The #Astrology of the #MuellerReport

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Robert Mueller

As of today only a handfull of people know what Robert Mueller found in his investigation of the Russia’s involvement with Donald Trump’s campaign for president. As people wait for William Barr to release a redacted version of the report can astrology give a heads up as to what Robert Mueller found?

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The #Astrology of the #NotreDame Fire

Fire of Notre Dame 4/15/2019
By Julie Anne Workman – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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Paris and the world suffered an inexplicable loss with the destruction of much of the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral. Starting at around 6:50 PM, Paris time, initial reports stated that the fire started on the roof. Four hundred firefighters battled the blaze for nine hours before they extinguished it.

The great Medieval churches weren’t just the sign of the Roman Catholic Church’s wealth, power and might. They had a divine mission.

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#AmericanGods: Hallajeuh! And who screws ‘ya?

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Something shifted here in America. It’s been long and slow. I suppose I should have gotten the hint the day 25 years ago when here in my hometown a teenage boy was shot in the back of the head for resisting arrest while face down. Three officers at the scene could not contain one seventeen-year-old and he ended up dead. As the mother of three now adult men who were boys and teens at the time and a woman who supervised literally hundreds of youth newspaper carriers from all parts of this town “nice” and “rough,” the incident was thoroughly unconscionable. Yet, the police involved were cleared by an internal investigation and the mother’s lawsuit seems to have been dropped. Two years after the incident the Middletown Police Chief complained that the lawsuit wasn’t “fair to the officers or the department.”

The kid had a gun. And it was wedged under his body as the police subdued and in the middle of handcuffing him when a police officer shot him.

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