The Astrology of Accidents: Death at the Gate of the Listening Post

Entrance to Fort George Meade

One entrance to Fort George Meade

(Astrology Explored) In a bizarre incident, two men reported to be dressed as women, attempted to breach the gate of Forte George Meade in Maryland, which houses the campus of the National Security Agency at approximately 9:00 AM, March 30, 2015. The vehicle the two men were driving was reported stolen from a nearby motel.

The driver of the vehicle, instead of following exit instructions drove into a NSA police vehicle that was positioned close to a road that ran to the NSA building proper. For reasons unknown, shots were fired at the black SUV before it crashed into the NSA vehicle.

According to news reports three people were sent to the hospital. One man died. Continue reading

The #Astrology of Chiron: The Guerilla Guide to Life Repair

Chiron astrology(Astrology Explored) Bam! You go for a house, or a car, or any kind of credit and find a bill sent to collection sinks your chances for the loan or a decent interest rate. What do you do, lie there and take it? . A useful little book shows the way out of your financial woes: The Guerilla Guide to Credit Repair. As the title suggests, if you follow the suggestions in this book, your pedantic financial institution won’t know what hit it.

There are times in life, where an event seems to come out of nowhere, as in our like a guerilla attack and hits you where you live. This is Chiron, called by Barbara Hand Clow as the rainbow bridge between the inner and outer planets. Because Chiron can hit us in unexpected ways, we may feel we are under attack by guerilla forces. But it is also our own guerilla guide to life repair.

Chiron–The Wounded Healer

We call Chiron the wounded healer. Chiron was a centaur, half human, half horse. Although he was an immortal being, he suffered a festering wound in his hoof that would not heal. This wound demonstrates an important connection between Chiron and his spirituality. As Pisces rules the feet, and is the zodiac sign of spirituality, the wound symbolizes Chiron unable to close the gap between his higher self and his earthly body. Continue reading

The #Astrology of the Solar Eclipse/Vernal Equinox: Firebomb!

Image March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse

March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse

(Astrology Explored) Sit up and take notice, people!

Oh, no. That’s not me saying that. It’s the Universe.

On the first day of spring 2015 we get the trifecta of lunar events, the new moon, eclipse and Supermoon. Toss in a Vernal Equinox and you get a potent and heady recipe for not just the next few days, but for the next six months.

The start of the eclipse and the actual ingress of the sun in the zodiac sign Aries is separated by 15 hours. At the start of the new moon eclipse the sun is at 29 degrees of Pisces. 29 of any degree is said to be the degree of decision. It is the holding of a breath before you draw in your next. The new moon is the start of a new cycle.

Solar Eclipse March 20 15

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The eclipse chart clearly, with a congregation of planets in the eleventh house of the collective, shows the influence of large corporations. In Aries, they want do something. Uranus and Mars together is violence, explosions and general mayhem.

2015 horoscope Vernal Equinox

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At the Vernal Equinox, when the Sun official enters Aries and the now the stellium sits in the seventh house, the house of open enemies.

Countries that are ruled by Aries include Palestine, England, Germany, Poland, Syria, Israel, Lithuania, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

Palestine isn’t our friend, and Israel seems more like a frenemy now instead of an ally. Zimbabwe is in that zone as well, and some threat or danger could come out of there.

A look at the astro*carto*graphy chart of the combination of the Eclipse and Vernal Equinox charts seem to confirm additional troubles at this end of the world. Uranus and Mars, players in the stellium of planets brackets a good portion of the Middle East. Additionally, Pluto, the planet of transformation sits along with the line for Uranus. Continue reading

The #Astrology of Eris: Eris in the Houses

Eris Glyph(Astrology Explored) Eris, the black winged goddess of Strife is a portion of the Sumerian goddess Innana, :

Inanna could be wily and cunning. She was a powerful warrior, who drove a war chariot, drawn by lions

Innanna ruled as a goddess during the dawn of human civlization and not only represented strength in battle, but also:

She endowed the people of Sumer with gifts that inspired and insured their growth as a people and a culture


When the patriarchal tribes of Northern Greece over ran the Southern matriarchal tribes all the goddesses, including Eris, suffered a reduction in power and influence as the new patriarchal religious forms supplanted matriarchal forms. Those goddess images that survived with good press, Venus, for instance, morphed from stronger images of War Goddesses, to more docile forms. Eris, as “queen of battle” didn’t translate well into the new dichotomy and therefore became an “outsider” in the patriarchal Greek pantheon.

Eris defines the part of ourselves whose essential nature is as odds with our current cultural norms. This part of us stands against “what everyone does”. With Eris now recognized in our solar system and now part of our developmental path as a species, this is the time for us to recognize that true inner voice that does not bend to the will of the many. We may kick up some discord, but it is for our own good.

Eris in the Houses Continue reading

The Astrology of Eris: There We Go With Them Apples Again

Eris(Astrology Explored) One of the recently discovered dwarf planets is Eris. As the goddess of Discord, her story is complex. In Greek mythology, she is the pathogenically produced daughter of the goddess Night. Night birthed in primordial unisex Chaos leaving Eris with no male heritage.

Eris, like her mother, could produce children without the aid of a consort. She was whole unto herself, not needing the male principle to complete her.

Except for Ares, the god of war, the Olympians ignored her. Called the Queen of Battle, and supposedly delighting in the bloodletting of war, she and Ares hung out on the battlefield. Was she excluded because of her unwomanly pursuits? Or was it that as goddess whose provenance was more ancient than that of the King of the Gods, (being the great, great, great grand aunt to Zeus); she had little appreciation of the pretensions of Zeus’s extended family?

Her battle buddy, Ares, was invited to Peleus and Thetis’ wedding, but she was not. Not to be ignored, Eris crashed the party. In the middle of the celebrating deities, she rolled an invaluable gold apple with the inscription “To the fairest.” Hera, the wife of Zeus and the goddess of marriage, Venus (Aphrodite), the goddess of sexual love and Athena, the goddess of wisdom, vie with one another for the prize. This competition set in motion the events that prefaced the Trojan War. This act of Eris’ earned her the reputation as the Goddess of Discord. Continue reading

ASC Lecture: Janet Booth on Eris

Janet BoothMARCH
Lecture: Thursday, March 19, 2015 7:00 PM
Janet Booth

Exploring Eris

Eris, the newest addition to the solar system, is a dwarf planet far out past Pluto named for the sister of Mars. We will look at its mythological roots, chart examples from the famous and infamous, and its implications in mundane astrology and modern history. For instance, it seems to play a part in women’s issues. This lecture focuses on ideas and speculation about interpretation rather than definitive research. Attendees can bring their charts and offer input.

Beth Turnage will give the pre-lecture starting on 6:15 PM on Trans-Neptunian planets and why they are important to us now.

Workshop: Sat., March 21, 2015, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Janet Booth

Follow the Ruler
With so much to look at in charts and forecasting, it is easy to drown in details. Going back to the basics can be very revealing! Using charts of well-known people and data provided by participants (their own or those of people they want to examine), we will follow the rulers of the Sun and Rising signs to see high and low points indicated by progressions, returns and transits.

Janet Booth ( has been immersed in the world of astrology for more that 35 years. She has a Level II certification from the National Council for Geocosmic Research and serves a national clientele of individuals, couples and businesses. Author of Janet’s Plan-its astrology calendars and host of a cable TV show, LOOKING UP, on West Hartford Community Television (, she is a long-time member and a past president of the ASC.

Astrology and Science: Is Astrology Scientifically Valid?

Newtown's Apple

Newton’s Apple

(Astrology Explored) I’ll answer questions on Quora; Not every astrology question, but ones that catch my eye. And this morning this one showed up in my email:

Is astrology backed by any scientific facts or are horoscopes basically “random” generic phrases?

Oh geez. But I had to answer it anyway. And here is my answer:

The answer to your question about whether or not astrology is backed by scientific fact is more complex than it appears on the surface. I’d like to discuss here general assumptions about what make up scientific fact and how astrology fits into the scheme of that. But first I’ll answer the question “Are horoscopes random generic phrases?”

I’m assuming that what you mean by horoscopes are the type of horoscopes seen in the newspapers. Your question seems to touch on the validity of this type of astrology, called sun sign astrology. Sun sign astrology is based on the position of the sun at the time your birth. Since that kind of astrology is only based on one astrological point of discussion, yes, it is a very general type of astrology. It is not generic, because what happens to a Gemini, (or how that Gemini perceives what happens) is not the same as how a sun sign Scorpio will perceive what happens. But it is by no means specific to an individual because all the planets in the solar system have something to say about the life of an individual. However, skeptics use the generalness of sun sign astrology as “proof” of the invalidity of all astrology. It is like saying there is only one shade of blue when there are many, many more.  Continue reading

The Astrology of Politics: Boris Nemtsov—A Simple Murder?—Part 1

Boris Nemtsov pic (Astrology Explored) Boris Yelfimovich Nemtsov was a Russian scientist, statesman and liberal politician. He had a successful political career in the 1990s under President Boris Yeltsin, and since 2000 had been an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin.

He was shot and killed in February 2015 on a bridge near the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow.

Nemtsov was one of the most important figures in the introduction of capitalism into the Russian economy. At the time of the murder, Nemtsov was in Moscow helping to organize a rally against Russian involvement in the war in Ukraine and the financial crisis. Nemtsov’s conflict with Vladimir Putin’s government centered over widespread embezzlement and profiteering ahead of the Sochi Olympics, as well as over policy in Ukraine. Continue reading