The Astrology of Accidents: Mars Says “Let’s Do It Again!”

Anatomy of a knee (Astrology Explored) Regular readers are familiar with my thread “Tales of Mercury Retrograde” in which I recount the various and often funny tales of what happens when the planet closest to the sun temporarily loses its lead position to the earth.

Computer and car mishaps are common fodder for Mecury Rx high jinx, less often are accidents, unless of course it hooks up with other planets.

Eileen Nauman, medical astrologer wrote on her FB book a few weeks ago as Mercury was about to go direct:

THE DOWNSIDE of Mercury direct on 4.4 at 23 Pisces, Pluto retrograde at 9 Capricorn and Mars direct at 3 Virgo. I’ve already posted the “up” side of this combo of planets. Now, for the dark side. Hope it don’t come true, but astrology is a forecasting tool, so here goes. Accidents of all kinds and types are in the air from 4.2 through 4.16. With Mars in the mix, it is tendons, ligaments and muscle injuries. And these won’t be acute accidents. If you injure yourself in any way during this period, it can mean a long rehab and could turn chronic on you. Car/airplane accidents, tripping, falling, etc., are in the air for all signs.

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Astrology and the Earth Grand Trine: Nuclear Powered You

nuclear core(Astrology Explored) My sister asked me what her chart says about what she should be doing. My response was immediate. “What can’t you do? You’ve got Pluto and Mars supporting your Sun. You can do anything you want!”

Tied together by the harmonious energetic connection of a trine, the Sun, Mars and Pluto provide a powerful engine for progress for the next seven days especially for earth and water signs. Or you can space out and let life wash over you like a lovely dream. Your choice.

For those that don’t know, three planets tied together by trines is called a Grand Trine. Grand Trines happens in the same element, fire, air, earth or water. This time we have an earthy Grand Trine, so we tend to focus, especially if you have planets in the earth element, on those aspects of life that provide stability and comfort to our earth bodies. Continue reading

Astrology and the News: Stupid Criminal (& Clone) Stories

confused clone(Astrology Explored)–From the Middletown Press Police Blotter

ILLEGAL OPERATION UNDER SUSPENSION, IMPROPER USE MARKER PLATE, OPERATION UNREGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE, FAILURE TO WEAR SAFETY BELT — On April 19 at 6:58 p.m., Sansal Gokcek, 23, of Century Avenue, Bridgeport, was seen by an officer speeding while driving a Honda Accord on Randolph Road without wearing a seatbelt. His plate wasn’t registered to the car, the report says. Gokcek, who delivers pizza for Roberto’s Pizzaria, said he tried to register the car at DMV but couldn’t because his license was suspended. The next day, he was stopped on Saybrook Road for operation of an unregistered vehicle and while license is suspended and failure to wear seatbelt.

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Astrology and History: The Gutenberg Bible–Redeeming Heaven

The New York Library Copy of the Gutenberg Bible

The New York Library Copy of the Gutenberg Bible

(Astrology Explored)

Uranus/Pluto Conjunction–Breaking the Vessel part 3 Its purchase price was 30 florins, which was three times the yearly salary of the average worker. In today’s dollars, it sold at about $95,000, more than a car, less than a house. And only about 150 to 180 copies were printed. Yet the mass production of the Holy Bible by Johannes Gutenberg was as revolutionary in how people received information as as the introduction of Facebook to the American Public.

Tracking down exact dates is impossible. The passage of time and the paucity of written records obscured what happen when. We know that Gutenberg had a working press with movable type in 1450. 1450 is when Pluto and Uranus moved within ten degrees of each other in the zodiac sign of Leo. In March 1455, completed sets of 1272 unbound pages of the Bible were available for sale. Continue reading

Astrology and Celebrity: Jonathan Frid–The Original Tortured Vampire

Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins (Astrology Explored) The show was campy, with overly dramatic writing and acting, the production values, because of the manner in which it was taped, poor. Actors regularly flubbed lines, props occasionally fell, recording booms sometimes appeared in the frame. Once, one actor’s period gown was accidentally set on fire by the lit candles on the set while she was trying to recite her lines. Yet for all its flaws, Dark Shadows became a hit with young baby boomers hitting their teen years, and the reason for this for a large part was the introduction of the original tortured vampire, Barnabas Collins as played by Jonathan Frid.

Sadly, Mr. Frid recently passed on April 13, 2012 weeks before the scheduled release of Tim Burton’s remake film “Dark Shadows” based on the iconic character Frid brought to life. Continue reading

Astrology and History–The Black Death As A Game Changer

Dance with Death(Astrology Explored) Uranus/Pluto Conjunction–Breaking the Vessel, part 2–The study of history can quickly become the study of wealth distribution. We commonly think that the ownership of land denotes wealth. However, land, in and of itself does not generate wealth, what is done with the land does. Who does what with the land becomes the question. The only way to generate wealth from the land is to get someone to work it at a rate of return which is less than the value of the goods produced. This is the basis of all capitalism. For people to work at a rate that is less than the value of the goods produced there has to be something that evens the balance, that makes doing such work “a good deal” for the worker. This might be military protection from invaders, protection from the vagaries of climate by public works (such as irrigation systems), or transportation systems (roads) regular access to spiritual centers and so on. These “perks” of living in an organized community are the basis of the social contracts between the wealth holders and the workers. History shows us that eventually all social contracts become too expensive to maintain. The government controlled by the wealth holders inevitably fails. During the period of the inception of the social contract and its failure there are various attempts from the wealth holders to support the contract by controlling the workers. This is generally done tightening the reins to limit the workers ability to change their own circumstances. At some point the workers realize that “the good deal” isn’t so good anymore and they opt out of the contract. In ancient Rome, for instance, when the empire could no longer protect their cities from the sacks of the “barbarians”, the workers depopulated the cities to find their fortunes on the estates of large and wealthy land owners. This was the start of the period we know of as feudalism.

In the feudal period, workers gradually became slaves to the land. Wealth holders tightened their grip by demanding ever-increasing rents, keeping the worker’s focus on just surviving. Where the Roman ancestors of these workers might have enjoyed some education and mobility in the choice of profession, the options for survival of the population during the feudal period were restricted. The only hope for these workers was the promise of a “reward in heaven” for living a virtuous life, a life of obedience to the dictates of the church and the laws of the wealth holders. This social contract of “Spiritual Protection” was to change in the aftermath the period we know of as the Plague Years.

Uranus and Pluto made their conjunction in 1343 and 1344.

Research published in 2002 suggests that it began in the spring of 1346 in the stepped region, where a plague reservoir stretches from the north-western shore of the Caspian Sea into southern Russia. . .The epidemic began with an attack that Mongols launched on the Italian merchant’s last trading station in the region, Caffa in the Crimea[13]. In the autumn of 1346, plague broke out among the besiegers and from them penetrated into the town. When spring arrived, the Italian merchants fled on their ships, unknowingly carrying the Black Death. Carried by the fleas on rats, the plague initially spread to humans near the Black Sea and then outwards to the rest of Europe as a result of people fleeing from one area to another.

Uranus and Pluto conjoined in the sign of Aries, the sign of warfare and exploration. Pluto is know as the planet of pestilence and plagues (1). While we do not know the exact date this deadly pathogen was generated, we know the result of its Plutonian influence. The plague started in the wake of exploration of trade routes and ignited by the warfare of the Mongols. Continue reading

Astrology and History: Uranus/Pluto Conjunction–Breaking the Vessel, part 1

Broken Glass(Astrology Explored) Michael Erlewine wrote on his FB page his perception that the use of acid in the ‘60’s changed society:

The main lesson of LSD (and I have discussed this with many folks over the years) is that this particular drug is capable of resolving the habitual subject/object dichotomy, which simply means the assumption that thinks: I am here in my head looking out at you (and the world) AND the world I am looking at is independent of me and what I think. . .

The ‘60’s was a time where a society that had patched itself up from the trauma of the a severe Economic Depression and the Second World War kept tripping over its own scars. In a way, America was suffering from a case of PSTD. Though the Post War economic boom brought prosperity to unprecedented numbers of people, the societal roles crafted by this prosperity fit poorly on a populace that grew up with doomsday hanging over their heads. It was as if society was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Continue reading

Astrology and the Apocalypse: Did the Maya Really Predict the End of the World?

(Astrology Explored) A recent TD Ameritrade commercials shows a wheels within wheels graphic representative of the Mayan calendar with the following ominious voice over:

“If you believe the Mayan calendar on December 21 polar shifts will reverse the earth’s gravitational field and will hurdle us all into space . . .”

Did the Maya really predict the world will end on December 21, 2012? There is a whole lot of people who would like to tell you so, and this astrologer personally knows of some people who seriously expect the world to end, to the point of taking an early retirement and putting their affairs in order. Continue reading

Astrology and Science: Scientific Determinism’s Dangerous Ground

(Astrology Explored) Since the Age of Reason, rationalists like the Humanists have claimed that Astrology is superstition, the fluff and nonsense of irrational minds. Yet the closer we get to nailing down the nature of the Universe, the harder it is for those opposed to astrology to claim a scientific basis for their view.

This astrologer is reading Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design, a slim yet meaty volume that lays out the thesis (spoiler alert) that M-Theory is the only candidate for a complete theory of the Universe.

Two important theoretical concepts combine to form the nucleus of M-theory.

The first is Supersymmetry (1), a theory that attempts to corral the seemingly erratic motions or “spin” of the subatomic particles known as quarks into predictable models of interaction. There is no direct evidence for Supersymmetry, but the existence of Supersymmetry is suggested by the theory of “Supergravity”.

What fuels the idea of Supersymmetry is the work of Richard Feynman. He pioneered work in quantum mechanics that theorized that the interaction of electrons and photons sends electrons forward and back again in time putting the electrons in two places at once.

The next concept, supergravity, is described in Wikipedia as “field theory that combines the principles of supersymmetry and general relativity.” (2)

M-Theory postulates there are eleven dimensions tied together by “supergravity interacting with 2- and 5-dimensional membranes.” (3). As such it is an extension of “string theory”. Wikipedia tells us about string theory (4):

String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is a contender for a theory of everything (TOE), a self-contained mathematical model that describes all fundamental forces and forms of matter.

If all that is too much to digest with your morning latte, just note that physicists are on the trail of a theory that describes a Universe that is in essence a self-sustaining and self-interacting perpetual motion machine. It exists because the forces of nature can’t help but to exist. God need not apply.

This idea is just fine by Hawking, who seems to take comfort in Scientific Determinism (5).

Given the state of the universe at one time, a complete set of laws fully determines both the future and the past. This would exclude the possibility of miracles or an active role for God. . . It is, in fact, the basis of all modern science, and a principle that is important throughout this book. A scientific law is not a scientific law if it holds only when some supernatural being decides not to intervene.

By extension, free will, appears to exist only because the mathematic calculations it would take to determine what action a person ultimately takes is too complex for the human mind to grasp. (6) The human brain works by “effective theory” (7).

In physics, effective theory is a framework created to model certain observed phenomena without describing in detail all the underlying processes.

In other words, the human brain is prediction machine.

So even if the human can’t make the calculations to parse the interactions of subatomic particles we are only acting in accordance with the motion of these subatomic particles. And according the work of Richard Feynman these complex interactions can tie dissimilar events together. With this observation it is scientifically possible for a planetary astrological event to concur with an event in a human life.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time humans thought about the Universe in this way. This theoretical model coincides with the ancient Hermetic axiom “As above, so below”. Jung, independent of physics, coined the term “synchronicity” to describe how two disparate events non-the-less appear to relate to each other in a meaningful way (8).

So if M-theory is the Theory of Everything it provides problems to rationalists. The closer you get to nailing DOWN how the Universe works, Scientific Determinism treads the dangerous ground of confirming that Astrology has a scientific basis after all.



(5) Hawking, The Grand Design, pg. 30
(6) Hawking, The Grand Design, pg. 32

Photo titled “Fairy Holding Superstring Model of the Multiverse” created from elements from Creative Commons licensed pieces from Flickr, Wikipedia and public information from NASA’s Photojournal. As such you are free to display the work without alteration with appropriate attribution to this page.

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Astrology and Astronomy: Why Astrology Needs to be Taught in the Schools

Sun and Planet(Astrology Explored)–Note–this is a reprint a a previously posted article. An observation by a British astronomer points to the need to teach astrology in the schools if only as a check and balance for the pronouncements of some astronomers.

On April 1, 1976 British astronomer Patrick Moore announced on BBC Radio 2 that at 9:47 AM a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event was going to occur that listeners could experience in their very own homes. The planet Pluto would pass behind Jupiter, temporarily causing a gravitational alignment that would counteract and lessen the Earth’s own gravity. Moore told his listeners that if they jumped in the air at the exact moment that this planetary alignment occurred, they would experience a strange floating sensation. When 9:47 AM arrived, BBC2 began to receive hundreds of phone calls from listeners claiming to have felt the sensation. One woman even reported that she and her eleven friends had risen from their chairs and floated around the room.

(read more)