New Moon in Pisces: Under the Influence

Fairy New Moon (Astrology Explored) With the new moon joining the huge alignment of planets in Pisces the floodgates are about to open. Rarely do we see this many planets in the same sign. Like someone arriving at the theater late, this moon will trip her way through the seats to take her place next to the Sun, stepping on the toes of the other planets. Then she’ll exit stage right until she arrives in the zodiac sign of Aries, a first harbinger of the new spring. There are so many symbols in this configuration; one hardly knows where to start.

Neptune, Chiron, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars tenants the zodiac sign of Pisces. Many people have a difficult time understanding Pisces energy. To be honest, people with a significant Pisces signature in their chart don’t understand Pisces. Some people rail at the Pisces propensity to stay above it all. Truth is Pisces does not engage with the world in a way that other people consider normal. Pisces cries at weddings, laughs at funerals, and dances away from the motor vehicle accidents that they cause by not paying attention to the road. Much of Pisces life has a “do not try this at home” element to it. This sign is all about merging with the river of life, which they do without benefit of a life jacket. “Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke,” is the favorite saying of one friend with a huge stellium of Pisces planets in his chart. Continue reading

Weekly Astrology Forecast: Redux of Last Winter’s Solstice

Weekly Astrology ForecastThis past weekend’s new moon mirrors many of the themes of last December’s winter solstice eclipse. In this eclipse we saw the energies of the home loving sign of Cancer in tension aspect to Mars and Pluto, war and death in their most concentrated of meanings. Mars also stands for action, and Pluto for transformation, and as we’ve seen since that event action and transformation are the keywords for the first quarter of our year. In the previous sojourn of Pluto through Capricorn, the United States form. France cut the head off its monarchy, and the process of divorcing European royalty from their governments began. This go round, starting with Egypt and spreading through the Middle East is the spirit of revolution, of turning the old order out and ushering a new one. From Mubarak to Quaddaffi, the call went out to hand power back to the people. At this new moon, transformative Pluto sits in challenge aspect to Saturn and Jupiter. The old order of Saturn, the established authority is in opposition to the fresh new players. There are five planets in Aries, the sign of the Ram, ruled by the planet of war, Aries. These are Mars, itself, Uranus, Sun, Moon and Jupiter. If it seems like the whole world is joining in you aren’t too far off.

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