The Astrology of Parenting: The Challenge of Generation Y

Tethered Parent Child Conversation

Tethered Child-Parent Converstation

(Astrology Explored)
Today’s parents get a bad rap for being too overprotective. Called Helicopter Parents by authors Neil Howe and William Strauss, they are blamed for ruining their children by sticking their nose into every aspect of their children’s lives, fixing every upset, trivial or no.

This has been the most protected generation in history,” says Mark Thompson, director of counseling at Colgate University. He points to car seats, bicycle helmets, and even wood chips under park swings. Because Gen Y has been reared in a “risk adverse” way, they tend to be psychologically fragile, robbed of their own identities, and unable to feel a real sense of accomplishment for their efforts.

So it is the parent’s fault when junior can’t handle life. But what do you say when something like this happens? Continue reading