Astrology and Mythology: Eros–Beauty and the Beast

Cupid Revives Psyche

Cupid Revives Psyche

One ancient Greek myth survives in the story Beauty and the Beast. In the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, dutiful and loving daughter Beauty, is sent to live in a beautiful, magical castle where she lived in luxury. The catch was the master of castle, incredibly rich as he was, was a horrible looking beast. Gentle and kind though he was, Beauty was repulsed by his physical form. Each night he asked her to marry him, and each night she refused.

When Beauty grew heartsick from missing her family, the Beast allowed her a visit to them, on the proviso she would return in a week. When she missed the return date by a day, she was horrified to find the Beast half dead from heartbreak. She threw herself on his prostrate form and sobbing declared she would marry him if only he did not die. Upon her words the beast transformed into a handsome prince. The prince then told her he was cursed by a fairy for his selfishness to live his life as an ugly beast until he found a woman who would marry him as he was. Continue reading

The Astrology of New Planets: Quaoar and the Power of Man

Quaoar Artist's View


An awesome planetary energy was revealed to us on June 4, 2002 with the discovery of Quaoar, a transneptunian body that is one tenth the size of Earth. It is about half the size of the dwarf planet Pluto, but as we’ve come to learn from Pluto, size doesn’t matter when it comes to the impact a planet has on a chart, as anyone who experiences a Pluto transit will tell you.

As mentioned before, this planetary body was named for the Creator God of the Tongva people. Drawing from the myth associated with the name, Quaoar is the planetary representation of our ability to bring into form our desires.

What does the discovery date of this Kuiper Belt object tell us about how Quaoar manifests in our chart? Continue reading

The Astrology of the Lottery: Synchronicity In The Numbers

On March 25 seven new millionaires were created by the Mega Millions multi state lottery. Those of us that bought tickets go” Why couldn’t it be me?”

With the overall odds of hitting that one combination of 5 white and 1 yellow ball at 175,711,536 to one, it seems impossible that anyone would win at all. So what does it take to win that lottery?

There are two questions to investigate. One is “when” those magic balls will give up a winning combination, and the other is “where”? Can astrology provide an answer? Continue reading

The Astrology of Disaster: Springfield, MA’s Deadly Tornado

June 01, 2011 Tornado, Springfield, MA

(Astrology Explored)

On the very day of a solar eclipse, in the southend and downtown of densely populated Springfield, MA, a tornado formed and tore through this New England city, leaving four dead. The tornado was latter described as an EF4 storm which typically has winds of 166 to 200 miles per hour. Only an EF5 storm is stronger.

Though tornado warnings has been in effect for most of the day, and despite the occasional small tornados that do form from time to time, no one expected a tornado of this force or magnitude. Continue reading

Transit of Mars–Jupiter Meets The Inner Warrior

Rose as Vicki(Astrology Explored)

My current Facebook status reads like this:

If I can only get my doctor to write this note: Due to Jupiter transiting Beth’s Mars and the Grand Cross connected to it, excuse Beth from work for the next several weeks. Trust me, it will work out better for all concerned.

If there were only short term disability benefits for difficult transits.

Jupiter is getting set to switch zodiac signs from brash Aries to the gentle, patient bull which it will do 9 days hence on June 9. Jupiter doesn’t care much either way. I guess even the big boys needs some down time. But you can be sure my Mars in the sign of its detriment cares very much. People with Mars in Taurus spend a lifetime trying to balance the competing needs of the god of action against the zodiac sign of patience and care. Unlike any planet in Capricorn who foresees the payoff in the future and plays it cool, Mars in Taurus wants to take the defensive posture of a charging bull. Continue reading