Astrological Society of Connecticut–New 2013-2014 Lecture Season

(Astrology Explored)

Astrological Society of Connecticut
2013-14 Season
Opens Thursday,
Sept. 19 7:00 PM
at the Keeney Center

Our new season opens with Kelley Hunter enlightening us about Understanding Teenagers Through Astrology. Whether you’re a parent, aunt, teacher or neighbor, at some point everyone has to deal with a teenager. By knowing the astrological cycles that occur in the teen years, you can better anticipate a teen’s needs and behavior. Kelley has a strong background in teaching and the fundamentals of astrology. This should be a good lecture for newcomers to the study of the stars. So members, invite your friends and neighbors to attend with you!

To hear about the terms that will be used in the lecture, come at 6:00 PM for the Pre-Lecture, which will be taught this month by Beth Turnage. Lectures and pre-lectures are free for members. Non-members pay $10 for a lecture and an additional $5 to attend the pre-lecture.

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The Astrology of Neptune and Jupiter: Social Perceptions and Personal Addictions

View of Neptune via Triton (Astrology Explored) Bonnie (not her real name) comes to me with a problem. She and her boyfriend ended their relationship six months prior, but she finds her grief at the ending of the relationship has not subsided. Her friends, in fact, have grown tired of listening to her go on about the situation and suggested many times that she move on. The question she wants answered is, “Will we ever get back together?” This is her secret hope and her fervent prayer. After looking to see if such a thing is possible, and seeing that it is less likely than she thought, the challenge becomes helping Bonnie accept a new future. The reason that this is so very difficult is because of how the brain works.

In the middle part of the last century psychologists and psychiatrists held the view that a mentally healthy person had a reasonably good grasp on reality. A mentally healthy person’s perceptions about the world around him or her would align with how things “were.” Then in the 1980’s new research on social perception found out that this wasn’t the case at all. They found that our perceptions are based on “incomplete data gathering, shortcuts, errors and biases.” These errors in perception are called illusions(Taylor and Brown, 1988). These illusions promote three different perceptions that are out of synch with objective reality. The first is that we, all of us, have unrealistically positive views of ourselves. In other words we think we are better people than we are.The second is that we have exaggerated perceptions of personal control, that we direct and control the world around us to a greater degree than is actually true.The third perception we carry is an unrealistic optimism, especially for the future. We believe the future will bring better things and opportunities will get better, despite objective reality. However, far from the negative connotation of the word in general usage, illusions serve a useful and highly adaptive function.They help us navigate reality by shielding us from reality’s most damaging effects.This led to one researcher Robert Rosenthal to declare that “perception is reality.” Interestingly enough, researchers found that the people whose internal reality matches objective reality suffer from depression. In other words, most of us, except the depressed (ruled by Saturn) have fallen off the reality train a long time ago.

The keywords in what is described above are illusion and optimism which are tied into a single psychological process. For an astrologer, illusion and optimism are two different processes, the first being tied to Neptune, the second to Jupiter. But even in our own tradition, Jupiter and Neptune are bound together in a cyclic process described by Dane Rudhyar.In a 166 cycle of conjunctions, with Jupiter moving forward to the next zodiac sign signifying social evolution. Rudhyar says:

Jupiter deals particularly with social-cultural-religious feelings and the expansion that comes to the individual who operates warmly in terms of these feelings, reciprocated (usually) by others, either emotionally (happiness) or in terms of concrete values (wealth)

While Neptune:

is, thus, related to everything that is vast, immeasurable, indefinite, universalistic, but also loose, unfocused, misty, glamorous, unreal, escapist.

Under the dictum, “as above, so below” inherent in us, reflected in the presence of Jupiter and Neptune in the macrocosm, we all have the ability to make our own reality. We frequently do.

The evidence then suggests that we process our perceptions as we see fit and normally this works well. However, when it come to processing a situation where loss is profound and does not resolve itself under the normal grieving process, the situation gets very interesting. The lover (what psychologists call the secure attachment) is gone, but the feelings remains with nothing to anchor to in objective reality. What is left is the shadow side of Jupiter and Neptune. The shadow side of Jupiter is overindulgence; of Neptune delusion. The combination of overindulgence and delusion becomes no less than an addiction.

So it is we see people like Bonnie, asking us if we see any hope for their relationship as desperate as anyone on crack.

Of course, our job as astrologers is not to provide therapy but clarity. In gently defining the problem for the client and sending them to someone who can help them, we do the best thing we can. Hopefully they can release their addiction and come back into the light of the normal process of dismissing reality.

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Horoscope for the Week of September 9 to September 15

(Astrology Explored)

Aries—Open mouth and insert foot, Ram. With the planet of communication opposite your sign a lot is coming out of your mouth without much thought. It’s not as adorable as you might think. Nor should you run to authorities looking for favors They aren’t buying your story. Same thing for the traffic cop. Oh, geez. Just hide at the house for the next week.

Taurus—Venus opposite your sun brings you new social opportunities, though you might not see them as such. It’s a case of too much too soon, as new friends take valuable time away from the things you need to do. Children may need some extra attention. Avoid extravagance and exaggeration. People really do love you for who you are.

Gemini—While many of your friends swirl about in their melodramas, the Twins mixes, mingles and has a good time. You have notion to take a road trip, which is a very good idea. But don’t check your good sense at the door. Watch what you drink, eat healthy foods and get yourself plenty of sleep. Under these energetic stars you might find yourself on your last nerve.

Cancer—The planet of love and money moving into harmonious Scorpio brings you rare opportunities for romance and cash earning opportunities. If you haven’t had much luck lately, because I don’t know, you’ve hidden inside your house, its time to fly and find out what life has to offer. This is a limited time offer, so get off your tuffet and get out there!

Leo—Master or Mistress of the Universe that you are, Lion, even you need to obey the traffic signs. This includes the signs to follow the speed limit, stop, and slow down! If you think I’m being literal, I’m not. With the planet of lover, Venus, making a challenge to your sun, this applies to your love life too.

Virgo—Big worries over a minor health issue sends you careening into the nearest vitamin store. But a cleanse, or a diet or even those smoothies you love so much isn’t going to cure what ails you. The planet of transformation is pushing you gently, at least for him, towards shedding attachments, and earthy you wants your attachments. Meditate on who you really are.

Libra—With the planet of Love and Money leaving your sign, it is time to do a good Fall cleaning of your finances. This means no more free spending ways, Libra, not for some time. Balance your checkbook, put away your credit cards, and pay your bills. Open the phone lines for your friends. Talking with them will keep your mind off your financial diet.

Scorpio—With the planet of action challenging your sun, you feel the need for speed. Problem is the other planets lining up so favorably only encourages you to ignore caution. Add to that your natural propensity to seek out risks, and well, things can go boom. We aren’t just talking household tasks, and roadway antics. With the planet of love moving into your sign that too is a danger.

Sagittarius—The Archer likes to look to look at life philosophically. As such you look at thing as how they could be instead of how they are. The problem is that with the planet of delusions challenging your sun, you are not looking at things clearly. You tell yourself all sorts of things that aren’t true and allow yourself behaviors that aren’t good for anyone. Meditate.

Capricorn—Responsiblities on the home front are frustrating your plans for fun and frolic. You have an intense desire to get away, to be released from the shackles of your present conditions. If there is anything that it is true, Capricorn, it’s that the world is a better place for your sense of duty. Use those surefooted feet of yours to find the right balance between work and play.

Aquarius—Fun and friendly Waterbearers don’t like to be drawn into angst filled affairs. With Venus in Scorpio, however, that mysterious stranger comes knocking at the door. Flirt that you are, you won’t realize until too late that you’ve been drawn into something hotter than you expected. Can you keep it chill? Nope, Mars in your opposite sign only heats it up.

Pisces—Headtripping Chiron, which is making a long slow transit of your sign, connects with the planet of love, bring you a situation that you can only describe as “It’s complicated.” Chiron connecting with Pluto promises a funhouse fun ride, which may or may not be your cup of tea. What is true is that you’ll be turned around giving you a much broader perspective of the world.

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The Astrology of Venus in Scorpio

(Astrology Explored) Venus swings again into the heady sign of Scorpio on September 11. Yes, 9/11. There are no accidents. Venus in this placement sheds the party girl persona of Venus in Libra and gets dark, serious and seriously intense. A relationship starting during this time will test your limits of endurance, plunge the depths of how much you love and take you on a thrill ride that will either scare you or scar you. Oh, yes. It is that dramatic.

The only way to get through this time with your hide intact is to be brutally honest with yourself when you stare into the abyss. If you lie, well . . . you’ve been warned.

To give you more of a background of what Venus in Scorpio means I’m linking you back to my original series of posts on this theme. Featured is the original Mistress of the Dark herself, Persephone, and how her quest illuminates our own in searching the dark and the light.

First, however, a post about her handmaiden, advisor and wing man, Hecate.

Hecate —The “Dark” Goddess & The Space Between

The Astrology of Venus in Scorpio: Persephone and Pieces of Rose, Part 1

The Astrology of Venus in Scorpio: Persephone and Pieces of Rose, Part 2

The Astrology of Venus in Scorpio: Persephone and Pieces of Rose, Part 3

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