Horoscopes & Astrology: How Did 2009 Turn Out for You?


Well, it happened. We blinked and 2009 is just about over. Before I spend the next month preparing my horoscopes for 2010. I thought I’d ask my readers how close I hit the mark this past year. Below is 2009’s predictions. Take a look and make a comment. You can be honest, I am an Aquarian, afterall. To encourage you to do so, each comment will be entered into a drawing for a $20.00 gift card to Amazon.com. For my international friends, where an Amazon gift card wouldn’t work, I’ll have a nifty book for you. Now before you get too excited, before I dole out my hard earned cash, there needs to be at least 10 comments submitted before the gift card is awarded, so tell your friends, and send them over. There is a time limit too, and the deadline is midnight, one week from today, October 21, 2009. Even if you don’t win the drawing, there are still two months worth of predictions left on the 2009 books, so its not a total loss. On to the 2009 horoscopes:

Aries—You’ve a marvelous opportunity to make sweeping changes in your life during 2009. The cycle of change that started with last year’s eclipses in February is refueled by two eclipses in late January, both in the sign of Aquarius, a zodiac sign who understands the Ram’s need take on impossible obstacles, or just act impossibly for a little while. Aquarius likes to shake things up just for the fun of it, and you, dear Aries, like nothing more than a thrill ride. But life isn’t all fun and games, despite your propensity to treat it as such. In July a new cycle will start for you. For the rest of the year it will starkly highlight the importance of family and your responsibilities to it. Your challenge will be to step up to plate without feeling like you are cornered.

Taurus—You don’t mind change, just as long as it doesn’t happen to you. Despite the fact that the Universe has gently being trying to change your mindset, ala Pisces in Uranus, you aren’t willing to step out on that ledge just yet. As a result, you’ve experience a set of odd circumstances in the past year. Strange physical symptoms appeared out of blue, affecting your bones and your feet, give you grief, and then disappear as mysteriously as they came. Its not all in your head as your doctor believes, but in your soul, as your inner self struggles with your physical self to pay attention to your spiritual needs. Even those who have paid attention are a bit confused, because the spiritual journey is not like a trip to the beach, which has a beginning and end point. There is no beginning, there is no end, and life is exactly what you want to make of it. What do you want to make of it? In June Venus and Mars enters your sign, nudging you to put down some strong financial roots of your own. There is nothing wrong with seeking the spiritual through material means as long as you handle it correctly.

Gemini—What’s the buzz, Gemini? You’ve got all the good gossip. Now who is gossiping about you? The fact is that for most of the year, everyone is keeping an eye on the “big show” revolving your key relationship. Either someone is trying to hang onto you, are you are trying to hang onto an impossible situation. In April, you will discover, much to your dismay that the key to personal growth is to “let go and let God”. Since God is more or less an abstract concept to you, it is hard for you to reconcile this spiritual concept with your thinking processes. In July however you begin to see the light when some interesting new people cross your path. Be careful not to land yourself in the same situation as for the rest of the year, you are prone to keep repeating the same habit patterns. Real progress will only be made if you see yourself as an individual with a life to share, instead of a person who shares someone else’s.

Cancer-February is an important month for you as you take on additional responsibilities that end up changing your life in a welcome way. Not usually the first one to step up to the plate to change the status quo, this time you welcome a change in your status and your role. In March you may think you’ve taken on too much and in April you are rushing around way too much to get everything done. Yet everything turns out all good at the end of April when you start feeling much more comfortable in your new role. August has you feeling a money pinch; so before it gets to that point, start putting some money by for that rainy day. In November things are working out marvelously, but you fret anyway. Can anything be this good and stay that way? Yes it can. All you need to do is have faith in yourself and things will work out just fine.

Leo—This year has you taking on an old role that you thought you had outgrown. Surprise Leo, the Universe needs your talents once again. You are not sure you want to do this yet again, but truth be told, there is a sense of fate about this situation. February and March has you none too happy, as you deal with one left field pop up fly after another when you are trying to play center field. You get some support from Venus and Mars for the spring of the year as they form a friendly aspect to your Sun. At least you have the energy to deal with challenges and there is a hope of money coming in. The summer has you languishing in the office instead of by the pool, which annoys you to no end. The Lion needs the sun! All hell breaks loose in August, but for everyone else, not you. You needn’t worry; you’ll know exactly what to do. The time you’ve been spending at work though causes some stress in your key relationship, so remember to pay some attention to things on the home front. Remember that money can’t buy love, at least at respectable places. November has you stressing over the back stabbing antics of someone you thought was a friend. Being generous over the holidays is a good way to smooth over the stresses of the year.

Virgo—Whether you like it or not, the Universe has decided that it is time for you to strike out on your own and make your mark. No more hiding behind the kitchen cupboards or a good book. You are to stand on your own two feet, thank you very much. This is no more or no less an exercise in realizing not just your potential but also your faith in yourself. It will take most of the first part of the year for you to realize that this is for your own good, but in May the clouds break and things seem to be much easier. Though you continue to buck and whine about your circumstances, (because Virgo has such a talent to act the martyr) you are being made to realize that there are some benefits to your current situation. August can be a real mess, with things zinging at you from all directions. Plan to have back-up plans for the back up plans. The last quarter of the year has you yearning for freedom though you still cling to the past. Maybe it’s time to figure out what you really want.

Libra—You got two burning hot issues this year. Love and money. A new offbeat or foreign friend catches your eye. On one hand this person is totally unsuitable. On the other hand, there is something magical about this person, the glint in their eye, the way they smile at you. Libra loves nothing more than a good romance and it doesn’t have to be with the marrying kind, though that is your first choice. However, you are hesitant to take the plunge, with good reason, though don’t be surprised if this person keeps buzzing in and out of your social circle through out the year. In February, you get a first glimpse of money troubles as Christmas bills come rolling in. In March, rumored changes in the workplace ups your angst over finances. It’s all just a bit too much, and April has you tripping over your own feet with. Fatigue and April you are just plain run down. June’s first blush of summer brightens your mood, though family obligations and finances have you taking short trips instead of your usual vacation. Throughout the fall and early winter, Mr. or Ms Unusual shows up yet again. Is this a love that can last? Only the New Year will tell.

Scorpio—In late February someone pops out of the blue and strikes a romantic spark in your heart, though duties and responsibilities keep you from immediately pursing this cutie. In March you find out you is one of pack that is pursuing this person, which only kicks up your competitive nature. In March, however, you find yourself separated from this person by either unusual circumstances or distance, and the hope of a lasting romance becomes a fond memory. If it is a move from your current locale, you find yourself in your new situation at odds with the people and the clime. In April you find yourself moving from place to place, and without a secure home base you feel very unsettled. In May, a younger person’s actions set you on edged. You find yourself treading carefully the rest of year, but Scorpionic stealth and cunning carry your through. In June, money issues takes up most of your attention. Have you overspent, Scorpio? In July money issues settle down, but you find yourself having to put a younger person in their place, though by September, things should be worked out nicely. In December, Venus comes into your sign to point the way to a long lasting relationship.

Sagittarius—Your relationships will be tested this year, as the need for personal freedom clashes with your need to take care of your responsibilities. Sagittarius never likes to be tied down anyway, so this year you will be working on what it is you need to do as opposed to what you’d like to do. In February you have the urge to chuck everything and go your own way, and some of you Archers do. However, you can’t escape what it is for which you are responsible. In March, fuzzy thinking gets you into trouble; in April you’ll spend a lot of time trying to sort it out. May has you hooking up with a new love interest, but as usual, flirting with danger has its downside. This doesn’t stop you; however, as you like things a little down and dirty just to spice things up. In July, you find yourself feeling a bit run down. August finds you back in the harness again, and you aren’t too happy about it. In September you are willing to risk everything for love, but maybe you should rethink this position. During the holidays you are feeling recharged and ready for action. Watch out world!

Capricorn—Things are going so well for you that you are waiting for other shoe to drop. Stop waiting and take advantage of the many opportunities waiting for you this year. February brings a fascinating new love interest, though you should remember that al that glitters is not gold. April brings a lucrative deal, which you should snap up. Looking at the teeth of this horse will only waste time. In May you try too hard to repeat the success of last month. One of your ilk came up with the rhyme “a stitch in time saves nine,” which you should heed. In June you are working as hard as ever, but new bosses don’t quite see your worth. Family responsibilities take up your time in July, and seem to work out by the end of August, but raise their ugly head again in September. The last quarter of the year has you wondering if you’ve done the right thing as you waiver between one position or another of a decision you need to make. Whatever it is won’t be resolved this year, but it gives you something to start on for the New Year.

Aquarius—This should be a lucky year for you Aquarius, as the planet of abundance, Jupiter sweeps through your zodiac sign this year. You might not appreciate the high regard your employers place on you, since their form of flattery only ends up being more work for you. In March you’ll have an opportunity to make more money, though don’t blink before you make a decision. In April and May some disappointing news sets you back a bit. When the Sun rolls around to Gemini in June, you’ll feel on top of the word again. July has you fretting over work and family obligations. Usually you can make one balance against the other, but not this month. August and September has you itching to get away from it all. October is more hospitable for you, offering you some opportunities make some new friends, though in November, someone dastardly upsets your applecart. No matter, December has opportunities for you to make love and money, and that’s a wonderful way to end the year.

Pisces—Most of this year has you struggling with responsibilities you’d rather not have. You might find yourself contemplating some radical plans to free yourself from these obligations. But wandering off into the Sunset isn’t going to help you in the long run. Where you run to is likely to have the same problems as the place you left. Radical changes in your life, no matter where you are a likely to have a sobering effect on will-o-the-wisp Pisces especially in April. May has some opportunities for you to connect with some stable and comforting people, perhaps your parents or some other family members. In July you spend some time with these folks, which is a balm to your soul. August gives you an opportunity to gain financially, but this is likely to flow out as soon as comes in. September finds you at odds with some authority figures that have pushed you a bit too far. In October you are feeling better, but you stlll feel the strain of dealing with an extra helping of responsibilities. In November if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. The holidays bring some excitement in your love life, and after this year, you are due a treat. Have fun!

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I write about astrology alot. Some people like to read it.
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10 Responses to Horoscopes & Astrology: How Did 2009 Turn Out for You?

  1. tvowles says:

    For a sun sign interpretation Beth this is actually uncannily accurate for me (Libra) – i’m impressed! Just wish I’d read it a year ago – LOL

  2. NR says:

    This made me laugh, it’s so witty, “Remember that money can’t buy love, at least at respectable places.”

    You’re more than 85% correct for my Pisces ASC. That’s staggeringly good!

  3. BikerMagi says:

    “Remember that money can’t buy love, at least at respectable places.”

    But it can rent it at The Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, NV is all I’m gonna say…

  4. Beth Turnage says:

    tvowles–Yes, but would you have believed it? Just kidding.

    NR–Thank you. Gracious and generous as always.

    BikerMagi–Hah, hah. That’s all I’m going to say.

  5. JChiron says:

    Double Sag & Pisces Moon here!

    Geez, very on point for this Sagittarius, broke out of a 3 year relationship in late January-February, Was very broken hearted but I know that it was for the best… we grew into very different people. Met someone new on my first night out as a single woman in March…didn’t think anything of it, definitely wasn’t looking for romance. May-June the new guy becomes more prominent & flirtatious much to my surprise. Its long distance NYC to Houston. July, new guy on the way to visiting me gets into a bad car accident. August went on a so-so vacation & moved. September, new guy was supposed to visit but once again it didn’t happen, leaving me $100 out for a Broadway show 2009 was a challenge, I hope 2010 is a little smoother, trying to figure out how to fight fair with a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Asc man is mind boggling.

    • Beth Turnage says:


      You don’t fight fair with a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Asc/Taurus Moon. You take prisoners.

      The next time you find his attention wanders, don’t notice. Don’t react. Become all Sag and find a new activity to occupy you. Disappear, don’t take his calls and when you speak with him act like you’ve been on a grand adventure. So sorry he wasn’t there to share in the fun.

      You will absolutely drive him mad. And then he’ll have to have you. See how that works?

      Don’t bother with “honesty”. With the Scorp/Pisces influence reality just has a way of warping to his will. Honey rather than vinegar works wonders.

  6. Byrappa says:

    I am an Aquarian, so here goes:

    “This should be…….zodiac sign this year.” – Not truly.

    “You might not………work for you.” – I do appreciate the regard my boss and colleagues have on me, nonetheless, it has just got me more work.

    “In March……..you make a decision.” – Didn’t have any chance.

    “In April and May…….you back a bit.” – True.

    “When the……word again.” – Yes.

    “July has………but not this month.” – True.

    “August and September………..away from it all.” – 1000% true.

    “October is more……new friends” – Very True.

    “though in November…..your applecart.” – Hope this doesn’t happen.

    “No matter, December……….end the year.” – Hope this comes true.


    This is a good one, 6 out of 8 things have happened, but hope the 9th ones doesn’t, and the 10th one does :P.

    Good prediction, thank you.

  7. hitchhiker72 says:

    Gem Sun, Sag rising. Mostly true, a relationship ended more or less in April but dragged on a bit till June. Sag – July definitely run down but not sure about risking anything for love in September! Definitely like the idea of recharging by the end of the year.

    Looking forward to your 2010 scopes.

  8. heather.s says:

    Uncannily accurate! I am a cancer:

    “February is an important month for you as you take on additional responsibilities that end up changing your life in a welcome way…”
    I HAD A BABY JANUARY 27! Close enough to February to count, imo.

    “In March you may think you’ve taken on too much and in April you are rushing around way too much to get everything done…”
    THOSE FIRST FEW MONTHS ARE HARD! So this is right on.

    “Yet everything turns out all good at the end of April when you start feeling much more comfortable in your new role.”
    By the end of April I was feeling more comfortable in my role as mom to 2…taking both kids out on the town, etc.

    “August has you feeling a money pinch…”
    Was it ever, we just recovered from this money pinch.

    “All you need to do is have faith in yourself and things will work out just fine.”
    I’m counting on this :-)


  9. Togi says:

    Virgo Sun | Scorp ascendent although my progressed ascendent in Sag usually resonates the most with sun sign scopes. You however got it best with the Virgo. It’s been an awful year. Looking forward to saying farwell to Saturn over my Sun + 3 stellium in the last few years. Ugh. Oh and yeah, I have NO idea what I want.

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