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Astro Data 4(Astrology Explored) If you are a hard core astrophile like me, nothing is more fun than leafing through a book of verified astrology charts. Lois M. Rodden put together a series of such books, called Astro-Data 1, 2, 3 and 4. I recently became to beneficiary of a 2nd copy of Astro-Date 4, which is chock full of writers, dancers, poets and royal born in the early and mid 20th century. While you can always get the information on Astrodienst’s Wiki, the books have just a little bit more information. For instance in Ray Bradbury’s info in the hard copy edition the notation that birth time was originally sourced as CDT time zone while CST was verified by the Waukegan Library. It also lists the declinations of of each chart.

From now until the end of July Astrology Explored offers a copy of brand spanking new copy of Astro Data 4, 270 pages of yummy astrodata that normally retails at $39.95 as the prize for our Reader Comment contest. Each comment on any post will earn you one ticket in a drawing held on August 1. I’ll pay for the shipping. So comment away!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Cardinal Grand Cross

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week of July 30 to August 6

The long awaited Grand Cross in Cardinal signs forms at the end of our forecast week. Jupiter/Uranus, Pluto and Saturn are the heavy hitters involved. Uranus and Saturn are still in tension aspect. Saturn is in challenge aspect to Pluto with Pluto in challenge aspect to Uranus. Think of this. Uranus opposite Saturn works to break down structures. Certainly we’ve all seen this as the economy has melted away. Pluto is about transformation. In Pluto’s process, things or thoughts about yourself are stripped away, making way for a new way of being.

This Grand Cross starts in an out of sign Moon in Gemini, representing two different ways to look at the situation. A Gemini Moon is about communication, often without processing the emotional content. That comes later. The Moon moves in the cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer where it moves until it hits the South Node of the Moon in the same zodiac sign. The south node represents what we have done before. Some people assign fate or karma to this mathematical point. It actually does sum up the past very well. Whatever happens will result from actions that have already happened. In the cardinal mode of expression, it will happen very quickly.

What is caught up in this Grand Cross is the relationship axis, Aries and Libra, and axis of material security, Cancer/Capricorn. If you find yourself having to make a decision between the career and family, this is only natural. On the national level, our leaders will have to decide what is in our best interests, our relationship with the world, or the people of the nation. Whatever is decided, what action is taken will transform the nature of this country for many years to come.

Aries—Hit the road Jack. Or at least that is how you feel. You’ve had it with useless people and situations. The question is—where will you go now?

Taurus—If you’ve been ignoring a health issue, now is the time to address it. Something needs to be healed and the good doctor can help you.

Gemini—Don’t waste your breath trying to smooth things over. People are only interested in their own point of view.

Cancer—While larger forces make havoc of your life, it is the relationships you have with younger people that provide a balm for your soul.

Leo—Take advantage of social situations to make improvements in your life. You are especially appealing to both genders and all ages right now.

Virgo—You have the ability right now to sway loved ones to make positive changes if you so choose. Appeal to their heart, not their head.

Libra—You are under pressure to change your level of commitment to certain people. Since Libra hates making these kinds of decisions, this week may be rather stressful for you.

Scorpio—You may be faced with a situation that requires that you change your attitude about certain people in your life. You can’t keep cutting people off because you don’t like something they do. You do plenty other people don’t like and they still like you anyway. Understand?

Sagittarius—Your high-handed views of ethics and morality seem pretty funny to people that know you, considering crazy stuff that you do. It is best not to stand on your soapbox right now.

Capricorn—You are either feeling sadness at recent separations or feeling the stress of trying to maintain certain relationships. Though Capricorn, once committed is in for the long haul it really is OK to expect that others hold up their end of the bargain.

Aquarius—You aren’t alone in your problems and shouldn’t think that you are. Discuss issues with people who can see the forest for the trees.

Pisces—You are feeling that people don’t understand you, but the reality is that you are not seeing issues clearly. Is this a surprise, Pisces? Try putting on your listening ears.

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Techniques in Astrology: Delineating a Chart

Horoscope Reading(Astrology Explored)–Many a beginning and mid-level astrology student agonizes over how to put all the pieces of chart together to read it.

Much of this can not be taught. Oh we can go through the delineations of various signs, house placements and aspects and tell you what each one means. But the next step, fluency, is process that happens within the budding astrologer’s mind. It can not be taught because each astrologer must rely on their own unique way of processing information to help them make sense of a chart.

Of course writing about delineating a chart would take a book. But here at least are a few things to consider when starting to work on your methods to gain fluency.

How I Started Reading Charts

For a long time I used Steven Forrest’s technique of analyzing the Sun, Moon and Ascendant first, but at that point I was still looking every possible combination and writing it all down. This turned out to be very useful in the learning process because I had delineations in front of me that I could juxtapose. If I saw the same information repeated in the pattern in the stars, then I counted it as a running theme and used it in the reading for the client. Along the way I learned a few things that taught me how to read a chart in a meaningful way to the client.

Analyzing a Chart

When I look at a chart now, I tend to look at aspect structures, how a set of planets interacts with each other. I also look at a horoscope from two perspectives, how the client views him or her self and how other people might view that person, from the outside, looking in.

First, I look at the personal planets to get a snapshot of the how the person thinks of him or her self. For this process I do not consider the aspects, because those are how they interact with other people. One thing I’ve learned about clients is that not many people have insight on the impact of their daily interactions. Most of the time how they think of themselves is wrapped up in the delineations of Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars.

Next I will look at how Uranus, Neptune and Pluto interact with the personal planets. These heavy hitters will often point out significant growth issues that are constantly being worked by the client either consciously or unconsciously. Here the aspects become very important as the energies of these planets significantly alter how an individual handles the energy of the personal planet.

For those not familiar, or for those that need review these planets represents these issues.

Uranus—the need to find a separate identity apart from the home, clique of friends, community, nation ad infinitum. The goal is find your special gift and incorporate it into what you share with the world.

Neptune—Our very heady connection to the divine forces of the Universe. The Universe is a broad place with heaven and hell coexisting very nicely. Whether you take Neptunian forces and create your own version of either is strictly up to you. The trick is that one wears the guise of the other. Learning to recognize the difference is the goal.

Pluto—the god of the underworld strips you of everything, from emotional attachments to personal possessions. You can’t take it with you, Pluto, tells you, so what exactly are you going to take back when you return to spirit? Our earthly selves resists this message, resulting in us holding people and things in iron grips setting us up for painful experiences where we are forced to examine exactly this.

Aspects to the “Heavy Hitters”

Trines to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto should be treated cautiously. Due the easy way energy flows from these planets to the personal planet in question they can, but not always, overwhelm the personal planet involved having the individual act more in a Neptune, Uranus or Pluto way. Think of it as too much of a good thing.

Sextiles show that the individual can act in a Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, but not always. Afflictions to this aspect structure indicate that people will act in a Uranian, Neptunian or Plutonian manner when they are facing stress.

Conjunctions can easily overwhelm the personal planet. For instance, take a normally sweet Virgo and combine him or her with a Pluto conjunction and you have a very controlling Virgo. Make sure those socks are not only paired in the sock drawer, make sure they are arranged from dark to light. On the other hand, someone with a personal planet in conjunction with Uranus won’t even have a sock drawer, just basket with all the socks thrown in together. Neptunian conjunctions won’t know where the socks or the sock basket is.

With Squares, the personal planet resists the energy of the heavy hitter, so is constantly having to deal with those sorts of issues. Generally, though not always, the client perceives this as events happening to him or her.

Inconjuncts has the client swinging from the personal planet to the heavy hitter unable to resolve the energy.

Oppositions play out as the client going from one extreme to another until they find a way to balance the energies.

Jupiter and Saturn

I’m not giving short shrift to these two planets. Not strictly personal planets, they do represent your place in the world. This is important information, no doubt. Keep in mind that the essential delineation is how the person views himself, while the aspects show how other people perceive him or her.

Jupiter represents your sense of social justice, how communities should be organized for people to interact. Your place or what place you think you deserve, in the social order, is represented by big Fatso.

Saturn represents the limitations that you feel the world places on you. Where the client is in their Saturn cycle, pre-Saturn 1st Saturn return, between 1st and 2nd return or after the 2nd has a bearing on how the person perceives these limitations.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Walk on Eggshells

Zodiac and Stars

Zodiac and Stars

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week July 16 to July 22

I don’t know about you but Pluto worries me.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and as I wrote previously, it was sitting smack dab on the Lunar eclipse not so far back. Since then we had a solar eclipse, this past Sunday in fact, but that eclipse sitting nicely in the ninth house of higher knowledge, so maybe we’ll smarten up a little bit and use those higher energies to an enlightened purpose. In the meanwhile our forecast week starts with a very strong T-Square involving Mars, the Moon, and Saturn, in tension aspect to Jupiter and Uranus and all of that is in challenge aspect to Pluto.

Pluto square Mars opposite Uranus is the Harley Biker, the Gangsta, the original Bad Boy. To heck with the idea that Pluto is in the nice sedate zodiac sign of Capricorn. If you knew what I knew about Capricorn energy you’d feel uneasy too. Capricorn afflicted with poor aspects can be very twisted, with a me and only me attitude that is quite cold and calculated. Oh, they’ll be quite charming until they get what they want, then they’ll ignore you like they never knew you.

A T-Square always talks about relationships and difficulties within. With the Moon involved we are talking about our feelings, and what we are feeling is that we are not getting what we want! People with relationships that are on bad footing already might want to walk on eggshells just for this week, if you want to keep what you have. If not, it’s Adios Amigo!

Aries—Other people have plenty to say about what are doing. The typical Aries reaction to all of this is to not listen and do your own thing. Well, this is what got into your present situation in the first place, Aries. It is best if you resist temptation to make tracks when you should be making changes.

Taurus—The planet of beauty and love and Pluto make beautiful music in the heavens regarding love and finance. For you to reap these benefits, though, you must resist the temptation to speak out of turn or simply speak your mind. You are not apt to be well received it you don’t put a sock in it.

Gemini—Feeling restless you head off to some social event where you are witty, bright and charming. At least you think so. So don’t bother with those old bittys in the corner that aren’t copasetic with the length of your dress or the height of your heels. Some people just can’t resist the urge to criticize and you should resist the urge to listen.

Cancer—You want to do something, but what? You have the urge or opportunity to do something that requires a great amount of detail work which is something you normally don’t enjoy. However, this is one of those times when you must step up to the plate, so put your doubts asides and move forward with something that surely will bring other opportunities your way.

Leo—You can talk your way out of anything Leo, but this time you might find your tongue, as silver as it is, isn’t going to help. Midweek, you find people are working to undermine your efforts. Other people didn’t follow through on your instructions and failed to tell you. Keep a plan B in your pocket and your bosses apprised of the ramifications.

Virgo—You shine with a special glow this week as the planet of love, Venus, shines her light on you. It is a good time for haircuts and beauty treatments and to review your finances. I know unexpected expenses keep cropping up, but you can splurge a little bit.

Libra—You might as well get all that little stuff done you’ve been putting off this weekend, as by the end of week you’ll be give a whole lot of responsibility and quite suddenly too. You aren’t quite sure what is happening or why, but that will become clearer next week.

Scorpio—You find someone who is earthly sensual to kick off your fantasies. The problem is the boy or girl friend in the corner who isn’t so happy you are giving their sweetie the eye. Check out any situation before you make a move.

Sagittarius—The archer is a broad brush stroke kinda gal or guy, so when asked to pony up the details you just might fall off the horse. Dig a little deeper into your financial details and don’t trust to fate to keep you from bouncing your check to the electric company. Its no good operating in the dark.

Capricorn—Caught in a web of your own making, you just might find your carefully laid plans are co-opted by someone else. If you try to take the credit now, you’ll just be setting yourself up for a nasty shot to the jaw, figuratively if not literally speaking. Maybe next time you won’t try to go through the back door when the front door will do.

Aquarius—Get ready to face your worst fears. All eyes point to you as decisions are made of far reaching consequences. Call Fate or Destiny, but much of this is out of your hands, and the best you do is to take the reins and ride the steed that is given to you.

Pisces—You feel like you are swimming against the tide. You are. So much is going on around you, but you are being put into the information stream. Watch, look and listen, because soon things are going to happen to put the spotlight on you. Learn all you can to prepare.

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George Steinbrenner: The Need For Intensity

George Steinbrenner

(Astrology Explored)–Even Red Sox fans have to mourn the passing of the iconic owner of the New York Yankees. “The Boss” was known more for his frequent hiring and firing of players, managers and off field personnel than for his business savvy. His outspokenness and role in driving up player salaries made him one of the sport’s most controversial figures.Yet Steinbrenner is credited with taking a ball club purchased for $10 million dollars and creating a business empire that became the first professional sport franchise to be worth over one billion dollars. While always America’s passion, baseball in the hands of Steinbrenner became a thing of high stakes and high drama as managers and players staked their professional lives on being able to survive in Steinbrenner’s world.

And what a world it was. Wikipedia says:

“In his first 23 seasons, he changed managers 20 times (Billy Martin alone was fired and rehired five times). He also employed 11 general managers over 30 years. He was equally famous for pursuing high-priced free agents and then feuding with them. . . He had a tendency to meddle in daily on-field decisions. . .

In addition to being an intense boss to his on-field employees, Steinbrenner was also known for pressuring and changing off-field employees (including various publicity directors), sometimes chewing them out in public. Longtime Cardinals announcer Jack Buck once quipped that he had seen Steinbrenner’s yacht and that, “It was a beautiful thing to observe, with all 36 oars working in unison.” Former sportscaster Hank Greenwald, who called Yankee games on WABC radio for two years, once said he knew when Steinbrenner was in town by how tense the office staff was.”

But Steinbrenner’s high priced and high-handed methods had but one goal, to make the New York Yankees an unbeatable force. And many times he succeeded, with the Yankees during his 37 year reign earning 7 World Series and 11 pennants. The Yankees have the record of having the most wins of any team in the American League.

Steinbrenner’s flinty personality is revealed in his birth chart. Born on the Fourth of July, 1930 with a recorded birth time of 9:00 AM in Rocky River, Ohio, immediately apparent is the influence of the planets Mars and Pluto.

Steinbrenner’s argumentative nature is revealed by his horoscope with is Mars in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus as a zodiac sign is immovably stubborn. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or not, Taurus in Mars while stand up for his or her point of view to the bitter end. This Mars will dig in its heals and wait you out, if need be, or take you on in hand to hand combat, but you can be assured that if you confront it directly you will end up the loser. Worse yet for Steinbrenner, this Mars is in challenge aspect to his Venus in Leo. Leo is a prideful zodiac sign, so any challenge to his authority would be taken as a personal insult whether on not it was intended to be so.

More importantly Pluto conjoins is his Sun in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Additionally, the seat of his emotions, the Moon, is in the Pluto ruled zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Natives with a significant Pluto signature have a drive to control their environment. The reason for this is complex. These individuals perceive that there is more to this Universe than what our senses tell us. If you’ve ever had the experience of seeing something move out of the corner of your eye and looked and found nothing there you know for an instance what these individuals feel all the time. This shifting sense that reality is not as real as it seems lends a sense of insecurity that drives the intense need to control their immediate environment.

One point of Plutonic influence on a personal planet is enough to kick off the need to control, but two points is an almost unbearable burden. Add to that the planet of duty and responsibility, Saturn, in direct opposition to his core identity, his Sun, and you have an individual is always trying to validate his self worth through accomplishment.

Love him or hate him, George Steinbrenner, with his need for intensity and control, made his mark on a baseball for many years to come.

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Hunting a Birth Chart of the United States

United States Flag

(Astrology Explored)–When trying to determine the birth chart of the United States you run into a fascinating array of factors. Was the Declaration of Independence ratified at 2:20 PM as noted by Hamilton? Or was it done in late afternoon as Jefferson recalls? History is murky on the details, but perhaps the details were murky to begin with. Even if we traveled back in time and witnessed the event we might find out that something altogether different happened and we still wouldn’t end up with a definitive time. Why?

The Second Continental Congress convened shortly after the beginning of the Revolutionary War with 56 delegates, most of who attended the First Continental Congress. However, the membership changed during the Congress itself, with some members departing during the proceedings and new members arriving. This was not a static boardroom meeting where the principals come, stay and conclude business. The Congress lasted from May 10, 1775 to March 1, 1781. Some of the delegates lacked the authority represent their colony’s interests, but the Congress acted as a de-facto government non-the-less, appointing ambassadors, raising and funding armies and signing treaties with other governments.

It is easy to imagine then that on the day the Declaration of Independence was ratified, that it was business as usual, with members coming in and out of session, with people signing at different times. In fact, one colony, Georgia, didn’t sign at all, since it did not send a representative to the proceedings.

It has been postulated that the Declaration was not signed at all on that day, waiting for the final draft to come back from the printers. However, one would imagine that they had something to look at and argue over. Perhaps this original was the instrument of our country’s foundations. This is speculative however, since again we do not have confirmation of anyone signing anything on that day. All that can be said is that the document was ratified by the Congress, and perhaps this is enough.

Again, we are left many questions about the chart of the United States, with astrologers better than me attempting to answer the question. The Sibly Chart, with Sagittarius on the ascendant is one that is used often by astrologers, but the so called Scorpionic chart, so in tune with our country’s Scorpionic symbols such as the bald eagle, is used often as well.

However the Sibly chart is not perfect either as I found out when I used it to predict a downturn in the markets. The event happened a full month earlier than I predicted. So it appears that in the quest of defining the chart of the United States, we still have some work to do.

Horoscope Chart of the United States

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