Weekly Forecast: We Don’t Always Get What We Want

butterfly1When I was first learning astrology, I was introduced to a system, channeled by a man named Frank Wharton, of past life symbols generated through the birth chart. Different configurations marked a lifetime or a series of lifetimes, the energies of which are brought forward for use and expression in this life.

Our week starts off with a butterfly, formed by the potent symbols of Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Pluto as ruler of this symbol talks about transformative acts, Mars, resistance to action. Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Pisces in stress aspect to Saturn in Libra talks about real confusion which duties and responsibilities within the collective. Saturn in the relationship sign show the people in administrative authority pay lip service to the needs of the group, but have no clue on how to fulfill them. The fact is that with Saturn in challenge aspect to Pluto, the people who run the government are at odds with the people who run the money systems. This why it is so difficult to find real traction in a real economic recovery. Does it really come down to “show me the money?” I am afraid it does.

In our personal lives the same thing dominates. Are you feeling like you aren’t getting enough? Do you think that people are not valuing your efforts? Are you finally to the point where you want people to “show you the money?” to make it worth it for you to continue?

We are in a count down to Valentine’s Day, which in our country is a day rife with expectations of love and what our significant other should do for us. With the planet of communication, Mercury sliding into the generally unromantic zodiac sign of Aquarius on February 10, we might find some rather unusual displays of affection. Given our general angst about our country, our economy and our personal lives, this might not be a good time to expect that our personal needs will be filled.

The butterfly is the immortal symbol of the soul. We may not get what we want, but as the Rolling Stones tell us, we get what we need. This may be the time to examine your expectations concerning relationships and see if they match what your soul needs to grow.

Tomorrow: Forecast by Sun Sign

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