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Astrology Conferences 2011

In my email this morning were a list of these “smaller” conferences of which the sender said: “Each conference has its own flavor. I find the smaller conferences a much nicer venue to really get to know other astrologers and … Continue reading

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Astrological Society of Connecticut: Exploring Medical Astrology

“A physician without a knowledge of astrology had better call himself a fool rather than a physician.” This statement was made by Hippocrates (450-377 BC), the father of modern medicine and the source of the Hippocratic oath. Medical astrology for … Continue reading

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Monthly Astrology Forecast for April: Tripping Over The Edges of the Universe

Prediction is a funny business. There are those astrologers who say that you can’t predict anything from astrology, there are some astrologers who say you can predict everything from astrology, and there are those that don’t even try. And sometimes, … Continue reading

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Redux of Last Winter’s Solstice

This past weekend’s new moon mirrors many of the themes of last December’s winter solstice eclipse. In this eclipse we saw the energies of the home loving sign of Cancer in tension aspect to Mars and Pluto, war and death … Continue reading

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Astronomy and Astrology: Why Astrology Should Be Taught in the Schools

An observation by a British astronomer points to the need to teach astrology in the schools if only as a check and balance for the pronouncements of some astronomers. On April 1, 1976 British astronomer Patrick Moore announced on BBC … Continue reading

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