The Astrology of Jupiter And Venus–The Moral Compass

We Can't Help Doing GoodRipped from the headlines, we can’t help but to help other people!

Neuroscientists have worked very hard to find what motivates altruism and as turns out, the impulse to put other people needs before our own is hard-wired in our brains.

Apparently, morality is the result of evolution of social behavior.

Indeed, we are a cooperative species, despite what the Democrats and Republicans say. Primates are a species vulnerable to the attacks of other animals and, from other primate species. Physically weak in comparison to other animals,to survive, our ancestors banded together and formed cooperative social networks to insure their survival. For social bonds to form the payoff for cooperative behavior had to outweigh the inconvenience of giving up something needed or wanted for the individual. Studies show that altruistic behavior activates the primitive part of the brain that also responds to food or sex. It just plain feels good.

Our scientists are telling us what many religions tells us, the answers are in ourselves. Our basic truths are hardwired in us, like the electric lines that run through our houses. However, we are individuals after all and how much or how little we cooperate varies from individual to individual.

“As Above, is so Below” is a basic alchemistic truth meaning that what plays out in the heavens plays out on the earthly sphere. The planet Venus talks about our value systems, and the higher octave of Venus, Jupiter talks about our ethical beliefs and perceptions of God. The two planets form our internal moral compass.

When your Venus sits on top of your Jupiter your value system is integrated, though it may be a tad single-minded, colored by the planet and house in which those planets reside. Venus in direct opposition to Jupiter, however, gives you the ability to see two sides of an issue, though you might feel sometimes that there is a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other competing for your attention. Venus in the harmonious energetic connection, the trine, with Jupiter, allows you to feel quite justified in the actions you take. You are either a sinner or a saint, but you always feel it’s OK to do what you do.

Venus in the easy energetic connection, the sextile, to Jupiter gives you the opportunity to do good or harm through your social network, while the difficult connection, the square prods you to rebel against society.

Surprisingly, many people do not have a connection between Venus and Jupiter in their charts. What does this mean? This means those individuals feel it is difficult to integrate their personal values with their religious values. Here are people who feel quite justified to act one way in the business world and another in church. Connecting the dots between the two is the lesson to be learned.

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