#Astrology: “What Do You See?”

Psychic (Astrology Explored) I recently had the privilege of doing astrology work at a statewide exposition. This means working with, in general, a group of people, looking for a “psychic” reading who have no knowledge of astrology or what they can get from a reading.

Being an astrologer at one of these things is a singular experience. Around me are eight gifted psychics, all with tarot cards, and (for the more dramatic) psychic looking paraphernalia on their tables. A couple of the women are astrologers too, but they know from experience that it is easier to sell their intuitive gifts than their astrological ones. Continue reading

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Giving #Astrology Readings at ASC New Age Fair Sunday August 17, 2014

(Astrology Explored) The Summer Astrological Society of Connecticut New Age fair will be here in just a few days.

WHEN: August 17, 2014
10 AM to 4 PM

WHERE: The Keeney Memorial Center
200 Main Street
Old Wethersfield, CT

And I’ll be there giving readings! If you haven’t been, you should drop by. It’s a soothing and uplifting atmosphere. You can get a reading in just about any divination tradition you wish. At $20 for a 20 minute reading, you can get more than one kind, and part of the proceeds goes toward supporting the ASC. Our vendors have a select group of New Age. Oh course, if you want a reading from me, you can do that too!

There are free lectures as well. Here is the line-up.

ASC New Age Fair FREE Lectures
The Keeney Center, Rotary Room, First Floor
August 17, 2014

11:00 AM Laugh for the Health of It!
Laura Lee

Do you want less stress and more joy in your life? If so, join us for this incredibly fun class. You’ll learn laughter exercises that have been recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, Oprah, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. By the end of the class, you’ll feel free of stress and high on life! No special flexibility or yoga mats needed.
A certified Laughter Yoga instructor, Laura Lee has been exploring different relaxation techniques since her days as a stressed out Yale student. Laughter Yoga was one of the most powerful stress management tools she discovered and it definitely was the most fun! Laura has been interviewed by The Hartford Courant and has been a guest on radio and public TV shows. She runs teambuilding workshops in workplaces, libraries, and hospitals.
Call her at 860-967-5272 or email her at laura.le7777@gmail.com.

12:00 PM Your Destiny and the Sacred Science of the 52 Cards
Mary Anne L. Costerella

Understand that your birthday, camouflaged inside a deck of ordinary playing cards, reveals your spiritual code and unlocks the mysteries of your life’s curriculum. Come and explore the extraordinary set of cards. Mary Anne is an integrative psychotherapist who decodes the language and anatomy of your personal birthdate to access inner guidance for greater self-discovery, wellness and personal transformation.
Mary Anne is a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in Holistic and Integrative Psychology as an alternative treatment, a Metaphysician, an ongoing student of the Ancient Wisdoms and Esoteric Sciences, a Graduate of the Magi Fellowship Counselor Training Program, and a Nationally Certified Destiny Card Reader. Mary Anne holds a BA in Secondary Education, an MA in Counseling and Pastoral Counseling. Visit Mary Anne at PsychoSpirituatherapies.com.

1:00 PM Astrology and Your Health
Pat Peabody

Just knowing your birthday, you can know the strengths and weaknesses associated with your sign. Astrology has much to tell us about our health and our predispositions to wellness. Join us as we look at elemental and astrological influences of each sign. For example, a fiery Aries may be prone to headaches because of lack of hydration. Interestingly, all twelve signs of the zodiac can be found within the body. This knowledge gives us a heads up toward maximizing our health in a very personal way.

Pat Peabody is an astrologer, Usui Reikii Master and Karuna®Reiki Master and also teaches tarot and astrology. Pat has been an astrologer for over 20 years and is a Past President of the Astrological Society of Connecticut. She has a zest for life which she brings to her work and shares with her clients. Pat’s website is patpeabody.com and you can reach her at 860-870-8962 or 860-989-1238.

2:00 PM Explore the 7 Singing Bowl Relaxation Technique
Margaret Sylvester

Teacher of Blissful and Balanced in Enfield, Margaret offers a unique session combining Reiki, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing and the Amethyst BioMat. Margaret uses this combination of therapies to lower blood pressure, to reduce stress and anxiety, to enhance the immune system, promote healing, relieve pain, and promote wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Margaret has studied in Boulder, CO with Singing Bowl Master Shree Krishna Shahi from Kathmandu, Nepal, and mastered the 7 Bowl Relaxation Technique, Chakra Balancing Technique, ADD and ADHD therapy and more. During a session, you will be lying fully clothed on a massage table, lined with the gentle warmth of the Amethyst BioMat that delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Rays, using Reiki and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing.
You can reach Margaret at blissfulandbalanced.com or 860-978-8111.

3:00 PM How to take care of your Channel between You and Your Guides
Rev. Tanya Tarail

Learn how to trust your own Guides and how to maintain the communication between them and you. Your own energy and channel with your guides will be improved by the method that Tanya will teach during this class.
Tanya Tarail is the founder of the Metaphysical Bodywork healing center and has had a commitment to healing others for forty-four years. Tanya is a Medical Intuitive and Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapist. Tanya is also an ordained minister by the Church of Gabriel. She combines her training with medical intuition and counseling to support the process of healing. You can reach Tanya at truepsychicnetwork.com/ttarail.php or 619-549-9300.

Directions to the Keeney Center:

Directions: Take I-91 to exit 26. Follow signs to Old Wethersfield Historical district. At the intersection of Main Street (flag pole), turn left. The hall is the third building down on left. Plenty of free parking in rear of building, on the street, and across the street behind the fire station. The fair is on the second floor.

Admission is free. Free parking behind the building, on the street, and across the street behind the fire station. Proceeds go towards promoting the work of this 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For information, call the ASC InfoLine at (860) 568-8617 or email NAF@myASC.org.

Bring yourself and a friend and let’s have some fun.

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The Astrology of Super Moons

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The Astrology of Eclipses: April 29 Solar Eclipse and Tornadoes

(Astrology Explored) One day before the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse a string of dangerous tornadoes started hitting the southern United States.

After spawning deadly tornadoes that flattened homes and businesses in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, a storm system that also caused havoc in the Midwest had Georgia in its sights early Tuesday.

At least 11 people in the South were killed Monday, bringing the overall death toll from two days of severe weather to at least 28.
In Mississippi, Republican state Sen. Giles Ward huddled in a bathroom with his wife, four other family members and their dog Monday as a tornado destroyed his two-story brick house and flipped his son-in-law’s SUV upside down onto the patio in Louisville.

“For about 30 seconds, it was unbelievable,” Ward said. “It’s about as awful as anything we’ve gone through.”

Tens of thousands of customers were without power in Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky, which did not report tornadoes but was slammed with severe storms. Thousands more hunkered down in basements and shelters as The National Weather Service issued watches and warnings for more tornadoes throughout the night in Alabama.

Continue reading

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Skeptics, Astrology and Robert Currey

(Astrology Explored) When Robert Currey asked if he could use my avatar for the image of quintessential astrologer looking to mount skeptics’ challenges to astrology, I was tickled pink. Robert Currey, the proprietor of Equinox Astrology, has been carefully taking apart skeptic’s objections to astrology for years. Too much a gentleman to rip them apart with my or even Matthew Currie’s (no relation) ferocity on the subject, he non-the-less continues the good fight by evaluating skeptics’ claims and taking them apart molecule by molecule. Below is Robert’s current comictorial on the subject.

If you are so inclined share this on your Facebook page. Spreading awareness is the best way we can stand up for ourselves as astrologers and lovers of astrology.

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The Astrology of Disasters: Missing Malaysia Flight MH 370

(Astrology Explored) According to news reports, around 2:40 AM March 8, 2014, Malaysia Air Flight 370 mysteriously lost contact with air traffic controllers at the Vietnam border and did not arrive at its destination. Of the 239 passengers on board, three were American, including IBM Executive Philip Wood.

Vietnamese air force jets spotted two large oil slicks off the coast of Vietnam but it is not confirmed the oil slicks relates to the missing jet. Meanwhile, authorities found the names of two passengers on board with stolen passports and are investigating whether terrorist activity connects with the disappearance the plane. Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said they were looking into all possibilities.

There is also evidence that the plane turned back from its projected course.

Inspectors 10 days earlier found the airplane sound mechanically.

The lack of a radio call “suggests something very sudden and very violent happened,” said William Waldock, who teaches accident investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona.

What can astrology tell us about this missing plane? Was it the target of a terrorist attack? Or the victim of mechanical failure? Continue reading

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The Astrology of Breakdowns and Breakthroughs: Step Away From That Saturn

White Rabbit(Astrology Explored) That powerful sucking you are feeling right now is a Moon-Saturn occultation in Scorpio. Fear not, it will pass.—Matthew Currie, FB Post

You felt it too. There was a little twisting in your gut. Something didn’t feel quite right. Is Pisces or Cancer a significant influence in your chart? You turned on the water works. If a white rabbit drove up in a car and told you to get in, you just might do it.

You entered the Saturn in Scorpio zone.

To be fair, it was a little more potent than usual. The Sun entered Pisces and perturbed Neptune and Chiron who are taking up residence there. Additionally, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is trine Sun, Neptune, and Chiron! The Moon in Scorpio kicked it off, but we’ll feel the residual effects until the Sun moves off Neptune and Chiron. Continue reading

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Astrological Society of Connecticut February 2014 Events

(Astrology Explored)

Thursday February 20, 2014 7:00 PM
Judy Tsafrir

Another Light on the Planets: Understanding Essential Spiritual Lessons in the Chart

Many astrologers identify particular temperamental, familial and professional predispositions in a chart; however the actual spiritual purpose of these traits and conditions is often not considered. A perspective on these issues framing them as essential lessons for the evolution of the soul has much to offer in terms of growth and healing strategies. Judy will go through each planet to elaborate the why behind their influence.

Judy Tsafrir, MD, is an adult and child holistic psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Newton, MA. She is also a professional astrologer and tarot reader.


Sunday February 23, 2013, Sunday, 10AM – 4PM

Four times a year we offer the public a sampling of metaphysical readings: Angel cards, psychometry, and of course, astrology! Plus aura photos, a variety of vendors and bodywork like reflexology, massage or Reiki. Free presentations covering the broad spectrum of the metaphysical world. Basics of Astrology class, 90 minutes, $15. Refreshments available. Free admission. Free parking behind the building, on the street, and across the street behind the fire station. For information, call the ASC InfoLine at (860) 568-8617 or email NAF@myASC.org.

Note: I will be at the fair giving astrology readings.

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Astrology and the Calculation of the Horoscope of the ‘Man From Mars’

(Astrology Explored) Casually, in a Facebook conversation, a friend mentioned that in Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land,” about the Earth adventures of a human born on Mars, there were instructions on how to calculate a natal chart for someone born on the planet Mars.

I had read the book so long ago, I didn’t remember. But then I ran across the entire uncut version of the book online. I was so happy to find an old favorite I read it all in two days.

In regards to astrology these were the first lines I found:

“Scientists indeed! Half guess work and half superstition. They ought to be locked up; they ought to be prohibited by law. Joseph, I’ve told you repeatedly the only true science is astrology.”

Well, that comforting for an astrologer to hear. But that was the opinion of just one minor character. Jubal Harshaw, one of the main characters, who kept four half-naked secretaries on staff, and calling “front” when he wanted something, ran down astrology in a later chapter. Jubal, just so you know, is the epitome of the educated man in this book being both a lawyer and a medical doctor. Continue reading

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Astrology and Christmas: All Posts Midwinter Festival

(Astrology Explored) Our ancestors watched the sun, moon and stars to determine the passing of time. Of particular importance, besides the full moon, were the solstices and equinoxes. The theme of both solstices and equinoxes was the interplay of the light and the dark, both being essential to the balance of the Universe. Winter Solstice stories revolved on the death of the old year, the old sun, and the birth of the new. In the middle to the cold and the dark was the hope that the sun would once again warm the earth. Over the years I’ve written a number of pieces about this time of the year, so I thought I’d share them with you once again.

The Astrology of Christmas Myths–Holiday Sales Will Save Us

The Astrology of Zodiac Ages: Christmas and the Next Two Thousand Years

The Astrology and Astronomy of the Star of Bethlehem

Astrology, History and the Winter Solstice: Our Christmas Traditions

Astrology and Mythology: Saturn’s Story and Saturnalia

The Astrology of Christmas: Winter Solstice Traditions

The Astrology of Christmas: Dickens and Scrooge

The Astrology of Christmas: History, Prophecy and Bad Uses of Astrology

Happy Holidays!

Photo published under a Creative Commons License by User GrizDave as explained on Flickr.

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