Weekly Astrology Forecast: Connect the Dots

connect-the-dotsThe corridors of power have never been so dimly lit to hide the actions of players. The Sun, recently moving into secretive Scorpio makes a challenge the action planet, Mars, which in turn is in stress aspect (nconjunct) Pluto. Secret meetings and back door deals are part of the disturbing scenario. Laws are passed under the cover of darkness that defy to will of the common people. If you think the elite of Wall Street are going to sit by idle while their salaries are stripped, you would be wrong. But what do we care? We have bread, beer and circuses. (or at least the WWF on pay per view) so all is well with the world even if the repo man is creeping onto your street.

The complex chain of aspects that tell this story are Sun square Mars, Mars inconjunct Pluto, Pluto sextile Neptune, Neptune trine Mercury, Mercury inconjunct Uranus, Uranus opposite Saturn, Saturn inconjunct Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Pluto, Pluto sextile the Sun, and on again in a continuous loop. Even if we connect the dots, will we get the message?

Aries—Why can’t you keep yourself out of trouble, Ram? You rush into ill-advised activities, then hit your own forehead when you realize what a boneheaded thing you did. If you didn’t have such a hard head, you’d have a crushing headache right now.

Taurus—People talk about money, but have their own agenda when they talk about yours. Not only should you not believe everything you hear, you should keep personal financial information close to your vest. Don’t bet on Wall Street.

Gemini—The weekend is great time to socialize with men and women. You could get lucky, but then again, you would anyway, wouldn’t you?

Cancer—Don’t fall for first beautiful Scorpio you see or even the second. Though no one is better than the Crab at managing their murky moods, they are on one of their “seek and destroy” mission this week which could include your heart if you let them.

Leo—You’ve been feeling like a stallion that’s been penned away from the mares. Not only are you eager for action you are willing to do just about anything this week to get it. Don’t. The consequences are greater than you realize.

Virgo—Someone has snookered you into doing their work for them under the guise of “duty”. Workaholic that you are you fall for it. Sometimes it is better to let other people learn lessons on their own.

Libra—Socially lively, you make some connections with some well-connected yet eccentric people. Make the most of this, but realize that they may not stay part of your social circle.

Scorpio– Whether on not you intend on breaking some hearts, this week your love ‘em and leave ‘em style leaves them devastated. Others get hooked on your intensity, which they mistake for personal chemistry. Be gentle to the mere mortals.

Sagitarrius—You manage to stay under the radar while making some impressive moves. You do this with your usual weapons, a glad hand and your usual smile. Make phone calls to further your personal goals.

Capricorn—You are tempted to take risky short cuts to manage a crushing work load,
Unfortunately, nothing will do short of your usually thorough methods so don’t tempt fate by taking a covert path around obstacles.

Aquarius—Money comes into your hands quickly though it is likely to flow out just as fast. Creative activities are moneymakers for you.

Pisces—People dump at lot of work on you suddenly. If they promise you money for doing it, get it in writing, otherwise tell them you have your own Halloween party plan and can’t help right now.

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