Beth Talks Royal Wedding on Blogtalk Radio Show

Prince William and Kate MiddletonNumerologist Ed Peterson and and astrologer Verena Heinrich has invited me to talk about the upcoming Royal Wedding on their blogtalk radio show.

The show will be on from Sunday, April 3 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT.

You can access the show at this link:


On Ed and Verena’s blog is the numerology and tarot perspective of Prince William’s and Kate’s Wedding.

Come on by for what promises to be a fun two hours!

Posts in the series The Astrology of Royal Weddings:

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Part 2: The Yod–Destiny Plays a Hand

Part 3: Charles and Diana—A Suitable Girl

Part 4: Ladies of the Rings

Part 5: Will and Kate—Happily Ever After?

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Wikipedia’s War Against Astrology: Jimmy Wales–Are You Listening?

JImmy Wales

Jimmy Wales

(Astrology Explored) Recently, a small group of “astrology friendly” people have been attempting to edit the section on astrology in Wikipedia where in the current version is slanted and full of inaccuracies. Time and again, this group has been batted back and their proposal for edits denied, the crux of the argument being, “We know astrology is a pseudoscience.”


In fact, the admins of Wiki-pedia are sure of their position because they had an arbitration that decided it was so.

(note and update: the original link to this section of Wikipedia disappeared. I researched and found the nearest correlation to original material in the link above.)

What’s bad about that?

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Things that go boom!

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the week of March 24 to March 31

Uranus the planet of the unexpected finally slipped in the sign of the Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and kinetic action. What do you think happens when you mix Uranus and Mars?


And that is exactly what happened.

On Saturday, March 12, a nuclear reactor sitting on the east coast of disaster struck Japan erupted in explosion and fire releasing toxic radiation into the atmosphere. Two others shortly followed. The fuel rods in three reactors “partially” melted, though I doubt we’ve heard the full story on that.

And of course, now that Uranus is officially in challenge aspect to the United States collection of planets in Cancer in our natal chart, we’ve joined in on a new war against Libya.

Rarely has the ingress of planet into a new sign yielded such immediate and dramatic results.

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Astrology And Astronomy: NASA’s Mercury Mission During Mercury Rx

NASA's Mercury Mission

NASA's Mercury Mission

“Getting there was only half the fun,” says March 2011 issue of Scientific American. Because of Mercury’s proximity to the sun’s gravitational field, a direct flight to Mercury was not possible. The craft could not slow enough to be captured by Mercury’s atmosphere. To get to Mercury required one flyby of earth, two of Venus and three of Mercury itself. Each flyby slowed the craft so at the last pass it could be caught by Mercury’s gravity. The entire trip took 6 1/2 years.

Now that MESSENGER has arrived at its destination on March 23 the measuring instruments will be turned on and checked out, and the mission’s primary science phase will begin on April 4.

The primary science objectives of the mission include:

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Astrology of Disasters: Japan Experiences Earthquake Swarm

Earthquake Swarm Japan

Source: USGS

(Astrology Explored) Since March 9th foreshock, magnitude 7.4, of Japan’s March 11th earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale, the beleaguered island nation has suffered hundreds of aftershocks with several of them reaching damaging 6.0 magnitude. There seems to be no sign that these shocks will abate. What Japan is experiencing is an earthquake swarm.

Wikipedia tells us that swarms can last days or months. There is no way to predict when they will end. What is alarming about this swarm is that the intensity of the “aftershocks” are much greater than say, the Mogul Earthquake swarm centered in Reno, Nevada that started in February of 2008. The mogul swarm didn’t stop until the following November and averaged between the 1 and 2 in magnitude following their 6 magnitude quake.

Mogul Swarm ASC Map

Mogul ASC Map

Astrologers are tying this spat of earthquakes in Japan with the recent Full Supermoon event, though for many prediction purposes astrologers who follow earthquakes use solar eclipse events. The last solar eclipse happened on the winter solstice, December 21, 2010. Either way the astro*carto*graphy maps for for either date show Japan as a focal point for earthquake events.

Interestingly, the common denominators for both swarms is that they are between the astro*carto*graphy lines for Chiron and the Sun. For the Mogul swarm this is shown in the eclipse chart, for the Japanese swarm this is shown in the Supermoon chart. Since Chiron is the planet of deep wounds, and the Sun is the primary motivator in any natal chart this makes astrological sense.

ASG Super Moon Japan

ASG Map Super Moon Japan (Click to enlarge)

What is different between these swarms is the intensity of the shocks. In the winter solstice chart for Japan Jupiter runs close to the fault line from which these earthquakes are emanating. Jupiter amplifies whatever it touches.

These may be things to look for in further astrological research into earthquakes. In the meantime it is just possible that Japan will continue to experience serious earthquakes for months to come.

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The Astrology of Disasters: To head off a U. S. nuclear meltdown look here

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

(Astrology Explored) In the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan caused by last week’s 9.0 quake President Obama has ordered a safety review of all the nuclear reactors in this country. This is an especially prudent measure since California is the last “corner” of the four corners theory waiting for a major earthquake defined on the Richter scale as 7.0 and above. Conservatively, this quake can happen anytime in the next thirty years.

First up on this list should be the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant in San Luis Obismo, CA.

Diablo Canyon was originally designed to withstand a 6.75 magnitude earthquake from four faults, including the nearby San Andreas and Hosgri faults.[1], but was later upgraded to withstand a 7.5 magnitude quake[2]. It has seismic monitoring and safety systems, designed to shut it down promptly in the event of significant ground motion.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company went through six years of hearings, referenda and litigation to have the Diablo Canyon plant approved. A principal concern about the plant is whether it can be sufficiently earthquake-proof. The site was deemed safe when construction started in 1968.
However, by the time of the plant’s completion in 1973, a seismic fault, the Hosgri fault, had been discovered several miles offshore. This fault had a 7.1 magnitude quake 10 miles offshore on November 4, 1927, and thus was capable of generating forces equivalent to approximately 1/16 of those felt in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.[5] The company updated its plans and added structural supports designed to reinforce stability in case of earthquake. In September 1981, PG&E discovered that a single set of blueprints was used for these structural supports; workers were supposed to have reversed the plans when switching to the second reactor, but did not.[6] Nonetheless, on March 19, 1982 the Nuclear Regulatory Commission decided not to review its 1978 decision approving the plant’s safety, despite these and other design errors.[7]

The opening of Diablo Canyon was controversial from the start:

In 1981, on the central coast of California, tens of thousands of residents from all over California protested against the opening of the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant. The central reason for the massive demonstrations that lasted for weeks, including peaceful arrests (I know, I was there) is that the plant was stupidly built on the San Andreas Earthquake Fault. Residents were opposed to the plans from the get-go, but predictably PG&E won and the majority of the people could do nothing about it.

Diablo Canyon was granted a license to operate even though they did not have an Earthquake Response Plan.

PG&E’s (Pacific Gas & Electric) safety record has been less than sterling in other areas of its operation. PG&E’s slow response to the smell of gas leaking lead to a massive explosion September 9, 2010 in the town of San Bruno California that caused at least 4 deaths and 28 casualties. The investigation in that event is ongoing. Pacific Gas and Electric is no stranger to litigation because of unsafe business practices. In 1994 an investigation by Erin Brockovich led to the biggest settlement on record for civil class action suit. Pacific Gas and Electric had dumped 370 million gallons of cancer-causing chemicals into unlined ponds in Hinkley, California.

And Diablo Canyon has already been sited for safety violations:

An SIT was sent to the Pacific Gas & Electric plant when operators could not open valves that provide emergency cooling water to the reactor core and containment vessel. A previous misguided repair was found responsible for the problem, and it was determined that the reactor operated nearly 18 months with vital emergency systems disabled.

For these reasons alone, Diablo Canyon should be first on anyone’s list for a safety review. When one reviews the astrology of Diablo Canyon the alarm meter goes right to the top.

Click to enlarge

Diablo Canyon has two nuclear reactors commissioned less that a year within each other. The first one became operational on May 7, 1985. While the Sun/Saturn opposition in the natal chart is not comforting, it is not especially alarming. The Sun’s inconjunct to Uranus is not either, showing a dismissal of unusual events as normal operating procedure. But with Jupiter making an easy energetic connection, the trine, problems do seem to be handled.

Diablo Canyon Unit #2

Click to enlarge

Diablo Canyon #2 however shows a different story. The Sun, Mercury and Venus sit in a stellium in challenge aspect to natal Mars conjunct Uranus. Mars and Uranus combinations indicate explosions, and here it sits in the natal chart of a nuclear reactor. Yikes! Now Uranus as is is in the sky (transiting) makes a challenge aspects to natal Mars/Uranus combination. In the life cycle of human, this means a radical breakdown in the life of the native. Natal Venus is in challenge aspect to the planet of illusion Neptune, which is being visited by the planet of nuclear processes, Pluto. Combine all that with transiting Mars crossing the ascendant of the Sunrise natal chart and you’ve got an accident waiting to happen.

Considering that it was Plant #2 that had the problems with the badly repaired cooling system, you would think that someone would take the hint. In any case Nuclear Regulatory Commission, its time to get someone out there to check out Diablo Canyon before we have our own Fukushima to deal with.

Photo published under a Creative Commons License for Flickr.

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The Astrology of Disasters: Full Moons, Super Moons and Earthquakes

(Astrology Explored) It all depends on who you ask.

Bellini, the U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist, said, “There is still no known observation of an effect related to the moon and seismicity.”

James O. Berkland is a Glen Ellen, California-based geologist and editor of Syzygy—An Earthquake Newsletter. He believes the gravitational tugs of the moon, sun, and other planets can influence earthquake activity. Berkland said he has accurately predicted tremors based on factors such as syzygy.

And these are the scientists.

Still with the haunting images of Japan on the screen, victim of not just an earthquake, but a tsunami and a nuclear disaster at Fukushimi it is tempting to reach out for any prediction. Some people are concerned that San Andreas fault lined California will be the next victim of a catastrophic earthquake especially on the upcoming full moon.

Newsweek, described the “four corners” theory about the Pacific Plate and how it relates to California. Japan sits “at the junction of a web of tectonic-plate boundaries that make it more peculiarly vulnerable to ground-shaking episodes than almost anywhere else. Three sides of the square have been hit in the last year, leaving one still to come.

The three sides that erupted commencing with 2010’s 8.8 quake in Chile, the temblor in New Zealand almost exactly a year later in February 2011 and now the 9.0 devastating event in Japan. That leads experts to point to the last corner of the plate, which is the San Andreas Fault that runs through the southern California desert.

This quake however is expected to happen sometime “within the next thirty years” and measure 7.8 on the Richter scale.

Richard Nolle coined the term Super Moon and he centers his predictions around them. For this current Supermoon he says:

The March 19 full moon at 28° 48′ Virgo is arguably the year’s most extreme SuperMoon, for a couple of reasons: it’s the closest SuperMoon of the year, occurring within an hour of lunar perigee (the Moon’s closest approach to Earth): the Moon will look huge when it rises at sunset. And being so close to the vernal equinox, this SuperMoon occurs within hours of the moment the full moon crosses the celestial equator from north to south, just as the Sun crosses in the opposite direction. That makes this a major geophysical stress window, centered on the actual alignment date but in effect from the 16th through the 22nd. Of course you can expect the usual: a surge in extreme tides along the coasts, a rash of moderate-to-severe seismic activity (including Richter 5+ earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions), and most especially in this case a dramatic spike in powerful storms with heavy precipitation, damaging winds and extreme electrical activity. Floods are a big part of the picture in this case, although some of these will be dry electrical storms that spark fast-spreading wildfires.

Nolle makes no specific predictions for major death and destruction though he seems to be taking some hits from skeptics who think he has. Nolle for his part tells us that people are playing fast and loose with the Super Moon definition.

So Nolle points to a time when something can happen, but we don’t know exactly what. Geologists think a 7.8 quake is likely within the next 30 years. The intersection of both pieces of information still leaves us grasping for a what and a when.

Looking at the Astro*Carto*Graphy map of the Full Super Moon for the West Coast , we see alarmingly, the Uranus line and the Pluto line intersecting the San Andreas fault line. Does this predict an earthquake? It seems to. Does this mean it will be 7.8 or stronger. We’ll have to see. The truth is even with thousands of years of observation, with all our modern computers, we still don’t have a reliable astrological model of predicting earthquakes. That doesn’t mean we won’t? No. It just means right now all we can say is “Don’t be surprised if there is an earthquake in California.” Some prediction, right?

What I am more concerned about is Japan, who is facing the same astrological conditions as the 9.0 quake that rocked that island nation last week. Uranus and Mars straddle catastrophe saddled Japan, and it seems like they are facing another big quake. I hope not, but we’ll see.

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The Astrology of Royal Weddings: The Yod–Destiny Plays a Hand

Newspapers Announce Will and Kate's Engagement(Astrology Explored) Royal marriages arranged or not, love matches or not, have made their mark not only on our notions of romance but history. The marriage of Prince William and his long time love Kate Middleton focuses our attention on the British royal line. What is interesting in this line is that the special configuration the Yod runs through the composite charts of monarch and spouse. A Yod is often called the Finger or alternately the hand of God. It conveys a sense that destiny played a hand in bringing the marriage partners together.

The concept of a royal line of succession is a difficult one for most Americans to grasp. We’ve had certain families rise and continue to maintain financial prominence, but by and large we still buy in to the idea of the “American Dream” that anyone can become rich and/or famous.

For Britain, however, built on ancient family lines that manage that country’s business, having a monarch that is the “dignified” rather than the “efficient” part of government is very important. Though not directing the affairs of State, the monarch is non-the-less an influential non-partisan representative of the people with the duty to appoint the Prime Minister and the capacity to dissolve Parliament to call a new election. As head of the Church of England, the monarch represents the moral center of the country, directing by example, the virtues of the British people. In addition, according to Wikipedia, it is claimed that “the UK needs a head of state for the very occasional crisis.”

It is for these reasons that the UK chooses to support a constitutional monarch, even though many other European countries had divorced their royal families from a governmental role long ago. And it is for these reasons that the UK has a vested interest in maintaining the royal line of succession, a family bred to the unique duties required by the English people.

Until Will and Kate, Windsor marriages were either arranged outright or a carefully crafted pairing. Quite unusually, young Queen Victoria was presented with an array of eligible princes from the various royal houses of Europe with much discussion on the suitability of each within her advisors. She chose Albert, but not without the approval of her advisors. Their son Edward’s wife Alexandra was chosen by Queen Victoria and Albert after shopping the available European royal houses. She was devoted to him, but he not so to her. He kept many mistresses during the course of their marriage. Unlike his father, the next king, George the V was devoted to his wife, Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, chosen by Queen Victoria. He never took a mistress. His son, Edward VIII, was known for his playboy lifestyle until he met Wallis Simpson. It fell to Edward’s brother to become George VI in the shadow of World War II shepherding the country by his works and example through that impossibly difficult time. Since it wasn’t expected that George VI would become king he was given more latitude in his choice of a wife, and for the first time in many years, the wife was not chosen by someone else. Allowing him to choose someone who was legally a commoner, though the daughter of a peer, was considered a gesture in favor of political modernization. He and his wife had two daughters and the eldest Elizabeth, became Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth reportedly fell in love with her future husband at the age of 13 after meeting him for the third time in her life and started exchanges letters with him. They married six months after she turned 21. Their long marriage was not without problems as reports of Philip’s infidelities in the 50’s surfaced. Charles, their son, lived a playboy lifestyle through his twenties, but in his early thirties, this lifestyle was seen as unsuitable for a future monarch. He was counseled to find a suitable wife who arrived in the form of Diana Spencer a young woman barely eighteen. Their marriage turned out to be a personal and media relations nightmare for the royal family causing the Queen to take the extreme measure of counseling them to divorce. Diana’s death a year after the divorce caused a great outpouring of grief by the people of England, who mirrored the grief of Diana’s sons, William and Andrew.

What can astrology tell us about this family and the royal marriages that sustain the monarchy?

Queen Victoria Prince Albert Composite

Click to Enlarge

Victoria and Albert

The composite chart of Victoria and Albert has not one, but three yods, and these yods express themes that reverberate to the throne today.

The House of Windsor Star of Destiny

Yod Sets for the House of Windsor Click to Enlarge

One yod has the zodiac signs of family oriented Cancer and security conscious Taurus at the base, two signs traditionally noted with desire for securing a home base. The apex of the Yod is Sagittarius denoting a desire to establish a philosophy of how things work. Victoria inherited a throne tarnished by the sexual scandals of her uncles and Albert had experienced the pain of his parents divorce caused by their respective infidelities. Together by example they crafted what’s known as Victorian morality, a family values centered approach to sexuality. Victoria’s husband Albert is credited with sculpting the current monarchal role by encouraging Victoria to remain above partisan politics.

The second Yod involves the zodiac signs Libra, Sagittarius and Taurus. Here the introduction of Libra brings forward the idea of partnership, balance and harmony. It appears that Victoria and Albert that were true partners. Albert, though denied an official role, and even for many years even the title “Prince Consort” acted for the Queen in so many instances that:

The clerk of the Privy Council, Charles Greville, wrote of him: “He is King to all intents and purposes.”[54]

The third yod has Libra at the apex with Pisces and Taurus as the base. Here Saturn on the Pisces leg, Mars on the Taurus leg and the North node at the apex. Here is the basis of their sexual compatibility, both partners manifesting a romantic aura over their marriage the resulted in a true and authentic love.

Victoria and Albert were by all accounts devoted to each other. This was one royal marriage that was considered to be a happy one.

Edward Vll Queen Alexandra Composite

Click to enlarge

Edward Vll and Alexandra

Victoria and Albert’s son, Edward the Vll inherited the throne. His mother arranged for him to marry a distant relation, Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Princess Alexandra became immensely popular with the English people, and she reportedly was devoted to her husband but Edward was not so inclined. Edward kept many mistresses.

As a child Edward failed to meet his father’s expectations and he had a poor relationship with his mother. She even blamed him for his father’s death though his father had been in poor health for many years. Alexandra, though the daughter of a king, grew up in reduced circumstances since Denmark’s royal house was not wealthy. As a child Alexandra was said to have sewn her own dresses and along with her sisters had to wait on the table of the house.

In the composite chart of this relationship Venus (representing the woman) is in the relationship sign of Libra and Chiron, the planet of wounds is in the sign of the king, Leo.

The apex of this yod is Uranus in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of deception, and Uranus is the planet of freedom from restrictions. Here Edward’s relationship with his father and mother caused him to rebel through multiple affairs with other women. It had very little to do Alexandra so maybe this is why she tolerated his affairs.

Geo V and Mary of Teck Composite Chart

Click to Enlarge

George V and Mary of Teck

George, being the second son of the Edward and Alexandra, wasn’t expected to be king. He was destined to serve in the navy as many of his male line relatives did. His brother was engaged by arrangement to his second cousin once removed Mary of Teck. Six weeks into the engagement, his brother died, leaving George in line to the throne. Grandmother Queen Victoria thought Mary was still a suitable match and George and Mary grew close while mourning his brother’s death. This was one arranged marriage where love bloomed. They often exchanged loving letters and notes of endearment.

During their marriage May kept up a career of public service to the country, even during WW 1 visiting wounded and dying service men in hospital. May often helped George with speeches and advised him on history and royal protocol.

George Vl and Elizabeth Comp

Click to Enlarge

George Vl and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Albert was raised in the shadow of his older brother Edward, not expected to be king. When George V died, Edward became king, but his reign was short when he abdicated to marry twice divorced Wallis Simpson.

Bertie as he was known to the family fell in love with a commoner, Elizabeth Lyons. She refused his offers of marriage twice before accepting, not relishing the constrictions of a royal life.

George V and Elizabeth were symbols of stalwart British fortitude and unity during the dark days of WW ll. When it was suggested that the royal children, Elizabeth and Margaret be moved to Canada for their protection, Elizabeth replied, “The children would not leave without me, and the king would not stay.” Adolph Hitler called Elizabeth “the most dangerous woman in Europe” because of her positive effect on British morale.

Elizabeth ll and Prince Phillip

When only thirteen years old heir presumptive Princess Elizabeth met for the third time her cousin, an expatriate prince of the Greek royal family five years older than herself. They began exchanging letters. Not much is known or talked about this courtship, other than with Elizabeth’s desire well known, it was assumed they would eventually marry.

Wikepedia tells us:

The marriage was not without controversy: Philip had no financial standing, was foreign born (though a British subject) and had sisters who had married German noblemen with Nazi links. Elizabeth’s mother reported, in later biographies, to have opposed the union initially, even dubbing Philip, “The Hun”. In later life, however, she told biographer Tim Heald that Philip was “an English gentleman.”

Philip gave up his titles and rights to succession to the Greek and Danish thrones prior to marrying Elizabeth, and anglicized his name from the German Batten to Mountbatten, the name of his uncle’s family took. The decision was made to keep the name of royal house that of Windsor. He complained that he was the only man in Europe not allowed to give his children his name. Eventually the name of Mountbatten-Windsor was adopted for the royal house.

The issue of Philip’s place in the royal scheme of things must have been a topic of conversation.

“After her accession to the throne, the Queen also announced that the Duke was to have “place, pre-eminence and precedence” next to her “on all occasions and in all meetings, except where otherwise provided by Act of Parliament”.

On her first official overseas visit to South Africa in 1947 Elizabeth said in a speech” I declare before you that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the great Imperial commonwealth to which we all belong.”

Philip apparently shared her belief about the place of the monarchy:

“It is a complete misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It doesn’t. It exists in the interests of the people. If at any time any nation decides that the system is unacceptable, then it is up to them to change it.”

But their marriage was not without trials. In the 50’s reports of Phillip’s infidelities leaked to the press, rocking the private and personal lives of the royal couple. How things were worked out we probably won’t know until after their deaths. A hint may lie when later in his life Phillip counseled his son Charles and his wife Diana in their troubled marriage to “see things from each other’s point of view.”

In their composite chart, Saturn, clearly representing Phillip is in Libra and the Moon is conjunct Neptune in regal Leo. The apex is Uranus in Pisces, showing either the delusions the couple might have or the higher purpose to which each aspire.

The Yod Sets

Out of the seven Windsor marriages only two did not share either of Victoria and Albert’s yod placements. Yod placements, for the purpose of this discussion, center on sets of zodiac signs. Victoria and Albert’s yods are respectively, with the apex listed first, Pisces, Leo and Libra, and Sagittarius, Taurus and Cancer and Libra, Taurus and Pisces.

The Pisces, Leo and Libra yod is shared by Victoria and Albert, Edward and Alexandra and Charles and Diana. Leo represents in its most literal interpretation, the king. Libra represents partnerships and marriages and Pisces the highest to which we can aspire, or the depths of our delusions. The last two marriages were marred by infidelity that became public knowledge. In a Piscean way one or both partners in these marriages somehow felt that the marriage vows did not apply to them. This well could be the most difficult of the Yod sets for the Windsors to manage. It seems that if these partners do not have a spiritual goal to incorporate into the marriage, it falls prey to the delusions of life.

Elizabeth and Philip is the only couple to date to share the Libra, Taurus and Pisces yod with Victoria and Albert. While they are very tight lipped about their private lives with this yod we see their commitment to their public roles with Saturn being the apex of this configurations.

Breaking the Mold

The two marriages that did not share any of Victoria and Albert’s yods were marriages that had to weather two world wars.

George the V and his wife Mary of Teck ruled during the politically turbulent years of World War I. Anti-German sentiment was high. Up to this time the house Windsor carried the name of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and George and Mary had several German titles from Albert’s lineage. George, to appease British nationalist sentiments released his German titles and renamed the house Windsor. He also had his relatives go along with releasing their German titles and claims, creating new British peerages for them. This was no small feat as the claims released were substantial in the line of succession for several European thrones.

Their yod is in the zodiac signs of Taurus, Sagittarius and Libra. Perhaps presaging the changes George made to conform to public sentiment, Pluto the planet of transformation sits at the apex of this Yod, straddled by the planet of value systems, Venus and the planet of communications, Mercury. George’s actions headed off a national crisis over the role of the British royal family. In any case, the Taurus apex tells the tale. Security was a paramount concern of this couple.

With George and Elizabeth the yod here has Chiron in Scorpio and the North Node in Capricorn as the base and Neptune in Gemini as the apex. With the North node symbol it seems like the country literally lucked out in having George and Elizabeth as their King and Queen, who used their reign to serve the British people during one of England’s most difficult times.

One thing that that Victoria and Albert, George and May and George and Elizabeth share is the North Node as one part of their yods. These royal unions had important and defining roles in the history of Britain. Will and Kate also has the North Node in their yod, so it will be interesting to see the part their marriage plays in British history.

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Part 5: Will and Kate—Happily Ever After?

Photo published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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Celtic Astrology: Saint Patrick’s Day, Celtic Zodiac, and the Cauldron of Regeneration

Celtic Dragon

Celtic Dragon

(Astrology Explored) March 17 is the ancient feast day of Saint Patrick, the patron Catholic saint of Ireland, the day when most everyone claims to be Irish, at least to lay dibs on the beer. But for those of us whose lineage runs from the Emerald Isle, it is a day that reminds us of the indomitable spirit born of a people, the ownership of whose land was continuously contested.

Ireland was a land whose was overrun by a variety of invading peoples, the Anglo-Saxons, the Norse, the Romans, and the Britons. Multiple religions existed side by side the moon based beliefs presided over by the Druids, the caste of priest and priestesses that practiced the ancient rituals. Eventually, most of the invaders were absorbed by marriage into the traditional ways of the Celts. Catholicism broke this chain of invasion and absorption, with Saint Patrick’s claim to fame not driving snakes out of Ireland, but by driving the Druids, represented by the serpent, underground. So deeply were the Druids driven underground, that ancient genealogical lines of druidic origin were forgotten or lost and the ancient teachings hidden beyond the reach of most Irish. But one thing about the Irish remain, and that is the love of a good story. The Celtic tales of love, battle, glory and loss remained mostly in oral tradition, but were catalogued by a succession of scribes from the thirteenth century on.

From these works, Helena Patterson reconstructed the Druidic teachings of the lunar/solar calendar in her book The Celtic Lunar Zodiac. Celtic astrology is primarily moon based, though there is a ying/yang element of the Sun and Moon sharing dominion over the earth, and their relative strength to one another according the amount of light and darkness seen during the day. It is an astrology designed to achieve balance between the duality of feminine and masculine forces.

Saint Patrick’s Day falls just about at the spring solstice, when the Celts herald the arrival of the lengthening day and the Moon goddess as a fertile young bride. It was a major celebration, one of the four fire ceremonies, which was, of course, the excuse for revels and feasts.

During these revels, the Irish bards would sing the cautionary tale of British King Bran, brother of the sea God, Manannan, who won the battle but lost the war through the extreme losses of his kin and fighting forces against the Irish king Matholwych. Matholwych had married Bran’s sister, Branwen, but dishonored her, and therefore Bran, by refusing to acknowledge her as his queen. In doing so he denied the traditional matriarchal line of succession.

Matholwych, in marrying Branwen, had obtained from Bran the powerful Cauldron of Regeneration. We see the Cauldron of Regeneration in the Greek myths as well, when Medea used it to kill Jason’s uncle Pelias, so that he could secure his rightful kingdom, Pagasae. In both these tales we see the ill effects of use of power for a solely masculine agenda. In the tale of King Bran, because Branwen was dishonored, the Cauldron of Regeneration failed to produce the desired results. The Irish dead revived in the cauldron were alive but were no better than zombies.

Because Bran lost some of his family, including Branwen, all his army and most of his generals, he was unable to defend his throne against a usurper and was forced into exile.

Since we are culturally divorced from celtic ways, the story does not yield up an alternate solution from which Bran could salvage the situation. However, it is clear through the story that Bran failed to act as a proper protector to his sister’s interests and thereby lost everything.

So when you lift your mug, proclaiming your Irish heritage, real or imagined, remember the story of the British king Bran and the your role in protecting the family and the hearth.

Erin Go Braugh

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Astrology of Disasters: Fukushima Power Plant Update

Astro-Carto-Graphy Map Fukushima

Astro-Carto-Graphy Map Fukushima

(Astrology Explored)

“Because right now, Japan and much of the world are living on a prayer.”

A second reactor, the #3 reactor, at Fukashima Daiichi Power Plant is at risk for catastrophic failure as Japanese workers scramble to cool reactors. Japanese officials are warning that a second explosion is possible.

Update: 3/13/11 11:38 PM EST–There was an explosion at the #3 power plant but officials say like the #1 power unit the nuclear core containment is intact.

Update: 3/15/11 1:19 AM EST–Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan makes a statement that radiation was released from the Fukushima Daiichi plant at levels that puts human health at risk. Most of the 500 workers at the plant were evacuated leaving a skeleton crew of 50 behind. Radiation levels in Tokyo is three times higher than normal.

Update: 3/16/11 2:45 AM EST–The 50 remaining TEPCO workers have abandoned the Fukushima Daiichi plant because rising radiation levels make it too dangerous to stay.

Update: 3/17/11 6:57 AM EST– the head of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, told a House subcommittee Wednesday that he would recommend evacuating people within 50 miles of the plant — a much larger ring than the 12-13 miles (20 km) set up by the Japanese.

“We believe that secondary containment has been destroyed and there is no water in the spent fuel pool, and we believe radiation levels are extremely high,” Jaczko testified to the House Energy and Power Subcommittee.”

Update 3/21/2011 4:34 AM EST–The workers at Fukushima Daiichi power plant are being trained to spray concrete on the heavily damaged reactors. The sale of produce and milk contaminated with radiation is banned.

Update 3/25/2011–“Suspicions of a possible breach were raised when two workers waded into water 10,000 times more radioactive than is typical and suffered skin burns, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said.”

Because of various factors radiation risk to the United States is said to minimal. This is cold comfort to Japanese huddled in shelters waiting on their government to do something to help them.

Things were bad enough as the building at reactor #1 exploded as workers at the power plant attempted to vent gases to reduce pressure in the core. When seawater was added to cool the core, a dangerous hydrogen cloud formed inside the building which could not be contained by pressure relief valves, causing at least one of them to explode.

Robert Alvarez, senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies and a former senior policy adviser to the U.S. secretary of energy, described the plan to use saltwater as “an act of desperation” by Japanese authorities, who seemed unable to deliver fresh water or plain water to cool the reactor and stabilize it.

In a desperate effort, reactor operators are attempting to divert and pump seawater into the reactor. Even if the reactor remains intact, the Fukushima explosion indicates that the containment has failed and there is now a direct path for radioactive releases directly into the environment. According to Arnie Gunderson, a former U.S. nuclear power plant operator: “events over the last day indicate that volatile radioactive elements such as xenon, krypton, cesium, iodine, and strontium are already being released from the Fufushima nuclear reactor. The fuel rods have lost their integrity and, EVEN IF the reactor maintains its integrity, [radioactive materials] are being released into the environment through open relief valves on top of the reactor. Whether or not there is a meltdown, enormous quantities of radioactive gases will continue to be released through the failed nuclear fuel.”

Yesterday we explored the astrological “why” of this failure. Today we will look at the astrological “where.”

Skeptics often point to astrology’s apparent failure to predict events as the reason the astrology is “rubbish”. But when predicting events we have to know most of the things a newspaper reporter uncovers, who, what, when, where. Astrology provides the “why”. Out of all the things that can happen in this wide world how does one focus on who, what, when, and where? In astrology, mundane astrologers attempt to do just this, using eclipses and charts of nations to focus attention on where to look.

But good astrology uses a multi-layed approach. One of these layers is the application of Astro*Carto*Graphy. Created in the 70’s by the late Jim Lewis, ACG maps the apparent path of the planets across the face of the earth from the perspective of a single day, time and place, either the birthday of person or a nation, predicting events from that perspective. For instance, in a recent Astrological Society of Connecticut lecture, Ken Irving who collaborated with Lewis on his book, told us that you can reliably tell where the United States will go war. This is done by looking at where the Mars line of the sitting president falls on the map of the world.

Above you will see a map of Japan generated on the IO astrology software by my friends at Cosmic Intelligence Agency. They say of this map and of the earthquake that triggered the nuclear crisis in Japan:

Here’s the ACG for Japan for the lunar eclipse at last Capricorn Solstice ( lunar eclipse) – note the eclipse degree was 29 Gemini/Sag
For the past few days Nodes have been been triggering the eclipse degree, but so has Uranus of course. Interestingly the Moon is at 28 Gem and the DSC at 0 Cancer in the chart for the restoration of independence of Japan after WW2 (from the US), and the transits to that chart (which is accurately timed) are t – JU sq n -UR [transiting Jupiter square Urnaus] (within 20 mins or so) and t- UR sq n- AS [transiting Uranus square Ascendant} (within 35 mins or so). Also the chart for the Japanese Meiji constitution in 1889 is currently having t -NE sq n -NE (within 15 mins) [transiting Neptune square Neptune].

But even more plainly and visually in the map above you see the epicenter for the earthquake sits exactly on the Uranus line for that eclipse. You can see also that Fukushima, marked by a star on the map, is nestled between the line of Jupiter and the line of Mars. Uranus+Jupiter+Mars equals explosions in anyone’s astrological lexicon.

The good Lord knows the people of Japan are suffering from the catastrophic effects of the massive earthquake, and this nuclear crisis only eclipses that suffering.

If you are moved to make a donation to relief efforts International Medical Corps is organizing a response right now for Japan.

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