Astrology of Disasters: Japan Experiences Earthquake Swarm

Earthquake Swarm Japan

Source: USGS

(Astrology Explored) Since March 9th foreshock, magnitude 7.4, of Japan’s March 11th earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale, the beleaguered island nation has suffered hundreds of aftershocks with several of them reaching damaging 6.0 magnitude. There seems to be no sign that these shocks will abate. What Japan is experiencing is an earthquake swarm.

Wikipedia tells us that swarms can last days or months. There is no way to predict when they will end. What is alarming about this swarm is that the intensity of the “aftershocks” are much greater than say, the Mogul Earthquake swarm centered in Reno, Nevada that started in February of 2008. The mogul swarm didn’t stop until the following November and averaged between the 1 and 2 in magnitude following their 6 magnitude quake.

Mogul Swarm ASC Map

Mogul ASC Map

Astrologers are tying this spat of earthquakes in Japan with the recent Full Supermoon event, though for many prediction purposes astrologers who follow earthquakes use solar eclipse events. The last solar eclipse happened on the winter solstice, December 21, 2010. Either way the astro*carto*graphy maps for for either date show Japan as a focal point for earthquake events.

Interestingly, the common denominators for both swarms is that they are between the astro*carto*graphy lines for Chiron and the Sun. For the Mogul swarm this is shown in the eclipse chart, for the Japanese swarm this is shown in the Supermoon chart. Since Chiron is the planet of deep wounds, and the Sun is the primary motivator in any natal chart this makes astrological sense.

ASG Super Moon Japan

ASG Map Super Moon Japan (Click to enlarge)

What is different between these swarms is the intensity of the shocks. In the winter solstice chart for Japan Jupiter runs close to the fault line from which these earthquakes are emanating. Jupiter amplifies whatever it touches.

These may be things to look for in further astrological research into earthquakes. In the meantime it is just possible that Japan will continue to experience serious earthquakes for months to come.

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