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The #Astrology of the Red Blood Moon Eclipse

(Astrology Explored) WANTED: Reliable end of the world prophecy. False prophets need not apply. Since the time man started to parse the heavens, we’ve used the stars as an excuse to proclaim God’s (or gods’) righteousness will descend upon us … Continue reading

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Weather Astrology: A 2012 Winter Prediction and Oil Prices

(Astrology Explored) Someone asked me astrologically what the weather for our region is likely to be for the winter. With furnaces firing up here in the chilly Northeast, its important to know just how fast that oil is going to … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Gemini–The Long Nights Moon

The last time it happened was in 1991. The next time it will happen is in 2094. This rare is astronomical and astrological event is a total lunar eclipse that falls on the Winter Solstice. Nasa tells us that the … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Eclipses–A Very Potent Eclipse

Astrology for the Week of June 25 to July 1 June 26, just five days after the Summer Solstice, is the long awaited lunar eclipse that features a Grand Cross in action oriented Cardinal signs. This eclipse, but virtue of … Continue reading

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