The Astrology of Tragedies: The Newtown, CT Elementary School Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary School Arial View(Astrology Explored) For much of the day the details of the horror of what happened at a small town elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut was obscured by a police lockdown of information. Parents were told to wait by their phones but not to come to the school. Eventually, the unbelievable story was told to the public. At 9:40 AM a troubled man in his twenties entered the main office, shoot the principal and school psychologist, then walked in the kindergarten class taught by his mother and shot children in the class, then killed himself. At 3:23 PM the casualty count was a total of 27 dead, 20 of whom are children. There is an investigation of the mother’s home near the school, where state police confirmed someone else is dead.

The shooter is reported by the media as Adam Lanza, 20 years old. His 24 year old brother Ryan, originally identified as the shooter, is in custody we do not know why at this time.

President Obama made a statement as he wiped away tears, saying “Today our hearts are broken.”

Obviously, as I writing this, law enforcement is trying to piece together the reasons for this awful crime, parents across the country are trying to comprehend the how such a thing can happen, and a nation begins to mourn the deaths of 20 little children and the six adults responsible for their care who died.

Below is the horoscope of the event according to information provided by media. Apparently two women associated with the Lanza brothers are missing as well.

The scene unfolded as the ascendant hit 29 degrees of Capricorn. 29 degrees, at the cusp of changing signs, is often known as the degree of decision. The Moon is conjunct the planet of death and transformation Pluto. Both these planets form one leg a yod, Saturn the other, and Jupiter the apex.

This Jupiter is the focal point of this chart as it receives not only the energy of the yod, but a t-square as well involving Chiron/Neptune and Mercury in Sagittarius.

We see a chart fueled by pain, not rage. Most likely we will find out in as time goes on is that the shooter suffered from bi-polar disorder.

For a state battered and bruised by three major devastating storms in less than two years, this last tragedy is just too much to bear.

Please send your prayers towards the parents and children and the community of Newtown, CT.

Newtown Elementary School Shooting Chart

The Astrology of Aspects–The Age of Aquarius and the Transiting Yod in Your Chart

Yod AspectWe see the Age of Aquarius all around us. Advances in technology and communication make it possible to reach the other side of the world in an instant—from our “smart” phones. True to the Aquarian ideals of honesty, concepts like “transparency” have taken a foot hold in the marketplace. Discussions about of what is private and what is not take round robins through our legislatures and nearly each day we receive notifications from businesses we deal with about their privacy policies. “You can be sure we won’t share your information with anyone except . . .). And for the first time in human kind’s history we now have electronic social media, and the instant sharing of what we’ve had for breakfast or our random thoughts during the day. Never before has individuality been so celebrated.

Yet, according Don Cerow, the Age of Aquarius is not to start until February 12, 2013 when the Vernal Equinox is parallel to the fixed star Omega Piscium the last fixed star in the constellation of Pisces.

As such we are straddling the old age and the new. I have often thought that those born with a significant Aquarius/Pisces signature in their horoscope are the harbingers of the New Age. With one foot fixed in the past and their head in the future, these special folk can be our native guides into the New Age. Continue reading

Weekly Astrology Forecast: Under The Influence

under-the-influenceAstrology for the Week of April 2 thought April 8

“Should of , would of, could of” is the theme this week as Friday’s chart features a grand assortment of the stress aspect, the inconjunct, thrown like so many pick up sticks on Friday’s chart.

Inconjuncts indicate uncharted territory for your soul. You don’t have map, heck, you don’t even have a flashlight, let alone a clue as where you are going. The tools for dealing with an inconjunct are faith and hope. And plan. Definitely make a plan.

This week inconjuncts directly touch late degrees of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. Don’t think however, if you aren’t one of these signs you are in the clear. There is more than enough inconjunct action to go around, and they don’t mind sharing the wealth.

Aries—The issue, Aries, is courage. When something is abstract, say, laying down your life for your country, you have no trouble rushing in where angels fear to tread. Finding courage for the concrete is another matter, and here you are locked in between Uranus, to which you cling for freedom, and Venus, the realization of your desires as Saturn, at the apex of a Yod, tells you, it’s time to FOCUS. Will you?

Taurus—Deep desires occupy your thoughts as you muddle through your latest relationship issue. You don’t want to do anything to upset the apple cart, but aren’t those apples a little over ripe right now? Don’t be diverted by glittery things, and you can make it through OK.

Gemini—For this weekend, your sign’s ruler, Mercury is shifting into the sensual sign of Taurus, which is at the apex of a Yod with the Moon, and Saturn in Libra at the base. All I can say is “Oh, you naughty thing, you.” And remind you that despite the intensity of the sensations you feel, they are just that and not the basis of a long lasting relationship.

Cancer—Perhaps your biggest problem right now is that you are feeling disconnected from people, places and things. What is happening is that you are spending too much time reflecting on things in the past that you can’t change now. Reach out to others and show them you care.

Leo—You are meant to lead, but what you don’t like is being forced to do it. With Mars in your sign, you have a need to lead the charge, but you aren’t allowed to take things where you want to go. Your best move is to connect with your higher self to take advantage of the wisdom contained there.

Virgo—With a to do list that is overflowing, you need to pare it down to the essentials. You always want to get everything done, but that is not practical or realistic. Be kind to yourself so you have the energy to be kind to others.

Libra—There is one card interpreted by tarot master Eileen Connolly, the six of swords, reversed, as ‘you are locked into a difficult set of circumstances. There is nothing you can do, just wait.’ That is your life right now. Relationships are a burr under your saddle, but there isn’t much you can do. Meditate.

Scorpio—You are being pushed beyond your limits as the planet of war challenges your Sun. Quiet times and pleasant times with friends seem to be put on hold as you are made to pay strict attention to your work responsibilities. People notice your attention to detail.

Sagittarius—Others annoy you with their plodding ways and thick head attitudes. You are ready to cut through the BS, spoiling for a fight. Unfortunately for you this will not obtain the results you want, but rather mark you as an unreasonable hot head. Use your natural charm instead.

Capricorn—Money and or love interests seem poised for a major transformation, but like a deer in the headlights you freeze not sure of the correct action to take. Oh snap! You are just going to have to talk about this with someone. Can you stand actually revealing your true feelings?

Aquarius—The Waterbearer has no patience for anything that curtails his or her freedom and here you are with a whole bunch of people yapping at you to act this way or that. It is important to put your listening ears on and try to respond in a positive way even as you grit your teeth doing so. That way you won’t come off looking so bad.

Pisces—Your dreams, bizarre as they might be of late, are keys to issues that are troubling you. Your intuition is heightened, though you are not necessarily quite on target with your perceptions. Pisces is used to ambiguity, but this is ridiculous. Find some sort of native guide to help you make sense of it all.

Picture printed under a Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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The Astrology of Relationships: Fated–the Yod in the Composite Chart

History and Hollywood are littered with famous lovers, people who left behind spouses and families and careers–the devil to take the hindmost—so that they could be together.

Usually when the two pair, family and friends are incredulous. Sometimes it is because there is a seeming mismatch in age, personalities, social status, education or professions. Sometimes there is enmity shown to the person perceived as taking control of the other’s person’s life. Jennifer Anniston’s fans hated (and still do) perceived interloper Angelina Jolie.

What makes these relationships so special? What draws two people so inexorably that nothing matters more than being together?

Even an astrologer looking at a synastry chart may not see where the two feel as if they are fated to be together. It is not until we use a Composite Chart that we would see the configuration known as the Finger of God, the Yod. This is the configuration that lends a sense of destiny to the couple.

A Yod is made up of two inconjuncts that share a planet at the apex and separated by a sextile between the planets at the base. With inconjuncts one end of the configuration is of one gender and the other end the other. The inconjunct is a stress aspect because of the polarity of gender at either end. The planet in the masculine zodiac sign wants to take direct action, while the planet in the feminine sign wants to work things indirectly. It is a nagging and annoying energy, and often with the inconjunct, people swing wildly from one extreme to the other.

With a Yod, the two planets at the base drive energy to the apex, pinning down the energy so it does not swing back and forth. However the energy is now also locked into place and the person with a Yod is forced to deal with the issues presented, often by focusing exclusively on the issue. This dynamic works the same way in relationship charts, and the couple with a Yod in the composite chart have to be together, whether it seems like a good idea or not.

The feelings for the individuals in this relationship configuration are frighteningly intense, highly charged sexually, obsessive in the desire to seek each other out and many times fly against all sense or reason. Many times one or both of the pair has to make painful choices. One or both may be panicked by the intensity of their feelings and either try to deny the pull or try to leave the relationship. Like a rubber band they always come back, sometimes many times. This type of relationship is a romantic’s dream and a pragmatist’s nightmare.

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are a famous couple with a Yod in the composite chart. Paul Newman left his wife and children to be with Woodward. Here the planet of love, Venus and Uranus form the base of the Yod, while dreamy Neptune, the patron star of Hollywood is at the apex. Theirs was a romantic union, fueled not just by a love of freedom that they both shared, but a love of their profession. At a time when it was not usually done, Paul Newman whole hearted supported his wife’s professional ambitions to the point of funding and working on her projects himself. Eventually their marriage became known one of the longest lasting Hollywood marriages.

Pitt Jolie Composite ChartAnother example is the composite chart of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a story most of the world is agonizingly familiar. Meeting on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith the electric chemistry of the two sparkled on the screen making a ridiculous plot almost palatable. One scene where they tear up their beautiful house in trying to kill each other spoke eloquently of the violence of their own emotions in sorting through a literally explosive relationship. By the end of that scene each submits to the intensity of their emotions and decided to fight deadly odds to stay together. Here life imitates art and true to the Yod, stories of Brad and Angie breaking up and getting back together fill national and world wide gossip rags. There is probably some truth in these stories, but with long lasting Saturn and the heart of the relationship, a romantic Moon in Pisces at the base of the Yod, with Uranus at the apex, this a relationship with highs and lows, temporary break-ups and glorious reunions. But it has just as much chance of lasting as Woodward and Newman’s.

When Shakespeare said in Midsummer Night’s Dream “the course of true love never runs smooth” he could have been talking about a relationship with a Yod in the Composite chart. The stakes are high for both individuals since the words “What God has put together let no man put asunder” are never truer. Should the relationship fail to stabilize and became permanent one or both of the participants will be seriously and sometimes irreparably heart broken. One or both could be dogged by feelings of failure that could poison future relationships. Rarely does either party escape without a wound to their soul or a serious bruise to their ego. But it seems in terms of attaining intense romantic love, the fated nature of the Composite chart containing a Yod makes it one of the best bets around.

If you would a question answered on these pages, please send your birth date, birth time, and birth place to I regret that time limitations do not permit full horoscope readings on these pages. Queries without all the required information will not be answered.

Photo remixed and used under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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The Astrology of the Fort Hood Killings: The Enemy Among Us?

shooterIn a shocking and inexplicable incident that claimed the lives of 13 and threatens to claim some the lives of 38 others wounded, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a U. S. Army psychiatrist, opened fire on his fellow soldiers. The November 5, 2009 mass murder took place at a readiness center at Fort Hood, Texas, where a crowd was gathered to witness graduation exercises for some of the soldiers.

Col. Kimberly Kesling, deputy commander of clinical services at Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood, said she had known Hasan.
“You wouldn’t think that someone who works in your facility and provided excellent care for his patients, which he did, could do something like this,” Kesling said. She described him as “a quiet man who wouldn’t seek the limelight” and said she was shocked when she heard he was the suspect in the shootings.

Was this a expression of faith as some had surmised about this deeply religious Muslim, or was this an act of a deeply disturbed individual?

What can astrology and his horoscope tell us about this man?

Nidal Malik Hasan was born on September 6, 1970, in Arlington, VA. The son of Palestinian immigrants he:

attended William Fleming High School in Roanoke, Virginia.[31] He joined the army immediately after high school and served 8 years as enlisted soldier while attending college. Hasan graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and went on to medical school at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.[32] After earning his medical degree (M.D.) in 2001, he completed his residency in psychiatry at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.[33] In 2009, he completed a fellowship in Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry at the Center for Traumatic Stress.[34


His aunt had reported to reporters that Hasan was distressed about what he perceived as harassment about his Muslim faith and that for a number of years he had been seeking to pay the Army back for his education and get a discharge. Other reports portray him as a man for whom the army was his life. Though he was slated for deployment no official date apparently had been set. Nonetheless, two weeks ago he gave notice to his landlord he was leaving and he said his goodbyes to friends, giving away belongings and making final arrangements to have his apartment cleaned. In retrospect, all this seems like acts of person who is planning his suicide.

Hasan’s facial features resemble so closely his many planets in the zodiac sign of Virgo it is hard to tell if his ascendant is Virgo as well. However the sunrise chart fits his stated personality well. With many planets in Virgo, he would naturally be drawn to a helping profession, and if he did indeed have a twelfth house sun, it would explain an interest in the psychological workings of the mind. His work would be careful and precise, and with his Sun in harmonious energetic connection with the planet of work and responsibility, he would be a hard worker as well. What stands out is his Sun and Mars in stress aspect (inconjunct) to the planet of wounds difficult to heal, Chiron which in the sunrise chart is tenanted in the eighth house, traditionally associated with death. It is reported the Hasan became more committed to his faith after his parents’ death. Can it be that his parents death opened a chronic wound that he was unable to reconcile in his mind?

With his strong Virgo sense of perfection and his Libra in the justice minded zodiac sign of Libra, he would have a strong sense of right and wrong. Couple that with a probable Moon in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, he would have fixed ideas of what should happen, ideas that could be at odds with the realities of his world.

Notice that this moon is opposite the planet of restrictions and duties, Saturn, which is in the zodiac sign of Taurus. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is a difficult one to master, one that pits three dimensional reality against the surreal impressions of the Universe that bombards the Scorpio Moon person. Though all his earth sign Virgo planets should have helped ground that Scorpio Moon, a challenge aspect from the Moon’s neighbor Neptune, the planet of delusions to Mars which is inconjunct Chiron, upset that apple cart.

Chillingly, two weeks ago, when he gave notice to his landlord he was quitting his apartment, the Saturn/Uranus opposition sat on his natal Pluto in Virgo at 29 degrees, the anarectic degree of decision. It seems that in his mind the only way he could break free of the chains of this life was to sever them altogether. It is entirely possible that he confused his devotion with God with a desire to release those chains and an extremist view of self-sacrifice to justify an action that he would intellectually know was wrong. It appears that the enemy among us was what many of us have faced, the difficulties in reconciling the realities of this world with our inner view of how the world should work.

Photo printed under a Creative Commons License from Wikipedia.

Update: As Funkstar pointed out in the comment below and Chris Brennan to another astrologer there is a posting of an army record on My Space Astrology discussions that lists Hasan’s birthdate as September 8 not 6 as reported by Wikipedia.

Aside from the Moon moving forward, not much else has changed in terms of aspects to each other. The Saturn/Neptune opposition seems to stand alone, but it is still in challenge aspect (square) to the personal planet Mars, so the observation about the Scorpio/Taurus axis stands. Chiron in the new sunrise chart is in the seventh, but so close to the eighth house cusp, that without a birth time, we can not be sure its not there anyway.


The progressed chart on the event date is tantalizing as well. Some astrologers like to read the progressed chart as a stand alone, though again without a birth time still leaves some information open to question, especially the position of the moon. With all this being said, in the progressed chart, the Taurus moon is the apex of a Yod between Pluto and Venus signaling difficulties in transforming his value system. It is an aspect of someone feeling the call of destiny. The trigger appears to be transiting Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, again highlighting the difficulty in handling the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

Your thoughts?


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