The #Astrology of #Infectious Disease

(Astrology Explored) I spend way too much time on Quora. From time to time a card-carrying skeptic wanders over to one of my responses and throws the “astrology is rubbish” spear, and of course I reply. After one such heated debate the skeptic got down and dirty. “Taking a current example, can you name ANY astrologer (or “psychic” for that matter) who predicted the corona outbreak and could say how serious it would be? NO, YOU CANNOT, because NO ONE EVER DID!”

Well, I guess he showed me.

Prediction is not an easy job, especially in astrology, because it requires hours of research, and most of us astrologers, not all, but most, don’t earn our main incomes from astrology. It requires digging up data, studying charts and putting together the date sets that proves or disproves our theses.

THESIS: There is an astrological pattern that repeats with enough regularity that reliably predicts infectious disease within a nation.

We do not have a horoscope of the world. Mother Earth, being a wise woman, is not telling us her age, though we make guesses, so as a result, we do not have her birthdate. But what we do have are the birth dates of nations, and these dates you can use to study the transits of events.

I use the Sibly Chart of the United States. It’s worked for me reasonably well in the past, so it’s my go-to despite the plethora of other charts advanced by other astrologers.

METHOD: I inspected the charts of three different major epidemics in the United States, The Spanish Flu Pandemic, The Swine Flu Pandemic and the Covid-19 Pandemic. I used the date of the official first report, if I could find it, or the first day of the month listed, and used sunrise as the time. While we can’t use the moon position, the other planetary positions placed within the houses of the US Chart are accurate enough for analysis.

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What’s the birth time?

It started with an innocent text (by someone I won’t identify,) but it went, “so and so wants to know what a rising sign means.”

How can an astrologer resist?

I replied:

The rising sign is the zodiac sign that was on the horizon at the time of your birth. The rising sign is the first impression that people have of you and is supposed to be qualities you need to incorporate into your personality. 

The rising sign is one of the first indicators of the appearance of your body and depending on aspects with the other planets how you feel about your body image. 

The rising sign can also indicate certain physical ailments. For instance, someone with Saturn on the ASC often have severe back and or bone problems.

Also, the planet that rules the zodiac sign of your ASC can be your chart ruler.

So, of course the next question is, “What is her rising sign?”

Now it gets interesting, and since my astrology program is perpetually open, I ran the chart with the information my correspondent gave me. And this is the chart I got.

Now wait. See that Sagittarius ascendant? That wasn’t right. Sagittarian ascendants are usually tall, act socially extroverted, and mostly, (but not always) are fair-haired. The individual is short, has dark hair, and has a very reserved demeanor in public.

So nope. This birth time is flat out wrong. Which I announced. They gave me another time, forty minutes later. In the PM.

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