The Astrology of Relationships: Fated–the Yod in the Composite Chart

History and Hollywood are littered with famous lovers, people who left behind spouses and families and careers–the devil to take the hindmost—so that they could be together.

Usually when the two pair, family and friends are incredulous. Sometimes it is because there is a seeming mismatch in age, personalities, social status, education or professions. Sometimes there is enmity shown to the person perceived as taking control of the other’s person’s life. Jennifer Anniston’s fans hated (and still do) perceived interloper Angelina Jolie.

What makes these relationships so special? What draws two people so inexorably that nothing matters more than being together?

Even an astrologer looking at a synastry chart may not see where the two feel as if they are fated to be together. It is not until we use a Composite Chart that we would see the configuration known as the Finger of God, the Yod. This is the configuration that lends a sense of destiny to the couple.

A Yod is made up of two inconjuncts that share a planet at the apex and separated by a sextile between the planets at the base. With inconjuncts one end of the configuration is of one gender and the other end the other. The inconjunct is a stress aspect because of the polarity of gender at either end. The planet in the masculine zodiac sign wants to take direct action, while the planet in the feminine sign wants to work things indirectly. It is a nagging and annoying energy, and often with the inconjunct, people swing wildly from one extreme to the other.

With a Yod, the two planets at the base drive energy to the apex, pinning down the energy so it does not swing back and forth. However the energy is now also locked into place and the person with a Yod is forced to deal with the issues presented, often by focusing exclusively on the issue. This dynamic works the same way in relationship charts, and the couple with a Yod in the composite chart have to be together, whether it seems like a good idea or not.

The feelings for the individuals in this relationship configuration are frighteningly intense, highly charged sexually, obsessive in the desire to seek each other out and many times fly against all sense or reason. Many times one or both of the pair has to make painful choices. One or both may be panicked by the intensity of their feelings and either try to deny the pull or try to leave the relationship. Like a rubber band they always come back, sometimes many times. This type of relationship is a romantic’s dream and a pragmatist’s nightmare.

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are a famous couple with a Yod in the composite chart. Paul Newman left his wife and children to be with Woodward. Here the planet of love, Venus and Uranus form the base of the Yod, while dreamy Neptune, the patron star of Hollywood is at the apex. Theirs was a romantic union, fueled not just by a love of freedom that they both shared, but a love of their profession. At a time when it was not usually done, Paul Newman whole hearted supported his wife’s professional ambitions to the point of funding and working on her projects himself. Eventually their marriage became known one of the longest lasting Hollywood marriages.

Pitt Jolie Composite ChartAnother example is the composite chart of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a story most of the world is agonizingly familiar. Meeting on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith the electric chemistry of the two sparkled on the screen making a ridiculous plot almost palatable. One scene where they tear up their beautiful house in trying to kill each other spoke eloquently of the violence of their own emotions in sorting through a literally explosive relationship. By the end of that scene each submits to the intensity of their emotions and decided to fight deadly odds to stay together. Here life imitates art and true to the Yod, stories of Brad and Angie breaking up and getting back together fill national and world wide gossip rags. There is probably some truth in these stories, but with long lasting Saturn and the heart of the relationship, a romantic Moon in Pisces at the base of the Yod, with Uranus at the apex, this a relationship with highs and lows, temporary break-ups and glorious reunions. But it has just as much chance of lasting as Woodward and Newman’s.

When Shakespeare said in Midsummer Night’s Dream “the course of true love never runs smooth” he could have been talking about a relationship with a Yod in the Composite chart. The stakes are high for both individuals since the words “What God has put together let no man put asunder” are never truer. Should the relationship fail to stabilize and became permanent one or both of the participants will be seriously and sometimes irreparably heart broken. One or both could be dogged by feelings of failure that could poison future relationships. Rarely does either party escape without a wound to their soul or a serious bruise to their ego. But it seems in terms of attaining intense romantic love, the fated nature of the Composite chart containing a Yod makes it one of the best bets around.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Don’t Get a Hair Cut

wtfAstrology for the Week of February 26 to March 4, 2010

With Venus, the planet of money, beauty and love coming to sit with Uranus in tension aspect to the planet of burdens, Saturn, in the sky there are a few things I wouldn’t do. First I wouldn’t invest in the “next big thing’ or anything risky. I wouldn’t start an affair with that enticing person at the office. And I wouldn’t get a haircut.

Venus is a multi-tasker all right, because she once was Ishtar, the Babylonian great goddess who had many more roles. She shed some of them to become more copasetic with the patriarchal Greek Pantheon. It doesn’t do to have a goddess of love whose hands get bloody from time to time fighting a war.

But right now that could happen, because Venus hates to be restricted, and Saturn wants to do just that. Saturn is in the relationship oriented sign of Libra and is he ever hot on the trail of nailing paartnerships down. With a Yod forming between Saturn, Neptune and Mars we are tempted to go overboard in every direction, we are feeling that somehow “fate” or “destiny” is playing a hand in our lives and we are tempted to do things for purely selfish motives. So when we examine our partners and find them wanting and when we look at other people and find them irresistible we are only trying to satisfy desires that are best left in the closet.

Aries—You are caught in a situation that you can’t resolve directly. You must get your head out of thinking that you can fix things through brute action. Examine your motives.

Taurus—Other people’s needs are more important than your own, and secretly you are annoyed that they are. Try a little tenderness.

Gemini—You are feeling off your game as everyone around you seem to have their head in the clouds, or up the bottom part of their anatomy, depending on your viewpoint. Don’t expect direct answers right now.

Cancer—Issues from the past loom large. You have a tendency to look backward rather than forwards, and scurry sideways to avoid sticky issues. Avoidance is a survival tactic, especially for prickly Crabs, but is this really going to help you in the long run?

Leo—Alliances made now will have far reaching consequences into the future. Be careful what you wish for.

Virgo—You ability to focus on the details is a blessing sometimes and a curse others. Thin on this latter this week and try not to sweat them.

Libra—Either you or your partner is trying to force a partnership issue. Libra won’t start a fight but you will finish it. Try to consider the long range consequences before you do so.

Scorpio—You rock, Scorp and this week you get the recognition you so richly deserve. Try not to shy away from the light!

Sagittarius—Relationships with significant others are strained from issues revolving around what you should be doing as opposed to what you want to do. Does this sound familiar?

Capricorn—From time to time Capricorn, you are critical of other’s efforts. You? Yes, Capricorn and this time is one of those times. Chill.

Aquarius—Other people are talking at you, but you can’t hear a word they are saying. Put your listening ears on, for heaven’s sake.

Pisces—Feeling like the world revolves around you? Well, heck Pisces, it sure is. Make the most of opportunities now, because the brass ring is only comes around once this year.

Picture published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Fated Nature of Our Desires

desire1Week of February 19 to February 25

Our forecast week started Friday with an uncommon configuration of stars in the sky, a 5-pointed star.

Throughout the ages the 5-pointed star has been a symbol rich in meaning, signifying the course of Venus through the heavens. Venus as it dances around the sun in its forward motions, stations and retrograde periods appears to trace a 5 pointed star in the sky, something the ancients were well of.

Venus in early cultures was considered planet of war. The ancient Sumerians considered her thus and so did the Maya. For us Venus is the goddess of love and inspiration.

The symbol in the sky on Friday, made up as it is by two yods, and a trine shows us the fated nature of our desires. The planets involved are Saturn in Libra, speaking about commitment to our relationships, Mars in Leo, ardent passion, Moon in Taurus, material security, Sun in Pisces, romance, and Pluto in Capricorn, changing the structure of the status quo. This may be our real Valentine’s Day, when we can manifest the passion and romance we desire!

Aries—Things get serious for you, Ram, as you realize that love isn’t all kisses and cuddling. Someone may ask you for a commitment. Are you up for challenge?

Taurus—Your relationships only go off balance when you try to force your hand. Step back and take a more cooperative approach.

Gemini—Destiny takes a hand and leads you to that place you try so hard to avoid. Yes, Gemini, even though it seems like you can’t decide, the Universe has decided for you.

Cancer—It is likely you are feeling overburdened by the demands of your relationships with others. You are restless and yearn for a get-away. Plan some short day trips to relieve your stress.

Leo—No one is more passionate in love than the Lion, but this time you may have bitten off more than even you can chew. Use birth control.

Virgo—Others say yes, yes; you say no, no. If you refuse to drop your obsession with perfection you’ll miss out on some of the hottest nights of this cold winter. Live a little.

Libra—Things are changing in your world, Libra, and you may find that you have to give-up something to get something better. Maybe giving up a little freedom is worth it to share your heart with someone who cares.

Scorpio—Bam! What just hit you? Something that was staring you in the face the whole time! Go get him or her. They’ve been waiting for you.

Sagittarius—Oh geez! Can it be wedding bells in Sag’s future? Considering all that your partner has been through just to be with you, it might be the least you can do.
Capricorn—What or who are you running from, Capricorn? Is discretion the better part of valor? He or she who loves but refuses to lose by avoiding the whole game finds himself or herself without anyone to play games with.

Aquarius—Mixed messages scramble your brain. Does your intended want you or not? Reach out to your sense of inner knowing rather than depending on the words of another for accurate information.

Pisces—The frenetic pace of your life kicks up a notch. New people and new opportunities come in at the right time. Don’t listen to naysayers.


Photo printed under a Creative Commons license from Flickr.

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Reader’s Question: Understanding Psychic Abilities Through Astrology

astrologers-mailbox-copyHello, I’ve read this article about how your zodiac can effect your psychic ability. I dont think I’m psychic but I do know I sense some things that others can not. I was born March 8,1992 at 12:40 p.m. in Mobile, Alabama. if you know about anything about what is going on with me, please let me know.

We are all psychic, though not all of us are aware of it. Some of us are more in tune with our abilities than others, just as some people have more a talent for music or art. However, because our culture, heavily influenced by certain religious beliefs, tends to brand people who have an extra measure of these talents as somehow “in league with the devil” we are a people in denial that such abilities exist or if they do, they are not useful. Because of this our culture is ill prepared to handle the needs of people, especially young people, who are trying to understand experiences that does not fit that of most people. Moreover, it is very frustrating for people who have psychic abilities to describe them to people who just aren’t in tune with these extraordinary abilities. It is like trying to describe the colors of the rainbow to a blind person who never saw color.

About 2% of the population have marked psychic abilities. Though this number seems small, smaller still are the people who have navigated the tricky waters of coming to understand their gifts and put them to productive use.

As a Sun sign Pisces, you have a natural ability to sop up (like a sponge) the emotions of other people around. If you think about it, you will realize that you do not know where your personal feelings begin and where the feeling of those in your immediate surroundings end. In addition to this in your horoscope you have three planets, Venus, Mars and Saturn in the eighth house. In my recent article at Sasstrology I wrote about the eighth house:

“The Eighth is a house of deep and abiding secrets, of seemingly magical connections, representing the thin veil that separates this world from the next. It is the place of alternate Universes, or as the Celts believed, the home of the Sidthe (pronounced shee), the land where time runs different from ours, where once entered, you are forever changed. The people who have strong Eighth House, Scorpio or Plutonic influences feel keenly that there is much more to the Universe than our dimension reveals. They feel the cold burning heat of dimensions that, if expressed, threaten to tear apart our neat and orderly three-dimensional existence. For this reason, these influences leave a mark on their soul, resulting in a certain wariness about the circumstances of their lives. This is the source of their intensity and their driving need to understand the mysteries of the Universe.”

With your eighth house ruled by the air sign Aquarius, you are trying to reason out your experiences. But the eighth house is felt, not analyzed, so you are having difficulty understanding the “things that go bump in the night.” However, these experiences have become more frequent of late because of a series of transits, that is planets in the sky as they are right now, traveling over your eighth house planets.

This is made all the more difficult for you because of your Taurus moon. Taurus is the zodiac sign of the practical material world, the moon represents your emotions. You feel like the earth should be solid and material than it is feeling to you, which is a source of your discomfort.

The eighth house is the house of occult activities, so it is not a far stretch to come to the conclusion that you’ve been dabbling in the use of some psychic tools, such as Tarot cards or a Ouji board or even rudimentary spell craft. However, for you, with your strong eighth house influences and at your stage of development, this is like putting a set of car keys in the hands of a ten year old. Ripping open the veil from this world to the next is not for amateurs. And it is scaring you witless. So for now, toss out the Ouji board, burn the Tarot cards and put those things aside until you find a teacher that will help guide you to productive uses of your abilities. As my teacher told me, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”




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Your Valentine Astrology Guide to Seduction by Zodiac Sign

So you’ve fallen for someone that won’t give you a tumble. You’ve done all the usual things to indicate your interest, engage them in small talk, flick your hair, touch your neck and all the one hundred and one things that subtly indicate that they’ve caught your eye, and– nothing, nada, zip. Well, there could be thousand reasons why your wily ways haven’t done their trick, but mostly, you aren’t hitting the right notes—for them. So back up and retrace your steps and your astrologer will tell you how to seduce your sweetie, by their Sun sign.

Aries—Its easy to caught an the fiery Ram’s interest, and just as easy to lose it. They get bored when their prey is too easily caught. To win the Ram’s affections you must be paradoxically unattainable, yet close enough in his line of sight so that he thinks about trying to catch you. Have fun with that one.

Taurus—The usual things work, a good meal, a bottle of wine, a few flowers. So why is your sweetie so slow to warm up? They are checking you out and they won’t take a tumble until they are sure you measure up to long time mate material. If you get tired of waiting, find someone else, because for Taurus, anticipation is half the fun, and they do love their fun.

Gemini—Listen to them, over and over and over again. They’ll love you for it, literally. Easily entertained and easily bored, it is best to keep them moving from one location to another so they don’t notice you are the same person they left with. Keep a selection of wigs and alternate personalities on hand and they won’t be able to resist.

Cancer—Feed them. It is that simple. Just be prepared to keep feeding them. It doesn’t hurt if you can actually cook. Like a cat once fed they will never go away. Trust me.

Leo—Be the person everyone wants to be with. Then Leo will want to be with you too. Let them be gallant and win you. Only then are you allowed to be their willing slave. Enjoy.

Virgo—Be totally helpless. Nothing makes Virgo happier than to help you. But be prepared. Once they are done balancing your checkbook and organizing your sock draw, they will start on their next home improvement project, you! It’s for your own good, don’t you know.

Libra-This sign, ruled by the planet of love, Venus, lives for a relationship. So why isn’t she or he in relationship with you? Well, mainly, they can’t decide, because there are so many good choices out there. You must make the decision for them. Of course, you must be subtle, so as not to scare them off, so you must very carefully just be there for them. Once they get use to seeing you in their landscape, they won’t be able to imagine you not being there. See? Simple.

Scorpio—Nothing spikes a Scorpio’s interest than mystery, so be a mystery. Stay in their line of sight, but say nothing. When they ask you questions, evade. Smile a knowing smile when they glance your way. Try not to look back when you do this. You’ll drive them so nuts they will have to ask you out.

Sagittarius—The Archer loves nothing better than a good time, so be willing to bend a few at the bar and do a few good reaching shots at the pool table. Group dates are best for starters, and if you let them give you a few pointers with the pool cue, you might find that they’ve suddenly piqued an interest in you. If not, at least the evening wasn’t totally wasted even if you were.

Capricorn—The Goat has particular tastes that run highbrow or lowbrow. Of course you want to be regarded as the high end, so you’ll want to be particularly useful for them. Be sharp with a pencil and be tight with a buck. They appreciate someone who won’t spend their money. It doesn’t hurt to put off sex. They’ll admire your moral fiber. For heaven sakes, do not be better than they are at doing taxes. They can’t stand the pain.

Aquarius—The Waterbearer is more difficult than the usual human to seduce. Most of the time they are not thinking about sex. That is because for this mentally attuned zodiac sign, they are thinking about a million other things that engage their interest. To be one of things they do think about, be their friend. To get them beyond this stage, however, is beyond the scope of this column.

Pisces—The zodiac sign of the fishes moves in a world of emotions. One of the last true romantics they really do believe in happily ever after. Give them a rose, write them a poem and over a glass of wine tell them the sad story of the cad that burned you. They’ll be hooked, quite possibly forever.

If you would a question answered on these pages, please send your birth date, birth time, and birth place to I regret that time limitations do not permit full horoscope readings. Queries without all the required information will not be answered.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: We Don’t Always Get What We Want, Part 2

searchingAries—Hanging on to old relationships of any type is going to hinder rather than help you. If you have a hankering to dial up your ex after a night of soul searching via the help of the local pub, think twice about it, if you can. Unfortunately learning that the grass was greener on the pasture you just left is a part of life.

Taurus–Many planets in the sign of Aquarius means for the security conscious bull that there are likely to be a few surprises in store for you. Fortunately lucky Jupiter in friendly aspect to your Sun means that these surprises are great opportunities in disguise. Loosen up and explore the possibilities.

Gemini—The free thinking energies of four planets in Aquarius are your cup of tea, inspiring you to strike out on new adventures. Don’t forget the loved ones at home or the baby in the car seat. There are some things you do need to take care of.

Cancer—The weekend has you nesting at home, but soon you are forced to peek out on the wide world. As much as you’d like to hide out in your cave, you must pay attention to two areas of your life, your work and responsibilities and your romantic relationships. Time to stop hibernating.

Leo—You will see a change in your finances and unfortunately not in the way you expect. Now is not the time to spend money or make risky investments. Your best investment this week is planning a hot Valentine’s surprise for your sweetie.

Virgo—Usually steady and reliable, you find things are slipping out of your control. Jupiter, king of the gods, is opposite your Sun sign, demanding that you pay attention to developing a deeper sense of responsibility to the wider community. It is not enough to recycle those cans and bottles; you have to recycle your attitude as well.

Libra—Sprightly Libra hardly knows what it means to do the heavy lifting in relationships. The idea that a relationship requires work is a foreign one to you. However, with Saturn sitting in your sign and with a challenge coming from the planet of transformation you are beginning to learn the meaning of the phrase “turnabout is fair play.” Secretly your friends think you are getting what you deserve, so don’t count on much sympathy.

Scorpio—You have such a strong need to kick ass right now I worry about you Scorp. Carry a big stick if you must, but use it only in extreme emergencies. Find the nearest Chocolatier and load up on that medicinal chocolate.

Sagittarius—Though the spotlight is off you, and you feel the chill of the Universe not paying attention to you this week, don’t fret. Think of this as a breather before the next rounds of tasks required of you.

Capricorn—No one is better at crafting a strategy than you, Capricorn, and you spend this week plotting your next move. The glitter of Jupiter in the friendly sign of Pisces lends a type of magical sparkle to your desires. Remember that all that glitters is not gold.

Aquarius—A secret desire wrecks your head and your sleep. Though things seem slow in manifesting don’t worry. You’ll get to know the meaning of the phrase “be careful of what you wish for” soon enough.

For more on the planetary influences of the coming week, check out yesterday’s post: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Part 1.

Pisces—Destiny seems to play a hand as a new relationship steps into your life. Now, I’m not saying that this is the love of your life. Maybe it’s a new BBF, or a co-worker with a great network of new people to meet. However, whoever it is will have a significant and welcome impact on your life.

Photo printed under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

If you would a question answered on these pages, please send your birth date, birth time, and birth place to I regret that time limitations do not permit full horoscope readings. Queries without all the required information will not be answered.

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Weekly Forecast: We Don’t Always Get What We Want

butterfly1When I was first learning astrology, I was introduced to a system, channeled by a man named Frank Wharton, of past life symbols generated through the birth chart. Different configurations marked a lifetime or a series of lifetimes, the energies of which are brought forward for use and expression in this life.

Our week starts off with a butterfly, formed by the potent symbols of Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Pluto as ruler of this symbol talks about transformative acts, Mars, resistance to action. Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Pisces in stress aspect to Saturn in Libra talks about real confusion which duties and responsibilities within the collective. Saturn in the relationship sign show the people in administrative authority pay lip service to the needs of the group, but have no clue on how to fulfill them. The fact is that with Saturn in challenge aspect to Pluto, the people who run the government are at odds with the people who run the money systems. This why it is so difficult to find real traction in a real economic recovery. Does it really come down to “show me the money?” I am afraid it does.

In our personal lives the same thing dominates. Are you feeling like you aren’t getting enough? Do you think that people are not valuing your efforts? Are you finally to the point where you want people to “show you the money?” to make it worth it for you to continue?

We are in a count down to Valentine’s Day, which in our country is a day rife with expectations of love and what our significant other should do for us. With the planet of communication, Mercury sliding into the generally unromantic zodiac sign of Aquarius on February 10, we might find some rather unusual displays of affection. Given our general angst about our country, our economy and our personal lives, this might not be a good time to expect that our personal needs will be filled.

The butterfly is the immortal symbol of the soul. We may not get what we want, but as the Rolling Stones tell us, we get what we need. This may be the time to examine your expectations concerning relationships and see if they match what your soul needs to grow.

Tomorrow: Forecast by Sun Sign

Photo published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr.


If you would a question answered on these pages, please send your birth date, birth time, and birth place to I regret that time limitations do not permit full horoscope readings. Queries without all the required information will not be answered.

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Yearly Forecast 2010: Blame Mars Retrograde

shadowMy latest whipping boy is Mars Retrograde who is stubbornly opposing my Sun. I blame the planet of action for every delayed thing in my life right about now. Oh some things are not so bad, like waiting for the court date for the traffic ticket, but the rest, well dragging a toddler kicking and screaming from a toy store is easier to accomplish. Here is the yearly forecast for 2010.
buttonariesStrangely, social as you are, you feel curiously disconnected from people, places and things. You are held in the grip of issues from the past that needs resolution, but you have not a clue as how to do so. As long as you keep yourself in limbo, there is no moving forward to some really good stuff waiting for you. The planet of action, Mars, will soon give you the kick in the rear you so desperately need around your birthday, so I advise that you pay attention to this gentle prodding from the Universe.
taurus-buttomOther people communicate to you their dissatisfaction with how you handle your relationship with them. You are hearing some things that are long overdue, dear Taurus, and it a wise bull that will listen and take things to heart. Though you normally resist change, this is not the time to do so. The fact is there is no better time than now to make the changes that are so desperately needed.
gemini-buttonUncomfortably, for you, emotional issues dominate. Though you like to play both sides of the fence, now is the time when you need to make a choice. Will you pick the person that is needy and way too dependent on you, or the person who is chronically erratic and undependable? Neither sounds like a particularly good choice, so maybe it is time to evaluate who is in your life and why.
cancer-button1Feeling warm, cozy and secure in your own little corner of the Universe, you are not aware of the power struggles around you. People are fighting for your attention, and you best make yourself aware of it. At stake are relationships with key people in your life. It is up to you to make the peace and smooth the ruffled feathers. You must also be aware that finances are not as secure as you think, so dig around and find the real dirt.
Other people take center stage, and you are expected to play the supporting role, an unaccustomed position for the regal lion. Even though the issues of the people in your life are important, even critical, Leo always suffers when they don’t get enough attention. It is important for you to see the real issues here and understand we all can’t have the spotlight each and every time.
buttonvirgo1As much as you like to keep a tight lid on things, you’ll life is due for a drastic change. You’ll be adding to your family. A new love could be on the horizon or a child coming into your life. Whatever happens will be lightning quick, so you won’t see it coming. That’s why I’m warning you now.
buttonlibraSaturn moving through your sign turns up the heat, (or turns the screws, depending on your viewpoint) on your relationships. As usual you won’t be able to make a decision and you swing back and forth between ardent desire and cool indifference. The grass isn’t always greener so you best figure out what it is you really want and go for that.
buttonscorpioYou are due for an incredibly luck turn of events though you don’t appreciate everything the Universe is laying at your feet. Travel to exotic foreign lands is favored to such places like Egypt and Morocco, though if you’re cash strapped, you may try a jaunt to D.C. Aside from that be ready to turn on a dime to march the beat of a different drummer, you should expect that things won’t turn out as you expect though the results will be better.
buttonsagittariusOne step forward and two steps back is the motto for this year. Your natural enthusiasm and tendency to act first and think about it latter works against you rather than helps. Instead of trying to devise some snappy patter to smooth over the rough spots, work at putting some effort into your grand plans. You’ll go farther that way.
buttoncapricornWorldly ambitions hit a frustrating plateau this year when nothing you do seems to hit the mark and yet nothing is terribly wrong either. This is because this is a year to work on your relationships. Its time to develop your emotional side, dear Cap, and to do this the Universe must hit you upside the head. Its time to learn there is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder.
buttonaquariusMuch of the first part of the year has you feeling held back, as Mars in your opposite sign locks your into place. This is strange as things are pretty good for you much of the year. If you are single you are attracting admirers and if you’re married, you two are more romantic than ever. The catch comes, however, when you fail to communicate about essential issues in the relationship for fear of upsetting the applecart. Of all signs, Aquarius, you know the importance of honesty. Come clean.
buttonpiscesThe planet of abundance Jupiter comes to visit your sign for a few months this year. Though his visit is brief, the afterglow of the big guy’s presence sparkles the whole year through for you as you give off sexy vibes that bring new and unusual people in your life. Though most of these folks will end up as friends rather than lovers, one in particular will lock down your free loving ways. That’s what you get for being so beautiful.

If you would like a question answered on these pages send your birth date, birth place and birth time along with your question to Sorry, time constraints prevent me from doing readings on anything other than a single question.

Photo created from image under Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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