Sunday’s Cardinal Grand Cross: Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes

April 10. 2011 Grand CrossIn a Facebook group to which I belong someone asked this question of the group.

Rumor has it the Moon in Cancer becomes part of a Grand Cross in the cardinal signs as the Moon squares Mars in Aries (1:53AM PDT), opposes Pluto in Capricorn (4:02AM PDT), squares Saturn in Libra (2:46PM PDT), and also squares Jupiter in Aries (10:27PM PDT).

Makes me dizzy. How do retrogrades affect these things?

This is such an excellent question that I thought it would be good to pen a few observations.

Retrograde is a do over. “Look,” the planet says, “You didn’t pay attention to me the first time, you are going to pay attention to me now!” Like with Saturn, it will hit a sensitive point in your chart, move forward, and move back three times before it moves on. My astrology teacher said, first time is like a tap, the second time its like a smack, and the third is ‘Whap! Upside the head!”

In manifestation what can happen if you ignore the message of the planet is the first time you may be intellectually concerned, the second you can be emotionally effected and the third time the energy may manifest in your body. On a metaphysical level this is why it is so important to be aware of what is going on and make appropriate responses when sensitive areas are triggered on your chart.

The configuration above is a Grand Cross. Crosses happen in modes of expression, cardinal, fixed or mutable. This cross is cardinal cross that means that it must act! But the retrogrades of some of the planets pushes the energy back onto itself. The effect is somewhat like that of animal gnawing off its leg to get out of a trap.

Or for a human, “Must do something, what? Is this the right thing to do? Must do something, what?”

So the next thing is to look where that Grand Cross is hitting your chart. If it hits a personal planet, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun, Moon, directly, this is the area of your life that you need to work on.

The degrees here are the middle degrees so allowing for a wide orb just about everyone is effected.

The planets involved are the Moon, (emotions), Mars (survival instinct), Saturn (duties, lessons), Pluto, (tranformation).

Does the Grand Cross touch your Mercury? Mercury is retrograde. Mercury deals with communications, business deals, working with your computer, etc. What communication needs to be reworked or finished?

How about Venus? You have your choice here, love or money. What do you need to change in your approach to these two very important life issues?

Mars is about action. Have you failed to take an action or has something you’ve done caused trouble to for you or others. Today is the day to deal with the consequences.

The Grand Cross touches your Sun? You are an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. You are either holding back or moving forward too forcibly.

Your moon? Your emotions, and your homebase is involved. There are changes here. Are you resisting change or finding new doors to walk through?

This Cross breaks up in the wee hours Monday morning, but does transmute into a T-Square. Then we’ll have to deal with how other people react to the changes we’ve made.

But don’t worry or get too much in an uproar. Since Mercury is retrograde, we are going to have change the same thing all over again.

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