Mercury is simultaneously the marriage contract and Kris Humphries. With these planets in Scorpio we see that there are issues of power and control. Connected with Mars, perhaps both want star billing in the marriage instead of acting as partners.

I find it interesting that when you insert the Divorce filing chart’s planetary positions in the Wedding chart, Venus and Mercury sit in the tenth house of career and Mars, the planet of troubles in the seventh house. Both individuals are far too focused on their careers right now to adequately adjust to the needs of marriage.

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The Annulment Filing Chart–HIs Story

Mars in this chart is in the seventh house of marriage opposite the Moon in Pisces conjunct the planet of wounds Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. This both ends of the opposition are in challenge aspect, square the Sun. “Look what she did!” this chart says. Mars points by harmonious connection to Venus conjunct Pluto and Venus/Pluto makes a square to the planet of divorce Uranus. Mars says, “the woman manipulated me! She intended to divorce me all along.”

One wonders what part of the responsibility for this drama lies with Humphries. Certainly, he doesn’t seem to claim any for himself.

Divorce or Annulment?

The courts don’t want to hear about who did what in the marriage. What the courts want to know is where is the money and how will it be divided. If there are children, they want to make sure the children are provided for, at least on paper. There are no children, so its all about the benjamins, and Kim has plenty, way more than Kris. Whats in it for Kris is that an annulment would release him from his prenuptial confidentiality clause.

Annulments are difficult to obtain from the get-go because you have to prove that there was an impediment to the marriage that contradicts “the essentials of marriage”. But even this might not be enough.

Courts have often refused to nullify marriages for fraud if the innocent party was willfully blind to the truth or too easily fooled by statements made during courtship.

When you contemplate marriage to a woman who makes her living from “reality shows” shouldn’t you check the fine print on the marriage license?

Mercury is direct on Kim’s filing, and retrograde on Kris’. The annulment won’t get any traction, and most likely will be dropped.

In any case, marriage or no, divorce or annulment, this made for TV drama is sure to rack up the ratings and the benjamins for Kardashian and Company one way or another. This should make for at least one type of “happily ever after” for the reality show diva.

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