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Skeptics, Astrology and Robert Currey

(Astrology Explored) When Robert Currey asked if he could use my avatar for the image of quintessential astrologer looking to mount skeptics’ challenges to astrology, I was tickled pink. Robert Currey, the proprietor of Equinox Astrology, has been carefully taking … Continue reading

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Astrology and the Skeptics: The Evidence of Things Unseen

(Astrology Explored) My friend Matthew Currie recently challenged the good people at the James Randi Educational Foundation to provide citations for their claims in their instructional booklet “Astrology: Science or Superstition”. In support of Matthew’s challenge I’m presenting the comment … Continue reading

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The Probability of Predictions: Will and Kate So Far

(Astrology Explored) As a front line fighter in the skeptic’s wars against superstition, the paranormal and the supernatural, Michael Shermer has a whole line of pat answers to why people believe in what he and his fellows believe irrational. In … Continue reading

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Atheists, Humanists and Astrology: What You Should Know

(Astrology Explored) One of the most marvelous things about this country is that anyone is can practice or not practice religion. Whatever your belief or lack thereof about God, or a higher power, does not prevent you from enjoying the … Continue reading

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Astrology and the Skeptics: Debunkers Tool of a Religious Agenda?

Wearing the guise of science one organization mounts attacks on paranormal subjects from Big Foot to psychic John Edwards. Included in their attacks is a quite well orchestrated war on astrology conducted with questionable tactics. These tactics include funding “studies” … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s War Against Astrology: Jimmy Wales–Are You Listening?

(Astrology Explored) Recently, a small group of “astrology friendly” people have been attempting to edit the section on astrology in Wikipedia where in the current version is slanted and full of inaccuracies. Time and again, this group has been batted … Continue reading

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Astrology and the Skeptics: An Open Letter to Dr. Rebekah Higgitt

(Astrology Explored) Dr. Rebekah Higgitt, Curator of History of Science and Technology National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory Greenwich, UK Dear Dr. Higgitt, Recently in an BBC television show, two scientists proclaimed that “astrology was rubbish” prompting an article by … Continue reading

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