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Astrology and Mythology: Saturn’s Story and Saturnalia

Saturn is one of those planets that people have a hard time wrapping their head around. After all, what good is hardship and limitations? Why would we embrace difficulty and want? What good does this planet do in our lives? … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Venus in Scorpio: Persephone and Pieces of Rose, Part 2

The Mother’s Story: Ceres/Demeter We often forget as women of a modern era that in the ancient world that as many 1 in a hundred women died from childbirth and as many as 30 infants died for 100 births. This … Continue reading

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: We Don’t Always Get What We Want, Part 2

Aries—Hanging on to old relationships of any type is going to hinder rather than help you. If you have a hankering to dial up your ex after a night of soul searching via the help of the local pub, think … Continue reading

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Jupiter in Pisces: There’s More Room in Broken Heart

Note: Play song while reading. In two of the last three periods when Jupiter was in Pisces, I fell in love, mad, wild, passionate loves that didn’t have a hope and a prayer of lasting despite my fervent prayers. It … Continue reading

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Astrology in the Houses: Being a Tenth House Gal in an Eighth House World

Up to last week, I’ve put pressing eighth house issues, insurance, taxes, (though thank the Lord, not goods of the dead) on the back burner, while I pursued my usual tenth house issues, the place where my Sun resides. I’m … Continue reading

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Weekly Forecast: A Whole Lot of Bull

Forecast for the Week of October 11 to October 17 Sometimes we forgot that as well as the planet of communication, Mercury is also the planet of tricksters and thieves. Mercury started out his life of crime at a young … Continue reading

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