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#Astrology and Anxiety: Relax–It’s Only A #GrandCross

Significantly, this cross is in mutable signs, which is like having a roomful cats in a roomful of rocking chairs trying to avoid the other cats and the rocking chairs. Continue reading

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Good #Astrology Counters Bad Astronomy Report

(Astrology Explored) The internet site RT Question More made a spectacular report on January 18, 2016 that five planets would align during the month of January and remain that way through February. They called event called “rare” and a “quirk” … Continue reading

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February 2016 Monthly Horoscope

(Astrology Explored) Aries—You think actions speak louder than words. However, this month loved ones want to talk about their feelings—a lot. This is enough for you to bolt to the gym or the local bar to deflect any messy emotional … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Celebrities: You Will Be Missed Alan Rickman

(Astrology Explored) The public at large can’t catch a break as another iconic and well loved actor, Alan Rickman, passed on at age 69. The reported cause of death was cancer. I was going to write about his chart but … Continue reading

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Lottery Astrology : 1.5 billion Powerball dropped prize

An unprecedented 1.5 billion lottery, dropped its prize last night on January 13, 2015. I knew it would drop, because the astrology aspects were there for it. But I did not buy a ticket. Why? Because, sadly, the astrology told … Continue reading

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May 2015 Astrological Society of Connecticut New Age Fair

(Astrology Explored) The Astrological Society of Connecticut is sponsoring a New Age Sunday, May 17, 2015 at the Keeney Center, 200 Main Street, Wethersfield, CT from 10 AM to 4 PM. I will be there giving readings along with the … Continue reading

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Astrology and Skeptics: When An Opinion Is Not A Fact

(Astrology Explored) It started innocently enough with a person asking an astrologer to read his palm. I declined to do this, but a skeptic weighed in with this response: My advice is that you do not attach any significance whatsoever … Continue reading

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The #Astrology of the Red Blood Moon Eclipse

(Astrology Explored) WANTED: Reliable end of the world prophecy. False prophets need not apply. Since the time man started to parse the heavens, we’ve used the stars as an excuse to proclaim God’s (or gods’) righteousness will descend upon us … Continue reading

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#Throwback Thursday: #Astrology & #Easter

(Astrology Explored) Resurrection Stories of the Astrological Great Ages: Inanna 6,000 years before we memorialized our Easter celebration, the Sumerian culture had its own resurrection story. Containing the elements of death, redemption and resurrection it is the story of the … Continue reading

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The #Astrology of the Solar System: Astronomers Go Too Far

(Astrology Explored) It was bad enough the International Astronomy Union, upon the discovery of Sedna, went a little crazy and started reclassifying planets. Saying that size does matter, Pluto, the master of domination and control was reclassified a “dwarf planet.” … Continue reading

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