Weekly Astrology Forecast: An Explosive Situation

(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the Week of September 24 to September 30

The Sun moves into the relationship oriented sign of Libra and the Moon enters the polar opposite zodiac sign of Aries. This full moon is in challenge aspect to Pluto, our “perpetual” T-Square bedeviling us for the most of the year.

Sitting as she does ruled by the planet of war, Mars, and sitting along side the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, this signals explosive situations. On a personal level this full moons especially rules our relationships versus our sense of independence. The full moon always highlights our relationship (or lack of one) with the opposite sex. This time is fraught, at the least with misunderstandings and at the most, separations. Pluto tells us we need to transform our ideas about relationships if we want to make them work.

Aries—When the Ram feels cornered he wants to make tracks. Is it because things are getting too serious and you have to do what you say you would? It’s time to make good on your promises.

Taurus—You may have thought that a recently resolved situation is done with. In reality, you will be dealing with fallout of the back biting of others. Keep calm and firmly and clearly state the facts. Grounded people will get it, while the others aren’t worth your time.

Gemini—It’s a good thing that you have such good friends because you will need them now. Its best to keep your opinions to yourself and not let the gossip of others throw you off track.

Cancer—It seems like same old, same old as other people expect you to so their work for them. There is always an excuse, isn’t there? Face it. They are getting more out this than you, so maybe you shouldn’t be so nice.

Leo—Secret phone calls and texts may be fun but can lead to trouble, Leo, as you hardly know what you are getting into. Stay on the straight and narrow, if you want to remain trouble free.

Virgo—You might shock some people with some of the things you say right now, dear Virgo. Some people have this strange idea of you of some paragon of purity and we both know you are anything but.

Libra—Wait until the end of the week before you make critical decisions regarding important relationships. You find out that there is two sides to every story.

Scorpio—This week you find out some shocking things, Scorpio about those nearest and dearest to you. Best to step away from the fray, because there is little you can do but make the situation worsel.

Sagittarius—Things that you find out make you want to blast into action, Archer. But you shouldn’t believe everything you hear as you are only hearing one side of the story. Dig a little deeper before you react.

Capricorn—Maybe you are trying to control a situation a little too much Capricorn. Yes, you. If you fail to allow other people some freedom of motion and thought, you won’t be looked on too kindly.

Aquarius—The end of week is a good time to start new relationships. Will these relationships go the distance? Only time will tell, Waterbearer, but if you don’t give things a chance, things won’t change.

Pisces—The weekend has you fussing around the house in frenzy of cleaning. What has gotten into you Pisces? Maybe it’s just that at this time you are feeling the need for order in what is in most causes a cluttered existence.

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Political Astrology: The Planets Interview Christine O’Donnell

Christine O'Donnell

(Astrology Explored) Commentator: Tea Party Endorsed Christine O’Donnell’s upset victory over nine-term U.S. Representative and former Delaware governor, Mike Castle has catapulted this Christian Conservative to national prominence. In the light of recent revelations that Ms. O’Donnell “dabbled in witchcraft” a special press conference is called, sponsored by the Association of Solar Planets, to answer these and other questions surrounding Ms. O’Donnell.

Christine O’Donnell: Thank you, thank you all for coming. Yes, Mr. Jupiter. .

Jupiter: You were raised a nice Catholic girl, but now you seem to espouse Evangelical Christianity. At least it looks like you have gone to bed with them, politically that is.

O’Donnell: I know what it’s like to live a life without principle. During my college years I was drinking too much and sleeping with men with whom there was no emotional connection. . . . as a Junior a friend me if I knew how an abortion was performed … She showed me the medical journals, and it was frightening.”

“There’s only truth and not truth. You’re either very good or evil. I went back to my dorm and asked myself what I was.”

Neptune: We are a bit confused. Are you Catholic or are you an Evangelical Christian?

Pluto: Never mind that. Miss O’Donnell, apparently your Catholic upbringing was quite lax, as news media has reported, since you admitted yourself during your high school years that you dabbled in witchcraft.

O’Donnell: I dabbled into witchcraft — I never joined a coven. But I did, I did. … I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. […]

One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it. I mean, there’s little blood there and stuff like that. … We went to a movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar.

Pluto: Are you aware how silly that sounds to both Wiccans who do practice witchcraft and Satanists who worship the devil, since both are separate religious practices? I certainly don’t know any self respecting Satanist who holds midnight picnics on their altars and you say you do?

O’Donnell: That witchcraft comment on Bill Maher . . .I was in high school. How many of you didn’t hang out with questionable folks in high school?

Pluto: Does that list of questionable people include your sister, since she has written that among other spiritual practices she’s studied Wicca. And she does actively works with you on the campaign trail, does she not?

O’Donnell: Let’s put that to rest and move on.

Venus: Yes, let’s move on to something more interesting. You seem to have a lot of views regarding sex that aren’t quite in the mainstream.

O’Donnell: Sex is a covenant between a man and a woman and God.

Mars: Does that mean you espouse three-ways, Christine?

Venus: (stepping on Mars’ foot with her stiletto) As President of SALT you made a huge campaign condemning masturbation.

O’Donnell: The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. You can’t masturbate without lust!

I don’t encourage anyone to seek ‘abstinence.’ I cringe at terms like ‘secondary virginity’ or ‘recycled virgin.’ One of my goals is to get the body of Christ to stop proclaiming these words. I would rejoice if I never heard ‘abstinence’ from a pulpit again, As Christians, virginity is not even our goal. Purity and holiness are our calling in Christ.

Uranus: And your views on homosexuality?

O’Donnell: People are created in God’s image. Homosexuality is an identity adopted through societal factors. It’s an identity disorder.

Uranus: A view not shared by the American Psychiatric Association.

O’Donnell: Because — because authorities were too afraid to be called, quote, unquote, ‘homophobic’ because these homosexual special rights groups do get away with [anything].

Uranus: Well, what they getting away with here, Christine? Tell me what you’re seeing . . .

O’Donnell: They’re getting away with nudity! They’re getting away with lasciviousness! They’re getting away with perversion! . . .They’re getting away with blasphemy!

Saturn: You are said to espouse fiscal responsibility and want to reduce government.

O’Donnell: America is now a socialist society. 50% our economy is funded by the government.

Mars: Planet of sex and war here. In your calculations you include all facets of government spending not just entitlement programs. You are aware, are you not that military spending is over 20% of the federal budget. What part of our defense system do you want to cut?

O’Donnell: Um . . .

Saturn: The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics claim that over twenty thousand dollars of campaign funds were used illegally for your personal expenses, that in effect you used those funds as “your personal piggy bank”. How do you respond to those charges?

O’Donnell: “Are they going to make up lies and slander our families. Of course they will. But is it worth it? Let me ask you–is freedom worth it?”

Mercury: With the polls showing your opponent with a substantial lead how do you feel about your political career?

O’Donnell: I never wanted to run for office. I was an outspoken advocate, and if you run you have to water it down. But as someone who prays about every decision I make, I felt like God was leading me in the other direction.

I just cried out to God to use me to touch that generation.

Mars: But not yourself.

O’Donnell: During the primary [in 2006], I heard the audible voice of God. He said, ‘Credibility.’ It wasn’t a thought in my head. . . . But after the primary, I got credibility.

Commentator: We’ll see how credible the voters of Delaware think Ms. O’Donnell is in six weeks.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Who’s In Charge Anyway?

Weekly ForecastAstrology for the Week of September 17 to September 23

Mars hotly pursuing Venus joins her in the sign of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio by herself is dangerously sultry and seductive but with Mars in the mix, things heat up. But this time its not all about sex. In friendly energetic connection to the ruler by the powerful planet of transformation, Pluto in Capricorn this week is about who is in charge.

Pluto has been the apex of a T-Square for most of this year, in challenge aspect to Saturn and Uranus. Last year the predominant aspect structure was this very opposition, working to break down the structures that support us. Enter Pluto in Capricorn. Whenever Pluto is in Capricorn established power structures are overturn. This happened during the American Revolution, and the revolutionary spirit spread to France and then around the world breaking up traditional power structures revolving around hereditary owners of the land, the nobles. Wherever Pluto is in Capricorn, the “new boys” demand a place at the table.

Pluto and the sign it rules works behind the scenes, in secret, using manipulation and obfuscation to achieve its aim. Whoever you think is in charge, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Where is this going to play out in your life? The bedroom or the boardroom?

Aries—You find it difficult to get your point across this week as the planet Mercury frustrates communication. You are asked for a strict accounting, but action oriented Rams are big picture people, not used to getting to the nitty—gritty. Get your notes in order.

Taurus—The weekend is a good time to organize and pinpoint solutions to sticky problems. Make sure you go easy on others, as all this efficiency is little bit much for others.

Gemini—It’s not usual that Gemini slides into the role of victim but this week you are apt to do just that. It doesn’t help that other people are talking about you behind your back, Gemini needs to act above it all, because, in truth, you are.

Cancer—The weekend has you fussing around the house trying to make everything just right but you are misdirecting your energies. What you actually want is a little loving from your significant other, and this week the direct approach works best.

Leo—Love and money are especially problematic this month. This weekend things pop up out of the blue that demand your attention in these areas. An older person can provide some good advice.

Virgo—You get a glimpse of the sleazy underpinnings of someone else’s world. Some things are just not meant for you to clean up Virgo, and this is one of those things.

Libra—Try as you might to pin things down other people have their own views on how things should be. I highly doubt you’ll get what you want by pushing the issue, so maybe it is time to rethink just what it is you want.

Scorpio—You might not have the entire story concerning a loved one. This weekend it is best not to pry if you really don’t want to hear the answer. You do however, have the chanced to heal an old wound concerning a father figure.

Sagittarius—You are held to account for your actions. Good time Archers hardly keep a good accounting of their expenses, which makes this inquiry particularly uncomfortable. Don’t let communications with others slide.

Capricorn—You face substantial resistance to your latest plans. However, you know best all the ins and outs so go ahead and do what you think is best.

Aquarius—Your Aquarian ways, unusual and unpredictable catch with you, as the Universe demands that you pay attention to the details. Channeling your considerable talents to the straight and narrow leaves you stressed. Take some you time to de-stress from your distress.

Pisces—You face considerable opposition, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Other people are convinced they are right. There is nothing wrong with at least looking at the other person’s point of view.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Out of the Blue

Weekly Astrology ForecastAstrology for the Week September 10 to September 16

Sudden things hit us out of the blue regarding love and money. With Venus sliding into Scorpio, we don’t necessarily need to have these episodes to hit the light of day. Just what have you’ve been up to?

Aries—Other people do outrageous things to get your attention. It does no good to hide your latest romantic encounters from old lovers.

Taurus—An old love, or thoughts of one, can haunt you now. You don’t need any changes but you might need an attitude adjustment.

Gemini—Light and breezy Gemini find a little adventure in secret communications with someone you should not be trysting with. Careful now. Don’t let your head run ahead of your heart.

Cancer—You can loosen up a little mid-week and let your honey in on some secret desire. You both can have fun filling it.

Leo—Secrets can open up some relationship wounds. Either be very forthright in what is happening or make sure your secrets are locked up tight so you don’t hurt the ones you love.

Virgo-Quirky Uranus and Jupiter have been sitting in the sky for a while, but this month you feel their effect keenly. You don’t need to run away to fulfill your heart’s desire, just add a bit of unpredictability to your routine.

Libra—You juggle your to do list, but it just isn’t helping. While it pays to play nice, sometimes too nice doesn’t help. Ask for help nicely for help before you demand it angrily.

Scorpio—Throw caution to the winds and toss the dice. You have a unique opportunity to come out on top if you let go of some of things you try to control.

Sagittarius—Sometimes it is best if the spotlight isn’t on you, Archer. Take advantage of this quiet time to get some much needed R and R.

Capricorn—No prison breaks here! Jupiter retreating back into the sign of Pisces scrambles your well laid plans. Wait a few weeks before trying again.

Aquarius—The past continues to be your present. It won’t be until the end of the month before you can break free of restrictive situations.

Pisces—A decision must be made, yet you aren’t sure of the correct course of action. Carefully examine your motives and the motives of another person before you decide to take a leap into an unalterable course.

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The Astrology of Disasters: “A Hellish Night”—The San Bruno Fire

Smoke from San Bruno Explosion

Smoke from San Bruno Explosion

(Astrology Explored) In what TV Anchor Robin Meade called a hellish night America wakes to news of a terrible gas explosion and horrific fire that at this moment has destroyed 53 homes, damaged about 120, and claimed 28 casualties and at least one life in the bedroom town San Bruno, CA. Pacific Gas and Electric had sent a crew to investigate a gas leak after residents complained of smelling gas, but no action was taken. There are reports that the smell of gas permeated the San Bruno neighborhood where a 24 inch gas feeder line exploded for a least three weeks prior.

Frustrated fire workers were told to stand down after initial attempts to control the resulting fires were hindered by low city water pressure because of the explosion. San Franciso Hospital reports two burn patients are battling for their lives and the hospital is gearing up to treat more burn patients.

The LA Times reports:

Huge orange balls of flames were billowing into the nighttime sky. Residents reported a huge shake, as if an earthquake had struck when the blaze broke out . . .

While San Bruno deals with this tragedy, finger pointing is already starting at Pacific Gas and Electric who is no stranger to litigation because of unsafe business practices. In 1994 an investigation by Erin Brockovich led to the biggest settlement on record for civil class action suit. Pacific Gas and Electric had dumped 370 million gallons of cancer-causing chemicals into unlined ponds in Hinkley, California.

But what makes San Bruno the scene for such an accident?

Though long settled by native Americans, then annexed as a Mexican territory as part of the Spanish mission system, the real growth of San Bruno occurred after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

The date of incorporation for San Bruno is December 23, 1914 as reported by the City Clerk of San Bruno on the City Clerk’s page of the San Bruno website.

While we have no time for the date of incorporation, we do have the time and date of the explosion September 09, 2010, at approximately 6:15 PM. Since we have the timing of the event, the event is at the center of wheel while the planets for the chart of the city of San Bruno is on the outside.

While many of us are aware of the Cardinal T-Square involving Uranus, Saturn and Pluto it is telling how the Sun of San Bruno hits Pluto almost exactly in that configuration and its Moon hits Uranus.

Neptune rules natural gas and gas leaks and is involved in this manner. San Bruno’s Moon sits on the Uranus/Jupiter conjuction. Uranus/Jupiter makes and inconjunct to transiting Venus/Mars and Venus/Mars makes a trine to Neptune/Chiron. Neptune on its own is bad enough but coupled with Chiron signals long festering wound, which may explain why the gas leak was not acted on when first reported.

The Moon, Venus and Pluto appear to be prominent in the timing of this event.

In the Ingress, Lunation and Eclipse charts an afflicted Neptune indicates marine disasters, dam breaks, tidal waves, gas leaks, vermin infestations, contagion, political instability, fraud, corruption and other elements of distortion . . .

Just a day prior, was the New Moon in Virgo in opposition to the Moon of San Bruno, setting up the events of the next day. On September 9 Pluto the planet of the underground takes control. Venus moves to 1 degree of Scorpio, the zodiac sign ruled by Pluto. This Venus exactly sextiled the San Bruno Sun and trined the San Bruno Pluto. Notice that the event Pluto and San Bruno’s Pluto are in opposition.

With all that Plutonian energy involved you can be sure we’ve only heard just the tip of the iceberg in this explosive event.

Photo published under Creative Commons License as explained by Wikipedia.

Astrology Chart San Bruno Fire

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: A Matter of Proportion

(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the week of September 3 to September 9

Much of what we understand about geometry sprang the Greek’s attempts to explain the natural world in mathematical terms and they were especially fond of slicing up the 360 degree circle for various purposes. Slicing up the circle produced angles. One half of circle was 180 degrees, one quarter of circle 90 and so forth. 180 degrees showed one end opposed to another. Two oppositions perpendicular to each other created a square.

The Romans took these ideas and used them in architecture. One architect Vitruvius proposed that the ideal proportions of the human body corresponded to the proportions of the circle and the square. Renaissance artists, in perfecting the application of perspective to their art, also tried to applied ideal proportions to their figures by using the proportions of the circle and the square. Perspective and proportion is what make Renaissance art so compelling.

Leonardo DaVinci displayed these proportions in the work the Vitruvian Man, a well known drawing displaying the idea proportions of the human body within a circle and a square.

On Friday, a cardinal grand cross, the perfect shape of the square, forms in the heaven and within it a perfect triangle the points of both intersecting in the last quarter moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Here is a culmination of the energies of the grand cross that happened a month before, and by virtue of the moon’s opposition to the planet of transformation, Pluto, there is bound to be a transformation that will shake our emotional core to the roots. But we needn’t these events upend our lives. How we handle Pluto will show how we can keep a sense of proportion in our lives.

Aries—Much like last week, a decision regarding a relationship is pending. Unlike last week, the stakes have kicked up a notch. Be ready for some changes. Don’t overspend even when tempted. Especially when tempted.

Taurus—You provide an important supporting role this week for your family. Be cautious of holding on to things to loosely or too tightly.

Gemini—Communications with others take an upswing and your social life improves. Take care, however, not to dominate conversations. You are witty and all, but other people like to talk too.

Cancer—You are the fulcrum from which all actions spring. Be aware of your role and be circumspect in your actions. What you do and say have more impact than you realize.

Leo—Usually the star player, this week you are handed a bit role. Remember, there are no small parts, just small actors.

Virgo—You now have access to powerful people. Use your connections well. If you are looking for a loan or refinancing this may be the best time to act.

Libra–Others seem to bent on upsetting the apple cart, while you want everyone to just get along. This isn’t about to happen, Libra, as others are more intent on getting what they want rather than getting along. Practice counting to 10 often.

Scorpio—Latter in the week someone who can’t believe you are so quiet about what you do will try to draw you out. Try to resist your natural camouflage tactics, as this only looks suspicious to that person.

Sagittarius—Naturally buoyant Archer has a hard time understanding why you are feeling so achy and cranky, especially when so many friends are calling you out to play. Maybe its because you want to do what you want to do. So do it already!

Capricorn—This weekend sees you wrapping up the tag ends of long project. You’ve worked hard, but you are wondering if all that work was worth it. If you are expecting others to pat you on the back you’ll be disappointed. You did what you did for your own reasons.

Aquarius—Good times continue by virtue of Mars and Venus spicing up your social life. This weekend you have the potential to met an interesting person that lights up some sparks for you.

Pisces—Other people want to get down to brass tacks and that makes you want to stick a few needles in your voodoo doll. Play nice, Pisces, as those folks are only trying to help you.

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