The #Astrology of the #MuellerReport

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Robert Mueller

As of today only a handfull of people know what Robert Mueller found in his investigation of the Russia’s involvement with Donald Trump’s campaign for president. As people wait for William Barr to release a redacted version of the report can astrology give a heads up as to what Robert Mueller found?

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President’s Comey Firing: Universe Tells #Trump~You’re Fired

34394903505_5c91168bc1_z(Astrology Explored) Apologies for the technical issues that surrounded the original post of yesterday.

The firing of James Comey came as a huge surprise to the American public. But is it a surprise?
What does the astrology say about the situation?

Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto Are Key Players

Astrologically Donald Trump has his Sun in opposition to his moon. Full moon people are often drawn into relationships with others, but may have difficulty navigating then. My opinion is that those with a significant Gemini/Sagittarius axis find it difficult to accept existing norms of behavior. Either they forever lock themselves with the confines of solidly defined roles or they chuck societal norms altogether. Trump appears to have cast himself in the later camp. Also, there is a tendency to see others as merely an extension of self or failing that, not at all. With the US Mars, the planet of trouble, sitting on his Sun/Moon axis it’s a given that trouble follows him in his role as president.

Mars, the planet of trouble (in the yellow section) of the Comey event charis within 10 degrees of Trump’s Sun/Moon axis and the US Mars point. This tells me two things. First, Trump did make the decision to fire Comey before Tuesday. I say he made this decision around May 4th or 5 days before the actual firing when transiting Mars hit the US Uranus. It also indicates that since Mars has not yet reached his Sun, his problems are just beginning. Continue reading

The #Astrology and Politics of the February 10-11 #LunarEclipse

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2014

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2014

(Astrology Explored) A Lunar Eclipse in the early hours of Saturday February 11 follows the Friday February 10, 2017 Full Moon. It’s symbolism should make us all sit up and take notice. In the cosmic dance of the heavenly bodies, a lunar eclipse occurs when the earth is between the moon and the sun, shielding the moon from the light of the sun. The stage for this eclipse sits in the US chart in the ninth house of legal issues.

An eclipse ignites an area of sensitivity a natal chart for at least six months. For the United States this eclipse moon is opposite the US natal moon in Aquarius. But even more pressing the eclipse moon is part of Yod, called the Finger of God, with transiting Chiron, which I call “the planet of something wrong” and Pluto, who most astrologers calls the planet of transformation.
Chiron and Pluto forces their energy up the lines of their respective inconjuncts to the eclipse moon fixing it in place and forcing the chart native to deal with this issue.
Because the energy of the Yod is explosively intense, the events that arise out of the Yod feels destined or fated.

Moon in Aquarius concerns itself with humanitarian issues and the rights of the public at large. This eclipse moon lands in the ninth house of legal issues. So we are going to see a lot of back and forth about the rights of the people. Continue reading

Lottery Astrology : 1.5 billion Powerball dropped prize

23678980223_9db8cf0849_zAn unprecedented 1.5 billion lottery, dropped its prize last night on January 13, 2015.

I knew it would drop, because the astrology aspects were there for it. But I did not buy a ticket. Why? Because, sadly, the astrology told me that Powerball would not grace my state that night with its winnings.

How did I know that? We’ll get to that later.

ABC Reports:

California lotto officials tweeted almost immediately after that a winning ticket was sold in the state. Later, California Lottery spokesperson Russ Lopez said there were two more winning tickets sold, one in Tennessee and one in Florida.

And this is exactly what the astro*cart0*graphy chart of the event displayed.  Continue reading

The Astrology of Breakdowns and Breakthroughs: Step Away From That Saturn

White Rabbit(Astrology Explored) That powerful sucking you are feeling right now is a Moon-Saturn occultation in Scorpio. Fear not, it will pass.—Matthew Currie, FB Post

You felt it too. There was a little twisting in your gut. Something didn’t feel quite right. Is Pisces or Cancer a significant influence in your chart? You turned on the water works. If a white rabbit drove up in a car and told you to get in, you just might do it.

You entered the Saturn in Scorpio zone.

To be fair, it was a little more potent than usual. The Sun entered Pisces and perturbed Neptune and Chiron who are taking up residence there. Additionally, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is trine Sun, Neptune, and Chiron! The Moon in Scorpio kicked it off, but we’ll feel the residual effects until the Sun moves off Neptune and Chiron. Continue reading

New Moon in Pisces: Under the Influence

Fairy New Moon (Astrology Explored) With the new moon joining the huge alignment of planets in Pisces the floodgates are about to open. Rarely do we see this many planets in the same sign. Like someone arriving at the theater late, this moon will trip her way through the seats to take her place next to the Sun, stepping on the toes of the other planets. Then she’ll exit stage right until she arrives in the zodiac sign of Aries, a first harbinger of the new spring. There are so many symbols in this configuration; one hardly knows where to start.

Neptune, Chiron, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars tenants the zodiac sign of Pisces. Many people have a difficult time understanding Pisces energy. To be honest, people with a significant Pisces signature in their chart don’t understand Pisces. Some people rail at the Pisces propensity to stay above it all. Truth is Pisces does not engage with the world in a way that other people consider normal. Pisces cries at weddings, laughs at funerals, and dances away from the motor vehicle accidents that they cause by not paying attention to the road. Much of Pisces life has a “do not try this at home” element to it. This sign is all about merging with the river of life, which they do without benefit of a life jacket. “Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke,” is the favorite saying of one friend with a huge stellium of Pisces planets in his chart. Continue reading

Astrology and Weather: Nor’easter Bears Down on East Coast

National Weather Service Map Nov 8 Nor'easter

(Astrology Explored) The East Coast, savaged by Hurricane Sandy, is groaning under the announcement that another bad storm, a Nor’easter bears down on them. Though not as powerful as the hurricane, this storm, possibly heavy with precipitation, winds and storm surge has the potential to undo the recovery efforts of this area. Continue reading

The Astrologer’s Process: Dirty Data, Rectification and Amy Winehouse’s Birth Time

Every astrologer has had this conversation with a client at least once. “My mother said I was born at 10:00 o’clock.” “AM or PM?” asks the astrologer. “Not sure, I’ll have to ask my mother.”

In an astrologer’s perfect world birth times would published right along the birth date. This would make our job easier and would eliminate what Lois Rodden would label DD, dirty data. Dirty data is anything along the lines of “my mother said” or “Auntie remembers it to be . . .”

A birth time is important because it fixes the ascendant and the moon, two of the the Big Three that includes the Sun, the three most basic markers of your personality. A birth time also fixes the position of the houses which important when it comes to making predictions based on the movements (transits) of the positions.

Whenever I give a reading that does not include an accurate birth time I tell the client straight up that the lack of the birth time can affect the accuracy of the reading.

Astrologers also have a technique called rectification that can pinpoint the possible birth time by matching life events against the chart to see which time makes the most sense in terms of what happened in an individual’s life. Rectification is a lengthy process, very technical, requiring a willingness to look at a lot of charts. Not all of us want to do that. Personally, I’d rather rip out my upper lip hairs with tweezers. Continue reading

Astrology 101: Why Astrologers Aren’t Concerned About a 13th Sign



(Astrology Explored) Astrologers watched in bemusement and surprise that the internet literally blew up over a astronomer and community college professor Parke Kunkle’s pronouncement that “the earth had shifted” resulting in the magical creation of 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, otherwise known as “the snake handler”. In fact, according to the SU Spectator reports that an unprecedented 17 out of 20 search queries were zodiac related. Astrologers were besieged with questions about Ophiuchus in every setting from television interviews to this astrologer’s experience, a funeral.

It is reported that about a quarter of the U. S. population “believes” in astrology and many more read their daily horoscope for hah hahs everyday. Clearly there is something to this astrology thing if it engages so many people. Yet what you see in the newspapers is just a tiny portion of what astrology is all about.

If you were to see an astrologer, what he or she does is take three pieces of information: your birth date, your birth time and your birthplace. Using either a computer or good old fashioned math and a three reference works, the astrologer will draw a map of heavens at the time of your birth. In a very real sense this map, called a natal chart, shows the Universe as it revolves around you. Every single planet in our solar system and a few mathematical points talk about your personality and how you act and react in the world. Some important points are:

Your ascendant—A mathematical point, the ascendant is the zodiac sign at the time on the horizon at the time of your birth. It governs your physical appearance and the first impression you give other people. The degree of the ascendant changes roughly every four minutes. You can be a Taurus and have Scorpio on the ascendant, or a Taurus with Leo on the ascendant, still be a Taurus, but be perceived by other people in vastly different ways.

Your Sun—What many people know as their “sign” the Sun is central player in the astrological chart. It is your core identity from which you draw many essential personality traits.

Your Moon—The moon moves swiftly through the zodiac signs each month spending roughly two and a half days in each sign. The moon represents your emotional center, your security needs, your early nurturing experience and how you feel about things. A Taurus with Scorpio on the ascendant and a Pisces Moon has a far different view of the world than a Taurus with a Leo ascendant and their moon in Aquarius.

These three elements, the ascendant, the Sun and the Moon, are the Big Three in the map of the heavens at the time of your birth charting your basic identity by not only the zodiac signs each of these points occupy but by their relationship to each other. These relationships are called aspects and range from easy connections to challenging. It is why you may feel one thing about something and act another way. And here is the kicker about aspects—they represent a significant portion of how you operate in the world. Sometime the aspects that planets make to each other nearly outweigh the zodiac sign in which the planets are placed.

But wait—there’s more!

Each of the other planets in the solar system has something to say about you as well. Mercury talks about your thinking processes, Mars represents your survival instincts and your sexual drive, Venus, your value systems, Saturn, your duties and responsibilities, Jupiter, your sense of social justice, Uranus, your unique gift to the world, Neptune, your spirituality and Pluto, what you need to transform in your life.

Is your head spinning yet?

We haven’t even talked about the houses, the two hour divisions of the twenty-four hour day that govern different portions of life on earth. Which house each of the planets tenant flavor the interpretation of that planet.

And then—

There is plethora of astrological techniques, types of charts and a slew of other things that add depth and meaning to an astrological reading, as if we needed more. But we do, because you come to us with questions about all parts of your life, from whether or not a relationship will work, whether you’ll get that new job, when you will have babies, and anything else that life throws at you.

Astrology is a complex study that few attempt and even fewer master. Maybe this is why so few people know that zodiac signs you know and love so well are based on the seasons and not the constellations. So yes, we do understand, in a certain way, the appeal a simple Sun sign horoscope has for most people. But you are more to you than just your Sun sign which is why astrologers aren’t really concerned about a 13th zodiac sign.

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The Astrology of Disasters: “A Hellish Night”—The San Bruno Fire

Smoke from San Bruno Explosion

Smoke from San Bruno Explosion

(Astrology Explored) In what TV Anchor Robin Meade called a hellish night America wakes to news of a terrible gas explosion and horrific fire that at this moment has destroyed 53 homes, damaged about 120, and claimed 28 casualties and at least one life in the bedroom town San Bruno, CA. Pacific Gas and Electric had sent a crew to investigate a gas leak after residents complained of smelling gas, but no action was taken. There are reports that the smell of gas permeated the San Bruno neighborhood where a 24 inch gas feeder line exploded for a least three weeks prior.

Frustrated fire workers were told to stand down after initial attempts to control the resulting fires were hindered by low city water pressure because of the explosion. San Franciso Hospital reports two burn patients are battling for their lives and the hospital is gearing up to treat more burn patients.

The LA Times reports:

Huge orange balls of flames were billowing into the nighttime sky. Residents reported a huge shake, as if an earthquake had struck when the blaze broke out . . .

While San Bruno deals with this tragedy, finger pointing is already starting at Pacific Gas and Electric who is no stranger to litigation because of unsafe business practices. In 1994 an investigation by Erin Brockovich led to the biggest settlement on record for civil class action suit. Pacific Gas and Electric had dumped 370 million gallons of cancer-causing chemicals into unlined ponds in Hinkley, California.

But what makes San Bruno the scene for such an accident?

Though long settled by native Americans, then annexed as a Mexican territory as part of the Spanish mission system, the real growth of San Bruno occurred after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

The date of incorporation for San Bruno is December 23, 1914 as reported by the City Clerk of San Bruno on the City Clerk’s page of the San Bruno website.

While we have no time for the date of incorporation, we do have the time and date of the explosion September 09, 2010, at approximately 6:15 PM. Since we have the timing of the event, the event is at the center of wheel while the planets for the chart of the city of San Bruno is on the outside.

While many of us are aware of the Cardinal T-Square involving Uranus, Saturn and Pluto it is telling how the Sun of San Bruno hits Pluto almost exactly in that configuration and its Moon hits Uranus.

Neptune rules natural gas and gas leaks and is involved in this manner. San Bruno’s Moon sits on the Uranus/Jupiter conjuction. Uranus/Jupiter makes and inconjunct to transiting Venus/Mars and Venus/Mars makes a trine to Neptune/Chiron. Neptune on its own is bad enough but coupled with Chiron signals long festering wound, which may explain why the gas leak was not acted on when first reported.

The Moon, Venus and Pluto appear to be prominent in the timing of this event.

In the Ingress, Lunation and Eclipse charts an afflicted Neptune indicates marine disasters, dam breaks, tidal waves, gas leaks, vermin infestations, contagion, political instability, fraud, corruption and other elements of distortion . . .

Just a day prior, was the New Moon in Virgo in opposition to the Moon of San Bruno, setting up the events of the next day. On September 9 Pluto the planet of the underground takes control. Venus moves to 1 degree of Scorpio, the zodiac sign ruled by Pluto. This Venus exactly sextiled the San Bruno Sun and trined the San Bruno Pluto. Notice that the event Pluto and San Bruno’s Pluto are in opposition.

With all that Plutonian energy involved you can be sure we’ve only heard just the tip of the iceberg in this explosive event.

Photo published under Creative Commons License as explained by Wikipedia.

Astrology Chart San Bruno Fire

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