The Astrology of Relationships: Date Matching Services and the Astrologer

Online Romance

(Astrology Explored)–It is time to get back on that horse and ride it. But what’s a fifty something astrologer to do to meet new people? After all, I don’t as a personal policy date men from work, go to bars, and right now I’m a little too busy to take a new class, and as for volunteering, ditto on the time factor. Hunting the monthly mortgage payment is definitely cramping my style.

So what’s left is the online option.

I tried “Are You Interested?” which is tied into my Facebook account. After a series of unsatisfying online chats with a gentleman who bragged about his adventures with Russian women, I grew uninterested.

I tried Zoosk and even ponied up the cash so I could communicate by email with my “matches”. As it turns out what women have been saying about men for centuries about men not communicating is even truer in the 50 and over set. Oh, they’ll “wink” at you, as if that provides some sort of thrill, but getting past that seems to be a major effort. Maybe they are just tired from all that winking.

It was time to get serious here, as at this rate I’d be sixty before I ever got a date. So I went for the gold and applied to EHarmony, figuring that if men had to plunk down some real money they might be more interested making an effort to date. Eharmony is supposed to match you on 29 dimensions of compatibility. Now what these levels are, they don’t exactly say though one answer on a EHarmony forum lists them.

However, despite their 29 dimensions of compatibility, I was baffled by the choices of men offered to me in the “daily matches”. I wondered how on earth EHarmony’s matching algorithm thought we shared anything in common, especially the on obstreperousness which despite the dictionary meaning they assign the meaning of “being hard to please”. Judging from the total lack of response to my profile these people were harder to please than eHarmony thought.

eHarmony and I had a very short lived affair. After a month I felt that they got more out of the relationship than me. Fortunately OKCupid sent me a reminder that I had an account with them. With OKCupid being within my price range, totally free, I mosied on over and set up my previously incomplete profile. I’m having a little more fun with OKCupid, who has their own compatibility algorithm that seems to hit on more cylinders than eHarmony. Now here is the curious part about OKCupid. Some of my regular readers may remember a year or so back I got involved doing the writing on the website for with the people who started Starlinked, a date matching service who’s date matching was based on astrology. Lo and behold, when I went back to Starlinked to look over the pieces I did for them I was automatically directed to OKCupid. One wonders if Kurt Grandis’s algorithm survived in whole or part at OKCupid. However, OKCupid expands on whatever original algorithm was used by throwing the results of quizzes and match questions.

The kicker to all this is that while date matching seems like a promising way to meet someone, there are still things that elude the process. One of them is chemistry, that magical component that is only felt by sniffing each other’s pheromones. The other is what I believe is a fundamental flaw in the assumptions of date matching services.

And That Flaw Is

When a site like EHarmony or OkCupid matches someone, the assumption is the more someone matches your attitudes the more compatible you are. Unfortunately, this assumption doesn’t work in practice as it does in theory. Here is my thinking why.

The Mirror of Our Soul

When a relationship astrologer looks at the charts of two clients there are a wealth of astrological clues that show how people get on together. The entire subject is much to complex to go into detail but let’s look at the most common factors that astrologers consider.

First we look at the chart of each individual, the position of the planets at the time you were born. Again a complex subject, but our premise here is that each individual is unique, each have special talents and each has a particular set of challenges to work on. All of this is in the chart and the astrologer assesses these factors. While there are no value judgments, it is fair to say that no one is perfect.

Then we compare the charts of each individual in the relationship and we look at the common things, whether the individual’s attitudes are similar or dissimilar on a general attitude towards life, their emotional outlooks, value systems (money, love), family (take it or leave it), philosophical attitudes and most of all the type of person that turns us on. Astrologers have very specific things to look at in this regard. We look at the position of the planet Venus, which shows us who and what we love, the planet Mars to show us the type of person that turns us on sexually, the fifth house, the romance sector, and the seventh house, the partnership sector of our charts and any planets that sit in either the fifth and seventh house. But here’s the thing, the strange immutable truth is that even if a person was completely compatible with all these things, if there are challenges in your chart regarding these issues, your relationship will be challenged as well.

Let’s take a hypothetical. Let’s say you come from a conservative family (the zodiac sign of Capricorn on the 4th house of the family) who has work really hard to instill these values in your. Your family really likes Suzie Q or Johnny Boy, really nice kids from a good home and think it would be swell it you two hook up. But you, think Suzie Q or Johnny Boy is really very boring and you bring home the local version of the bad boy or bad girl because that is what turns you on (Venus in tension or challenge aspect to Uranus). Your parents object but you persist, but eventually danger boy or girl breaks your heart. Well what did you expect? You are the one with the challenge to your value systems and you had to learn the hard way.

Esoteric astrologers will tell you that any relationship is a mirror at which you look at yourself. If you can’t get along with yourself and reconcile your challenges with yourself how do expect to get along with another person?

Personally, I’m a Big Believer Of:

Because I believe so strongly that relationships exist to help us learn about ourselves, and I do have a belief in reincarnation, I feel we all have contracts set up before we get here for the major relationships in our lives. When we meet that person, there is a sense of recognition, or sparks fly, or something happens that tells our soul, yes, I am meant to be with that person.

Is There a Place Then for Date Matching Services?

Think of it as a party. You get to meet a whole bunch of people you normally wouldn’t, so you have some opportunities that normally you wouldn’t have. But just like any party, it is a starting place. My thinking right now is that these services provide a special set of challenges because they seem to provide some false sense that they are a supermarket for finding the right person. While the matching algorithms sort the wheat from the chaff, matching algorithms, personal profiles, and matching questions only reveal a part of the person. You have to do the rest of the work of making the effort to contract people, converse with them, and set up dates with them to make online date matching work for you.

One thing I’m sure of. Online date matching isn’t going to replace the services of a good relationship astrologer. Whew!

Photo published under a Creative Commons license from Flickr.

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The Astrology of Eclipses–A Very Potent Eclipse

lunar-eclipse-2Astrology for the Week of June 25 to July 1

June 26, just five days after the Summer Solstice, is the long awaited lunar eclipse that features a Grand Cross in action oriented Cardinal signs. This eclipse, but virtue of this Grand Cross is especially potent, and while it might not make immediate physical changes in your life, is bound to churn up questions about the areas of life the eclipse falls in and may affect how you handle this area of your life for at least six months.

The power of the eclipse comes from the Moon joining Pluto. Though the Astronomical Union demoted Pluto to a dwarf planet, astrologers make no such distinction. Since it was discovered, Pluto has revealed powerful lessons in personal and spiritual transformation. The problem is with Pluto is that this taskmaster is relentless. Under Pluto’s grip, people, places and things that you’ve come to rely on are wrenched away. Or it maybe people, places and things are suddenly thrust at you. Whatever happens you are forced to focus your attention on that singular issue until you have completely changed your perspective on it.

The axis the eclipse falls on is the Cancer/Capricorn axis which rules our emotional and security needs versus our place in society. In the dichotomy of yin and yang, it is difficult to secure one without the other. Our society used to handle this by a strict division of labor. Women handled hearth and home, providing for the emotional needs of the family, while the man navigated the career sphere, providing for the material needs. Things have changed since the last go round of Saturn in Libra, so this is no longer true. What is true that both men and women both have the challenge to balance the needs of work and home, of providing for the family while working on issues of their own personal growth.

With this Moon/Pluto combination the focus is going to be on your feelings and your emotional responses. Let’s take a look at where the Moon/Pluto combination falls in your chart. Moon/Pluto is at 4 degrees of Capricorn. Since this eclipse is in early degrees, the house that has Capricorn on the Cusp is the one that is affected, though cusps are slippery things so it is best to be sure. To find where this falls in your chart, you can go to and get a copy of your chart, or God help me, you can write to me at with your birth date, birth place and birth time and send all three pieces of information at the same time, and I’ll will tell you, though if you don’t, I can’t help you.

Moon/Pluto in the First House—Your appearance and body image, how you feel about yourself, is about to take a dramatic change. Maybe you’ll lose weight, apply yourself seriously at the gym or take up a new sport. Whatever you do, don’t focus so exclusively on yourself or your own goals that you forget to pay attention to the important significant other in your life.

Moon/Pluto in the Second House–Your possessions and the resources of other people come into sharp focus. Either someone asks you for help, appealing to your heartstrings, or you find yourself looking to someone for financial assistance. Taxes, insurance and goods of the dead are also important themes, and whatever happens with those areas will have an emotional impact on you. This is an excellent time to start therapy.

Moon/Pluto in the Third House—Emotional issues with siblings take center stage. Communications with them center on issues of who controls what. Better you should focus your energies on a workshop or class. At least you have something to think about besides stewing on their demands. You may have to employ legal counsel to explore your options. Whatever you do, tread lightly, because you are dealing with close family ties, and it’s never good to do battle with family. Be the voice of reason.

Moon/Pluto in the Fourth House—What comes first, career or family? Simultaneously your work load increases and a family issue crops up demanding your attention. You feel stretched to the breaking point. Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue where you can delegate tasks and duties, your presence is required. Ultimately you’ll have to decide what you can give and what you can not.

Moon/Pluto in the Fifth House–Oh Goody! You get to obsess over a friend that you want as a lover, or a friend you regard only as a friend wants to get more personal with you. Whatever happens with this eclipse energy you are bound to explore your hopes, dreams and wishes and may ultimately find that what you see is not what you get. Creative endeavors may frustrate you but that is only because you are having problems articulating your vision.

Moon/Pluto in the Sixth House—Either you take very, very good care of yourself, or you find yourself in the doctor’s office every other month. Diet and nutrition become an important aspect of self care. Pets need veterinary attention. Employees wig out. Because this eclipse falls on the work and service axis of your chart you find yourself taking care of others more than in the past. Volunteering at a hospital is an excellent outlet for this eclipse energy. Whatever you do, resist the urge to let your concern for others come off as criticism.

Moon/Pluto in Your Seventh House—Of all the eclipse positions, this might be the luckiest as transiting Part of Fortune meets up with the Moon and Pluto. You may feel driven into relationships where you have no control, either of the situation or your feelings and you aren’t too happy about it. You’ll feel you are taking on far too much work, but ultimately if you keep your cool, and work through the issues you might find yourself in a much better place than at the start of this eclipse.

Moon/Pluto in Your Eighth House—No one likes the eighth house, (except Scorpios) and with good reason. Here you are dealing with icky things, like taxes, insurance and goods of the dead. OK there is the sex thing, but that is the type of sex tied around perversions, fetishes, and obsessions. Here you delve into the seamy underside of life. If Moon/Pluto falls here for you, for the next sixth months you walk around feeling naked and alone while you thrash through some dark fantasies. Maybe you’ll explore some, but my advice is to get therapy. It will help and is better for you.

Moon/Pluto in Your Ninth House—The ninth house deals with education and legal matters. Here the emotional issue is the whether or not a child is going to follow the path you’ve set out for him or her. Pressing the issue is only going to spur the child to rebellion; you are sure the child is hell-bent on wrecking his or her life. Mom/Dad, the best thing you can do is reconcile your own unrealized dreams with the life you crafted for yourself. If you see that you’ve haven’t done so badly after all, maybe you’ll give your kid a break and let them make their own decisions no matter how much it shakes you.

Moon/Pluto in Your Tenth House—This is the first house this eclipse falls on Saturday as the moon comes to conjunct the Lord of Transformation. Even as you dig your heels in to master your career, problems at home crop up seeming to derail your plans. You may be dealing with a child’s legal problems or suddenly the issue of custody rears its head or a health problem arises. Whatever happens, it is you that needs to address the situation. The issue, of course, is balance. Trying to burn the candle at both ends will only burn you out.

Moon/Pluto in Your Eleventh House—Looking at a broader scale this eclipse period brings you to exploring your hopes, dreams and wishes as you thrash about trying to articulate your artistic vision. Or on a small scale, a Cutie with a child shows up suddenly as a romantic prospect, and takes up far too much of your time while you should be spending time with the people who’ve been there for you. Ultimately, it is you who needs to decide how to slice and dice your goals, dreams and wishes, but the lesson is “What is best for you?”

Moon/Pluto in Your Twelfth House—You are overwhelmed with dealing with issues surrounding a loved one’s confinement, either in a nursing home, a hospital or a prison, so much so that you feel like you are locked up there yourself. It doesn’t help that the money doesn’t seem to be where it’s suppose to be and insurance companies don’t want to pony up. The light at the end of the tunnel is that you really can handle all of this, which curiously, once it is said and done, will lend to you a certain measure of pride in handling difficult tasks.

Photo from the Nasa’s Photo Journal-Your tax dollars at work!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Shadow Period

zodiac-and-starsOn June 26 we experience a lunar eclipse, one of which astrologers have talked about excitedly for at least the past year. Caught up in the tension aspect of Sun and Moon, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, form a Grand Cross in early degrees of these Cardinal signs except of course for Saturn, who has the good sense to remain grounded in a nice earth sign.

Cardinal signs means action and Grand Crosses are especially potent configurations. Like a pumped up super hero or villain, depending on your astrological viewpoint, this Grand Cross is expected to shake up things up in a major way. This does not necessary mean that some earth-shaking event is going to happen. Because the Sun will be in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn, we are talking about events relating to our intimate personal relationships and our place in the larger world. My astrologer friend April Elliot Kent describes this time as shaking up our fears regarding losing our security and failing to realize material goals. Certainly many of us are feeling that.

During the shadow period, we may feel more uneasy about these aspects of our lives, feeling we have to do SOMETHING. While going off half cocked never helped anyone to hit the mark, it certainly doesn’t hurt to reflect on our lives and our personal goals to see what we can do to make things better.

Aries—Twist and squirm all you like, Ram, but right now you are being held down by forces out of your control. You might as well be a good boy or girl and take your medicine. Its for your own good, or so you are told.

Taurus—You can hide out at home, or you can keep to yourself at work, but either way the best way to handle things is to avoid explosive situations and people. If necessary keep a supply of chocolate kisses on hand for medicinal purposes.

Gemini—Apply a few twists to your game, Gemini, and you can dazzle them with your brilliance. You can make money if you apply yourself, but it isn’t going to land in your lap. Now get moving!

Cancer—You are cast into a certain role in someone’s power play. Either you are the villain or the victim, but for whatever reason your actions are called into question. Daddy, (or some other authority figure) has a good answer on how to handle the situation.

Leo—Nasty secrets hit you from out of the blue. Either they are your own or that of someone very close to you, but you are unlikely to get away clean. Be courageous and face these revelations squarely.

Virgo—Every is talking at you Virgo, but you find it difficult to express your inner feelings. Maybe you are feeling a lack of appreciation for what you do for others even as others jack up their demands of you. Give yourself a break and don’t try to fill everyone’s demands at once.

Libra—Sunday has you scrambling around to finish up projects begging for completion, but the rest of week has your phone ringing off the hook. Make plans for or throw a party, but do it quickly. Your personal summer is shorter than you think.

Scorpio—Trying to be all dark and mysterious, your favorite cloak and dagger routine, fails to impress a love interest. This person sees through your protective layers, dear Scorpio, so don’t bother to hide. Who know? You just might enjoy being in the light for once.

Sagittarius—Go after that new love or new job, or new anything. You are hitting on all cylinders, Archer. Just don’t get caught speeding.

Capricorn—The consequences of your actions are devastatingly immediate, Capricorn, so be careful what you walk into. This is a time to gird your loins and stand in the face of many challenges. Ultimately you are forced to make some critical distinctions between what you need and what you want.

Aquarius—With Venus in your opposite sign you are sure to meet up with people who want to catch up with you for all the wrong reasons. Selfishness is always a big turn off to you, Waterbearer, so these people only seem to be giving you the bum’s rush. You are right, they are.

Pisces—You feel all comfy under the blankets at home. Why then are you being called out into the wide world? Because we need you there, dear Pisces. The world is so very short on compassion these days we need some of yours.

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Mars in Virgo—The Hypochondriac’s Dream

zodiac6Astrology of the Week of June 11 to June 17th, 2010

If you want to get a doctor’s appointment, and you will, you best get on the phone and make it right now. The planet of our survival instincts, Mars has just come into health and fitness oriented zodiac sign of Virgo. For those that are particularly sensitive to Virgo influences, anyone with Virgo or Pisces or making a challenge aspect to a Virgo point, this is likely the time that you will be concerned about a health issue. It is not for me to judge the seriousness of your concern; that is for a doctor to do. However, please be assured that for most people, the concern is just that. Virgo is well known for fussing over the smallest details and literally making a mountain out of them. This is why, deserved or no, Virgo has the reputation of being a hypochondriac. So docs, rearrange your vacation plans, your appointment books are going to be well filled.

Aries—All that rushing around has either a.) drained your nervous system b.) caused you to have a minor accident c.) a & b. No this isn’t is a multiple choice question, but rather what your life is like right now. Slow down!

Taurus—You’ve got it all going on, don’t you Taurus. You’ve energy to burn and you are putting it all in the right places. You go!

Gemini—The planet of communications rolls into your zodiac sign, the sign it rules. Normally chatty, you annoy the rest of us with your non-stop repartee right about now. Go sell something.

Cancer—Suddenly someone seems bright and shiny right about now. How come you never noticed this person before? It’s because you weren’t ready for an adventure, but now maybe you are.

Leo—Love and business are looking good now, though not necessarily interconnected. Venus in your sign making favorable connections to Jupiter and Uranus bring new things quickly in your life. Have fun!

Virgo—While you are at it, make that appointment for the second opinion, since you won’t believe what the first doc has to say. Maybe if you trimmed your workload you won’t feel so stressed and crappy. Think about it.

Libra–You are entering a period (until the end of July at least) where you will tend to go overboard in matters of love and money. Don’t overspend your budget and don’t spend to impress a love interest.

Scorpio–The co-rulers of your zodiac sign Mars and Pluto conspire to keep your love life on the down low until latter in the year. What to do now? Hang tight, Scorpio, nothing is forever.

Sagittarius—With Jupiter, Uranus and Venus all making favorable aspects to your Sun, you are ready, set, go to conquer the world. Your lightning fast reflexes makes you the ace in any move. However, every superhero has their kryptonite, dear Archer, and yours is a tendency to overdo. Moderation is the key.

Capricorn—You are feeling you missed the boat on a love or money opportunity. Don’t try to recapture the moment, Cap, as sometimes the window of opportunity just closes. Let this be a lesson in waiting too long to do something worthwhile.

Aquarius—Good news. The planets that were harassing you have moved off. Bad news, Venus has moved up for her spot at the plate. If it seems you can’t catch a break, Aquarius, you are right. Jupiter and Uranus bring opportunities to make money, but not as much as you hoped or need.

Pisces—Get plenty of rest, eat your vegetables and don’t talk to strangers, including those friendly telemarketers with lovely bridges to sell. You’ll do better if you let someone else drive the car since right now you are feeling a little freaked out by cosmic influences. Enough said.

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The Astrology of Relationships: Taylor & Burton–A Pluto Connection

Richard Taylor and Elizabeth BurtonRichard Burton wrote to Elizabeth Taylor:

“If you leave me I shall have to kill myself. There is no life without you.”

He also wrote:

But the fundamental and most vicious, swinish, murderous and unchangeable fact is that we totally misunderstand each other … we operate on alien wave lengths ..

Many of Burton’s letters to Taylor are in an upcoming book “Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century”.

Burton’s and Taylor’s romance and marriage was said to be turbulent and the stuff of romantic legend. Meeting on the set of the movie Cleopatra, Burton’s passion for her was immediate.

On their first meeting on the set, Burton said “Has anyone ever told you that you’re a very pretty girl?” Taylor later recalled, “I said to myself, Oy gevalt, here’s the great lover, the great wit, the great intellectual of Wales, and he comes out with a line like that”. In their first scenes together, he was shaky and missing his lines, and she soothed and coached him. Soon the affair began in earnest and Sybil [Burton’s wife], seeing this as more than a passing fling with a leading lady, was unable to bear it. She fled the set; first for Switzerland, then London.

The two would not be free to marry until 1965 when their respective divorces were complete.

In the conservative early sixties, their affair was quite a scandal bringing both censure from the Vatican and Hollywood. But both stars were earners and Hollywood could not deny them long. For next four years Burton would remain among the top 10 box-office earners.

Burton however was a notorious womanizer and drinker, two elements that would take a toll on any marriage. They divorced once, but the separation didn’t work out. They tried marriage again in 1973 but divorced again a year and half later this time for good.

Reportedly one of Taylor’s most prized possessions is a last letter Burton wrote before he died years after their divorce where he holds out hope that they could be together again.

What in the charts of these individuals would manifest passion so deep and abiding?

A Sun Sign Scorpio with an easy energetic connection (trine) to Pluto this was a man who was used to being in control and in charge. With Uranus in Pisces sitting on the Ascendant (the horizon at the time you are born) he was magnetic with glamour thrown all around him. According to Wikepedia, Lauren Bacall recalled, “Bogie loved him. We all did. You had no alternative.”

With an eighth house Sun, he was driven to explore the mysteries of life through sexual conquest, though with Saturn sitting along side his Sun there was an element of proving his masculinity as well.

Taylor’s potent Moon in Scorpio (trine her own Pluto) was conjunct his Sun. Here were two people that were driven by Plutonian forces, a union that neither heaven or hell dared to deny. At least that is how they felt.

Where they misunderstood either is evident in the focus of each other’s charts. Burton felt quite naturally that all he had to do was reach for a thing and he could take it, while Taylor with many planets in Pisces opposite Neptune, expected life and its riches to flow to her. When Burton wandered off the path of flowing to her it ripped her worldview. With Chiron opposite her Moon, his behavior wounded her and fueled Scorpionic/Plutonic jealousies.

This can be seen in art imitating life, when Burton and Taylor made the 1966 movie “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

The play involves the two couples playing “games,” which are savage verbal attacks against one or two of the others at the party. These games are referred to with sarcastically alliterative names: “Humiliate the Host”, “Get the Guests”, “Hump the Hostess”, and “Bringing Up Baby” . . . Many darker veins running through the play’s dialogue suggest that the border between fiction and reality is continually challenged..”

. . . So immersed had the Burtons become in the roles of George and Martha over the months of shooting, after the wrap Richard Burton said, “I feel rather lost”. Later the couple would state that the film took its toll on their relationship, and that Taylor was “tired of playing Martha” in real life.

In the composite chart of Taylor and Burton Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Capricorn opposite Pluto in Cancer. Capricorn in Mercury can be biting and sarcastic. In tension aspect to Pluto, it can be brutal. Despite intense passion it can be seen where both could rip each other apart.

Another aspect of the composite chart is Pluto opposite the Sun. In the composite chart the Sun literally represent the man. Here is where this master of all he surveyed felt that “there is no life without you.”

But one does not challenge Piscean fairy tales long. When the illusion of perfect love shatters, Pisces will swim away and so did Taylor. With all the influence of Pluto in both their charts and the composite it is easy to imagine though that the memories of that time haunted him to the end of his days and one imagines haunts Taylor still. That’s the nature of a Pluto connection.

According to Wikimedia Commons the above photo is in public domain.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: June 4 through June 10–Things that Go Boom

zodiac-and-starsUranus, the planet of the new and unexpected, of the wild and the wacky, of the electronic and the eclectic, has shifted into the zodiac sign of the pioneer, Aries. The first sign of the zodiac, the Ram is governed by the planet of war, Mars. Jupiter, the planet of social justice follows on the heels of Uranus into the sign of the god of war.

Uranus rather likes being in the sign of Aries, finding a simpatico with the fast and footloose Ram. Uranus often likes to deliver lightning strikes, and Aries likes things that go “boom” often delighting in a childlike glee in hearing the noise.

Aries natives key words are “I am” and they make sure people know it. These souls come into the world with an inherent sense of leadership. Yet in the continuum of the zodiac signs, Aries, is ‘me’ centered and as the signs move along in the heavens the attitude of each sign progresses to a more universal attitude. Thus Aries is at times considered a “younger” expression of Universal energy. It is a conumdrum of the Universe, then, that “young” Aries so often has the mandate to lead. They often have a posse of devotees that he or she can take to heaven or to hell, depending on how far they are evolved, but they will be leading somebody somewhere.

It is not unusual, then, that when a planet moves into the sign of Aries, the issue of leadership and what it means becomes important. With the planet of the Collective, Uranus, in tension aspect to the planet of duty and responsibility, Saturn, it will be our leaders and their actions and the consequences of those actions that we examine. Do not be shocked when sudden and unexpected revelations are made in connection with any important leader. But is it enough to trash our leaders? After all by either conscious design or a lack of action we have installed them in their positions. In the United States we are free to choose who we will follow.

During the Age of Pisces, the idea of noble sacrifice was the template on which leadership hung. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the stories of King Arthur and Camelot, modern leaders like Gandhi, Sister Theresa, and Martin Luther King speak to the need of the collective to have leaders that have the best interests of the people at heart. Here in final days of the Age of Pisces, we have a great need for our leaders to fulfill that archetype. Uranus in Aries will point that out, and there even may be fireworks as it does.

Aries—Though it is not your style, “duck and cover” should be your motto right now. You are processing a lot of new insights about yourself, and in looking inward, you barely have the forethought to look ahead of yourself.

Taurus—Keep your mind on your work and your hands to yourself. Anything else will just result in some uncomfortable moments.

Gemini—Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into your sign this week, giving your motor mouth a green light. Stop, look and listen! Play nicely with your friends and keep your mouth shut around the boss.

Cancer—All the world loves a lover, Cancer. I am reminding you of this because if you don’t make some decisions in this area, you may lose the chance for some serious adoration. Take a chance.

Leo—This is an excellent time to network with friends and associates, to “fish” for what’s out there social and professionally. Soon Venus will move into your sign giving you a chance to improve these areas. Fish or cut bait!

Virgo—Workplace demands stresses your nervous system. Venus in Cancer helps you ease the tensions in your body with workouts at home. Warm up with some snuggles with your workout partner.

Libra—For Venus ruled Libra it is all about your relationships. This week you’ll see just how much when your sweetie places work above you. If you don’t want to blow up the relationship, you really will need to chill and find something else to occupy your time.

Scorpio—Master of camouflage that you are you are feeling rather happy that all eyes are focused elsewhere. The result is that get you plenty of wiggle room to scope out some intriguing love interests and settle into some new work routines.

Sagittarius—Open mouth, insert foot. Repeat. Yep, that’s pretty much how it goes this week. Sorry.

Capricorn—A new found sense of freedom is at exhilarating. Slow down so that you don’t trip yourself up as you head out the door. Though it is unlike you, you may say the wrong thing, so think about what you say before you say it.

Aquarius—Decisions need to make about work and love. Strangely these two elements combine to provide a path to your destiny. You’ll look back on this time as one of the most exhilarating of your life even if you are terrified now.

Pisces—Who are these strange people and why do they want you to do things their way, you know, “the right way.” Pisces swims away when the fire gets too hot, but this time around only cool logic is going to sway others to your point of view.

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