Astrology and History–Thanksgiving

"The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth" By Jennie A. Brownscombe.

"The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth" By Jennie A. Brownscombe.

Their charter wasn’t the charter for the area they settled. Setbacks and delays marked the start of the journey. Eventually the government of England revoked that charter and their colony was merged into Massachusetts Bay colony, a colony established after theirs. We are talking about the Pilgrims here folks, the people that inspired our Thanksgiving celebration. And who do you think the astrological culprit here is, folks? We’ll get to that in a minute. First, some back-story.

The folks who landed and settled Plymouth, MA, and who we call pilgrims in actuality were religious rebels who outwardly criticized Queen Elizabeth the First for trying to unite England under one religion. For Elizabeth, this uniformity was a political necessity as fractious civil wars between Catholics and Protestants (in our terminology) nearly tore apart the country prior to her reign. Though the Puritan’s religious beliefs were an offshoot of Protestantism, the Puritan’s civil disobedience was a wound to Elizabeth’s attempt to restore order in a country bleeding from the disputes of the past. As a result of the censure of their actions many members fled to Holland and eventually settled in Leyden, Netherlands which was much more religiously tolerant than England. However, though they lived there for a little over a decade, they became increasingly uncomfortable with the local culture, considering the Dutch “libertine” and with their children’s assimilation of Dutch culture. The Puritans decided it was time to leave the Netherlands, but where to go was the question.

On July 29, 1619 an English government patent was issued to John Wincob for a colony to be established at the northern borders Virginia colony but negotiations with the London Company over the territory to be settled stalled. In February of 1620 a London merchant, Tom Weston, approached the Leyden refugees with offers of funding the new settlement with the backing of seventy other merchants with assurances he could resolve the difficulties with the London Company. One John Pierce got involved and all of sudden the new colony was to be settled at the mouth of the Hudson River.

Even with stories of the difficulties of the previously established Virginia colony, and the native population the members of the Leyden community decided that the colony could make fishing a commercial venture. They even secured a boat for that purpose. A number of refugees boarded their purchased ship, The Speedwell and made for the meeting with the famous Mayflower . . .except the boat leaked. Here is the story:

“ . . .the Pilgrims sailed from Delfthaven in the “Speedwell” for Southampton. At Southampton the “Mayflower” had been receiving her stores and outfit for a week when the “Speedwell” arrived. The two vessels left Southampton August 15, 1620, but put back to Dartmouth about August 23rd, on account of the alleged leakage of the “Speedwell.” The voyage was resumed about September 2d. When about three hundred miles off Land’s End, the Captain of the “Speedwell” again reported his craft leaking. After consultation they put back to Plymouth (England). Here the “Speedwell” was returned to the Adventurers (the London merchants), and eighteen of her passengers went back in her. The remainder of the Pilgrims, one hundred and two in numbers, sailed from Plymouth for the New World in the “Mayflower” September 16, 1620.”

The sailing however did not proceed smoothly. Halfway to their destination during a violent sea storm, a main beam cracked and there was discussions about turning back. The ship was repaired enough with a “great iron screw” most likely a piece of construction equipment brought by the colonists. Even then, when they first spotted land they encountered difficulties in trying to sail around Cape Cod, encountering shoals, so they turned back and landed in what came to be called Provincetown Harbor.

So what is with all the delays and travel problems and the eventual voiding of the charter? The patent granted to John Wincob was made on a day Mercury was retrograde, that legendary period where it is not wise to sign legal documents since they will not hold up. Not only is Mercury retrograde it is in stress aspect (inconjunct) to the Moon in Aquarius, and conjunct the Sun in Gemini.

But even in Mercury Retrograde state, the June 19 date was a seed of the New Republic to come some 150 years down the road. The Gemini Sun of the Charter date touches the inner rim of the stellium of planets that runs from the Mars position 21 degrees of Gemini to the North Node in Gemini in the chart of the United States. The Libra Moon of the charter date is most likely conjunct the U.S, Saturn in Libra, the planet of our traditions. This is why the story of the Pilgrims is told and celebrated as part of our national identity in the national feast of Thanksgiving.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) Aries—The stars favors discussions with significant others. This may be what you need to help you get over the hump with relationship issues.

Taurus—The full moon in your sign this weekend hits a part of fortune spot, a lucky break if you will. Relationship issues are the impetus you need to define your true heart’s desire.

Gemini—The health issue of a significant other causes concern on your part, but also highlights the strength of your bond.

Cancer—Clinging to outworn methods or ideas prevents the implementation of needed changes. Sometimes, dear Crab, you have to go with the flow.

Leo—This holiday the action and the attention swirls around you. You enjoy the company of friends and family.

Virgo—When it is time for company to come over you swing into full Virgo let’s clean until its perfect mode. Truth is no one’s home is perfect and sweating the details only wears you out.

Libra—You may be sweating the intentions of that on again, off again sweetie. Trying to take a few swings using their bat, however, will backfire on you. Chill.
Scorpio—All work and no play makes for one weak immune system. Give yourself a little down time to restore energy.

Sagittarius—Your good looks and natural charms help you catch the interest of a real hottie. Now that you’ve caught ‘em do you want to keep ‘em?

Capricorn—The hours before the full moon gives you some powerful emotional support from an important person in your life.

Aquarius—Get as much rest as possible to stave off a possible health problems. Sometimes you do drive yourself too hard.

Pisces—This weekend features some powerful insights on the behavior of others as you comtemplate the upcoming holidays. However, it is best to keep these to yourself.

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Weekly Forecast

Weekly Astrology ForecastAries—Wild things run fast, or that’s at least what Joni Mitchell sings. Truth is, Aries, it’s your mouth that runneth over this week, so don’t look surprised when your friends’ eyes glaze over.

Taurus—A bit of luck falls in your lap, though it won’t seem that way at first. You have to polish that bit of coal to get a diamond.

Gemini—Recipe for the week. Open mouth, insert foot. Repeat. This is usually an Aries recipe but this week you have the honors.

Cancer—Relationships provide a special opportunity for growth. That’s a nice way of saying suck it up!

Leo—The family has lots of plans for your paycheck. None of it includes what you want. Surprise!

Virgo—Young people are out and about and wander away from your watchful eye. Pay special attention to their movements as they aren’t about to tell you where they are really going.

Libra—While you have the urge to merge, emotional issues tend to get in the way. Provide some sympathy with that tea.

Scorpio—Take care of nagging minor health issue before it blows up into a serious matter.

Sagittarius—After all these years, Archer, you should understand that when a woman says “go ahead, do it” she means “go ahead, do it and see what happens.” This is your only heads up.

Capricorn—Past loves occupy your thoughts when new opportunities should dominate. Rethink your priorities.

Aquarius—Though opportunities exist to improve your financial situation, you let self doubt hold you back. Don’t!

Pisces—People in authority support your goals, so don’t be waylaid by the derisive comments of jealous people.

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Mundane Astrology: Ballot Shortage in Bridgeport

Voting for Dummies(Astrology Explored)

People were waiting in line
and nobody was telling them what was happening,”

State Rep. Chris Caruso said he saw people leaving one polling place without voting.

“This was a major violation of their rights,” he said. “Most of them were African-Americans.”

As the gubernatorial race in Connecticut hung in the balance on November 2, the City of Bridgeport, the most populous city in the state, came to center stage because of a ballot snafu. The voting registrars, in a misguided attempt to save money ordered only 21,000 ballots despite the fact that 69,000 voters were registered in the city and that 38,000 of them voted in 2006 presidential election.

Mundane astrology is the branch of the science of the stars that attempts answers the questions of the fate of nations and cities. Could have astrology predicted such a grand mistake?

The first step when trying to answer any mundane question is determining a date to use as a “birthdate.” For this we look for official documents that establish the nation, state, or city as a sovereign entity. Bridgeport has a long history being established as part of the colonial settlement of Stratford in 1639. Bridgeport was charted as a city by the State Legislature on May 4, 1836 and its city charter was signed a month later on June 4, 1836. In the book, Horoscopes of US States and Cities by Carol Hobson, she lists the June 4th date since it was a legal document that was signed. Multiple inception dates are not unusual for nations, states or cities since there are often multiple events which signal a significant change in the status of a such an entity. The question often becomes which “birth date” best predicts the likely outcome of an event.

Which date then holds up?

The May 4th date gives us a Taurus Sun and Mercury. While economy conscious, Taurus always makes sure there are enough resources to go around. If need be, Taurus will save for a “rainy” day and then as if by magic comes up with the needed resource at the proper time. So clue one here seems to nix the idea of the May 4 date from the beginning. Another indication is a very fortunate grand trine from the planet of money, Venus in Gemini to Saturn 1 degree of Scorpio to Uranus 4 degrees of Pisces. Ups and downs in the financial front would be weathered by reasoning (Gemini), conservation (Saturn) and cutting edge thinking (Uranus). No, this is not the chart of a city that would be caught short.

The June 6 date gives us a Sun in Gemini sitting along side the planet of deep wounds, Chiron. This Sun is in challenge aspect (square) Uranus. That Uranus is trine Mercury and Jupiter in Cancer. Cancer likes to hold on to resources, to save rather than spend, so meshed with Mercury the thinking processes runs along those line. The planet of money, Venus, is in stress aspect to the natal Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the people, the collective. So here is city that despite being in one of the richest states of the nation, shorts the people in the quest to save that penny! This indeed sound likes the scenario we saw with the shortage of ballots in Bridgeport. Using this chart we see Neptune as in the sky right now sitting on top of the Moon in Aquarius kicking off a sense of confusion regarding the needs of the people.

The second chart then, the one proposed by Ms. Hobson would seem to be one the use in Mundane matters. Unless, of course, you like the first one. in which case manipulative transiting Pluto conjuncts the natal Moon in Capricorn. This would tell us the ballot shortage was a deliberate act to control the vote. But we don’t believe that, do we?

Bridgeport Chartered as a City by State

Date Bridgeport Charted by State

Bridgeport City Charter Signed

Bridgeport City Charter Signed

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ASC New Age Fair–November 21, 2010

Readings Given at ASC New Age Fair(Astrology Explored) Mark your calendar! The Astrological Society of Connecticut is holding its quarterly New Age Fair.

WHEN: November 21, 2010
10 AM to 4 PM

WHERE: The Keeney Memorial Center
200 Main Street
Old Wethersfield, CT

The most popular feature of the fair is the metaphysical readings given by a wide range of practitioners: Tarot readers, astrologers and intuitives. Get here early to sign up for a slot. They go fast!

In addition there is a variety of vendors as well as body workers practicing reflexology, massage and reiki.

Lecture Schedule

11:00 a.m. Myth and Astrology – Beth Turnage
We’ll look at the grand ancient myths and use them to enhance our understanding of how the planets work in our lives.

Beth is a professional astrologer with over twenty four years experience counseling clients in career and relationship issues. She writes a weekly astrology column for the Shore Line Times and the popular astrology blog, Astrology Explored.

Vendor at New Age Fair

12:00 p.m – All About Angels – Barbara Hardie
Angels are assigned to us before birth and are with us 24/7. They can help make our life so much easier, if we only let them. We will discuss the role angels have in our lives; what they can and cannot do for us; we will “feel” their energy and call upon their assistance in a healing exercise. Participate in a powerful Manifestation Meditation to request something you really want.
Barbara M. Hardie — Founder & Director of Angel Connections. Ordained Spiritualist Minister. Certified Spiritual Healer, Medium & Counselor. International Lecturer. Certified Master Hypnotherapist. Currently writing the book “Creating Heaven on Earth”.

1:00 p.m.The Oracle Glass: A Centuries Old Tale of the Tarot
– Lisa Morrison
Are you fascinated by the esoteric imagery of the Tarot cards? Do you like Tarot readings? Are you a follower of secret traditions? Egyptians, Greeks, Gypsies, Moors, Templars and magicians have each been mystically creditted with the Tarot’s invention. Whoever the creators were, the legacy of the Tarot today is rich in meaning and hidden history. Come explore one thread of the Tarot’s evolution through the lens of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Learn about the masters who painted decks, their intentional blending of different mystical traditions and the specific cards they created at that time. After that how will you look into the Oracle Glass? Will you be amazed by the beauty of the reflective image or view through the Tarot a mysterious mirror of Fate?

Lisa Morrison is Tarot and Rune reader who offers Goddess healings and Past Life facilitation. She frequently teaches classes on Renaissance art, Medieval history, Mediterranean goddesses, female Shamanism and the Grail. Lisa studied and taught these subjects in Italy where she lead tours to sacred sites in Tuscany and Veneto. She has traveled throughout the Mediterranean Sea. You can contact Lisa Morrison at 203-248-8767 or email to request workshops, presentations, parties and Goddess healing sessions.

2:00 p.m. Enlightenment Made Simple – Dave Bognar
Author and researcher David Bognar talks about his new book “Enlightenment’, a revealing synthesis of psychology, science, and spiritual masters on the topic of spiritual enlightenment. It summarizes the answers to the “big questions of life” and explores the “secret” of enlightenment, and why, ultimately, there is nothing to fear.

“Enlightenment” is an intriguing and practical understanding of our true nature and the worlds we live in. It combines meta-physics and quantum mechanics with a fundamental missing ingredient — the psychology of spirituality. The talk will also explore the role of emotions, and the practical psychology behind making popular spiritual techniques work. “Enlightenment” is a field guide to emotional well-being and spiritual enlightenment.

Author info David Bognar is a researcher/writer who researched, wrote and produced the award winning documentary Cancer: Increasing Your Odds for Survival hosted by Walter Cronkite where he first presented leading edge research on mind/body medicine and spirituality. Enlightenment reports on the culmination of his life long quest and 40 years of research into the big questions of life, death and the nature of reality.

3:00 p.m. Meeting Your Guides – Jennifer Page
Today Jennifer will speak about cleaning and claiming our own energy field, our guides, and differentiating between our own emotions and fears vs. our intuitive insights. She will then guide us on a meditation to one of her favorite journeys, to our own “Temple in the Clouds.”

Jennifer Page has over 20 years experience working in the metaphysical arena, her spiritual awareness began when she was a child. Between the guidance of the Masters and the playfulness of the fairies; Jennifer is aware of how important it is to remain balanced between the spiritual world and our daily lives. Growing up in this manner Jennifer has learned to overcome challenges that sensitive people often experience. It is her goal to assist others in their learning process so they can harness their abilities and become the powerful, unique person they are meant to be. Jennifer utilizes her experiences, Reiki, hypnosis, NLP and intuition in this process.

Admission is free. Free parking behind the building, on the street, and across the street behind the fire station. Proceeds go towards promoting the work of this 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For information, call the ASC InfoLine at (860) 568-8617 or email

Directions: Take I-91 to exit 26. Follow signs to Old Wethersfield Historical district. At the intersection of Main Street (flag pole), turn left. The hall is the third building down on left. Plenty of free parking in rear of building, on the street, and across the street behind the fire station. The fair is on the second floor.

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ASC Lecture: Ken Irving on Astro*Carto*Graphy

(Astrology Explored) Have you ever had the experience of having certain aspects of your life change significantly when you moved to a radically different location? Did you find your once so-so love life perk up? Your normally quiet personality open up to be more friendly and inviting? Do you ever hear someone say “I was a different person living there?” Prominent astrologer and astrology researcher, Kenneth Irving will lecture at the Astrological Society of Connecticut explaining why this happens with a presentation about Astro*Carto*
Graphy, popularly known as location astrology, on November 18, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

According to traditional astrology and verified by the empirical studies of Michel Gauquelin, if a person is born when a planet was “angular”, that is hitting one of the four major angles of the astrology chart, that planet is prominent and influential in the birth chart. Jim Lewis, the developer of Astro*Carto*Graphy, took this basic astrological idea one step further. He studied the effect that moving to a different location changes the position of the planets within the birth chart. He postulated that if a person travels or visits a place where one of their natal planets hits an angle, that planet would have a prominent role in the person’s experience of that location.

Jim Lewis was unfortunately unable to complete a comprehensive book on the subject because of a terminal illness. Kenneth Irving agreed to work with Jim in the months before Lewis’ death and finished the work titled “The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy”.

Kenneth Irving

Ken Irving brings the basics of Jim Lewis’s Astro*Carto*Graphy to the Astrological Society of Connecticut lecture showing how to find patterns in your birth chart that work with the lines on an Astro*Carto*Graphy map. Clear examples show you how to take an organized, step-by-step look at a locality map and the birth chart to which it belongs. He will also discuss and and show us examples on the use of Astro*Carto*Graphy maps in mundane, that is predictive work of nations and events, astrology.

Ken Irving is current editor of the monthly magazine Horoscope Guide and previously served as co-editor of American Astrology. Ken is on the editorial board of Correlation, served as Board President for UAC (United Astrology Conference) and has authored or co-authored articles, columns, and book reviews in a variety of publications. He has lectured at many national and international conferences since 1978 and is co-author of two books currently being reprinted: The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy with the late Jim Lewis and The Tenacious Mars Effect with Suitbert Ertel. Ken’s websites are and

The ASC is one of the largest and most active local astrological organizations in the United States. A non-profit organization, the ASC is dedicated to educating people interested in astrology, sponsoring lectures, workshops, fund-raising fairs, and social activities.

The lecture will be held at the Keeney Memorial Center, 200 Main Street, Wethersfield, CT. Thursday evening lectures
are free for ASC members, $10 for non-members; half price for students with valid There is a pre-lecture prior to the event presenting the concepts and terms that will discussed. The pre-lecture is free for ASC members, $5 for non-members; half price for students with valid ID
. For more information go to

The ASC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Contributions are tax-deductible.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Hey Diddle Diddle

Cow Jumps Over The Moon

Cows Jumping Over the Moon

(Astrology Explored)

High diddle diddle,

The Cat and the Fiddle,

The Cow jump’d over the Moon,

The little dog laugh’d to see such Craft,

And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

Looking over the aspects of Friday’s New Moon in Scorpio, with a stellium of planets below the horizon, one is reminded of this ancient nursery rhyme.

Nursery rhymes have a checkered past, containing a mix of whimsy, sly innuendos of the scandals past, and political satire. In the case of the above verse, while many have tried to peg a meaning on it, no one explanation fits the bill.

In the spirit of whimsy one might see a lost quatrain of Nostradamus, with obscure references and veiled astrological clues that fits the positions of the planets in the sky on November 5.

Venus in retrograde motion has certainly jumped over the moon as the moon slid into its present position. Venus in her past lives spent a good deal of time as the goddess Astarte, who wore the headdress of a bull to demonstrate her authority over civilization. So here the image of the cow jumping over the moon holds up as an astrological symbol.

Well then, where is the little dog? Maybe it is Sirius, the dog star, the brightest “fixed star” which at 14 degrees Cancer, is trine the Sun and the Moon at 11 to 13 degrees of Scorpio. At 9:14 EDT the dog star briefly touches the Part of Fortune. With this easy exchange of energy, it can be said the dog star is “laughing” at the situation.

What then is the cat and the fiddle? We’ll have to stretch an analogy here, but this might fit Saturn in Libra. One can imagine the glyph of Saturn as a cat with its tail straight up and her back arched. The glyph of Libra one can imagine as a lyre.

The great disc, the Sun appears to be “running away” following Mercury, which does have a curious spoon like appearance.

Who is say then that this nursery rhyme wasn’t one astrologer’s attempt to describe the sky as she or he looked up and while musing softly sang “Hey diddle, diddle.” With all that Scorpio there, we might never know.

For the week ahead:

Aries—Full speed ahead, Ram as Mars fuels your activities. There is no stopping you now.

Taurus—It seems like other people have what you want. Rather than dwell on this, form your own plans for fulfillment.

Gemini—Strange as it seems, your work or career provides a great sense of accomplishment. Don’t take your work relationship for granted.

Cancer—If you peel back enough layers you’ll find the reason for your recent sense of dissatisfaction. Are you read for such introspection?

Leo—Gear up to move full speed on an important project. The window of opportunity is short. Do not be distracted by the machinations of others.

Virgo—A little alone time wouldn’t hurt you right now. In fact it just might help you sort through some issues.

Libra—You think your lover’s quirks are adorable. Other people think they are annoying. (They are.) You’ll have to use your consider diplomatic skills to smooth over the situation.

Scorpio—The new moon in your sign signals new opportunities in just about every area of your life. However, to take advantage of them you’ll have to let go of some old ideas.

Sagittarius—You are all dressed up and have nowhere to go. Worse yet, no one is taking your calls. Maybe there is stuff you should be doing at home.

Capricorn—Nagging but minor health issues are a sign that you are unhappy about a certain situation. Deal with the situation and you’ll feel better. Promise.

Aquarius—The opens with a some new opportunities, but you need to move quick at the beginning of the week to take advantage of them.

Pisces—A Friday night tryst or gathering brings you in contact with some important or interesting people, so don’t stay home, even if you are feeling a little punky! The rest of the week get as much sleep as you can.

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

Image from Wikipedia Commons

If you’d like a question answered on these pages, send your birth date, birth time and birth place along with a single question to Time considerations prevent me from doing full readings on these pages. Sorry but any request for a single question reading that does not include permission to print will not receive a response.

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November 2010 Monthly Astrology Forecast

—When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This is your motto especially this month when travel helps you resolve some sticky relationship issues. Or maybe the travel causes these issues. This hardly matters to the Ram who is happiest when the wind is at his or her back.

—Though you aren’t exactly comfortable with the idea, you find yourself making travel plans to visit with your family. Whether you should go or shouldn’t is really not the issue though you’d like to make it so. This trip is about making some connections that you are fated to make. The questions is: Are you ready to meet your destiny?

—Things happen with young people or people you know that are young at heart that stresses your already tightly strung life. Fortunately you can count on the help of an older person to help you through. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

—The Crab tries so hard to make everything nice for the holidays that you usually end up stressing yourself out. While you feel that you have to do everything yourself, your family is more than willing to pitch in. Why don’t you let them?

—Power and authority and the consequence of exercising same provide a powerful backdrop this month’s emotion laded stage. The same people that are urging you to do something are the same people who act to upend the show. Take this with a grain of salt noble Leo, as you naturally carry all parts of the play.

—There are a few things that can happen this month and mostly it is because you are rushing around to get things done. You MUST slow down or you may find yourself cooling your heels in traffic court. Speak slowly and clearly to the airheads around you to make your requests known for help. Bribe them if necessary.

—Relationship oriented Libra loves nothing better than to dish about their latest, and you, dear Libra has been a little more lucky than most in this area. The trouble is, now you are expected to put the pedal to metal and actually commit. What is a Libra to do?

—You’ve done the lone wolf thing far too long, Scorpio and it is time to get your game on. There are at least two different potential loves waiting in the wings. One however, has the intensity and the staying power to keep the Scorpion interested. What will it be: door number 1 or door number 2?

—Your energy and drive is impressive this month, Archer, gaining you kudos at home and at work. Mind that you don’t pay any attention to the snarks in the corner jealous of your success. While they show their true colors, you show yours by being above it all.

—You may feel as if someone is asking too much of you, Cap. Its true, of course and it may be time to revise your thinking about this particular relationship. Capricorn does best in a relationship of equals, which, sadly, you realize you do not have right now.

—I have good news and I have bad news. Your love life heats up very nicely. The family does not approve. While you are not ready to share all the spicy details, you needn’t be so secretive. If you act like you have nothing to hide, then people won’t be so eager to pry into your personal affairs.

—Oh gosh, Pisces, what drama! There are a couple of people hot on your trail, while you are on the hunt for a couple others. Love may not be all roses and kisses this month, but at least you won’t be bored.

If you’d like a question answered on these pages, send your birth date, birth time and birth place along with a single question to Time considerations prevent me from doing full readings on these pages. Sorry but any request for a single question reading that does not include permission to print will not receive a response.

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