Saturn in Libra: Sympathy for Two Devils

Saturn in LibraI decided to drop in on Saturn in Libra, and the old guy while not exactly warm and fuzzy when he came to the door he did invite me for some tea and cookies.

“Here, dear,” he said as he fished out the teabag in his cup and plopped it into mine. He was generous with his hot water though, straight from the teakettle, but then again Saturn tends to be. “Have a cookie or two”, he wheezed, as he passed me a half empty bag of store brand shortbread.

“That’s OK,” I protested remembering I received Saturn in Virgo’s homemade rice flour carob chip no sugar added cookies in better humor.

“Oh, well, then. More for me.” Saturn in Libra smiled.

“I must say, that pink trench coat is lovely, but don’t you find it a little warm in the house? I say.

‘Oh, no, dear. With the price of oil, I never keep the heat up past 60. You like it?” Saturn smiled. “I did manage to get a very good price for it at the Goodwill.”

I shivered; realizing the chill I felt was not just from his lackluster hospitality.

“Darn that Pluto in Capricorn,” I say with sympathy.

“Pluto!” snorts Saturn. “He wraps himself up in the sign that I rule, and he acts like he trying to do the best for all of us by transforming the established world order.” Saturn bangs his fist on the table. “I won’t have it!”

“Ah, so that’s what the conflict is about!” I blurted.

“Pardon? “ Saturn in Libra says scrunching up his eyes under his bushy eyebrows.

“The square between you and Pluto going on right now.” I say.

His fist hit the table again, making the teacups jump. “Darn right, Missy! You don’t go around shuffling things just because you can. There is a reason for the way things are. Tradition. Order. Its how the world works. It that Pluto things he can pull one over on me, he’s got another thing coming.”

He leans over the table conspiratorially. “And I’ve got the Moon in Cancer helping me on the eclipse on the 31st. She’s none to happy with how Pluto been shaking things up on the home front, making it impossible for people to keep their homes. He’s going to get what for, I tell you.”

“Hmmn,” I say. “Thanks for the head up. I’ve got to run off now.”

“But you just got here.”

“Yeah, but you remind me I have something very important to do.”

“Well, come back soon,” Saturn in Libra hoarsely as he shows me the door.

“Will do,” I promise as I run off to the pharmacy to refill my Xanax prescription. I haven’t needed them for a while, but I have a feeling I will soon.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Time Is Of The Essence

christmas-clockThe Sun is in Sagittarius, Mars is in Leo and everyone is rushing around trying to tie up holiday and non-holiday issues. “Time is of the essence” cites one mailing I received yesterday, and indeed it it is. So in the spirit of that, here is a very, very quick weekly forecast, before this astrologer rushes off to fulfill the latest task on my daily 2002 Things To Do List.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius—The planet of actions, Mars, continues to spur you in frenetic spurts of activity. Though you love a fast pace, you must take care to keep within the speed limits, both on the road and within your own circle of friends.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn—Maybe you are expecting too much of yourself. You are feeling you can not do everything you should, not having the resources at hand to lavish on your nearest and dearest. Everyone is having a difficult time financially and there is only so much to go around.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius—You push yourselves to the limit trying to accomplish the enormous crush of responsibilities that have suddenly fallen into your lap. It seems that all you can do is whip out your secret weapon the ability to create plans B and C at a drop of the hat. Carry a flash drive, Tylenol and some Kleenex. You’ll need them.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces—You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why. No one’s listening! Everyone is far too busy to deal with your holiday angst, so get over it. Geez, I’m sorry. Please stop crying.

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Astrology in the Houses: Being a Tenth House Gal in an Eighth House World

Eighth House MoonUp to last week, I’ve put pressing eighth house issues, insurance, taxes, (though thank the Lord, not goods of the dead) on the back burner, while I pursued my usual tenth house issues, the place where my Sun resides.

I’m comfortable in the tenth house. I know the territory and I know the players. I know how things will work out when I do XYZ, and let’s face it, I’m a gal that likes to “be in charge.”

Up to this point my Progressed Moon has been sailing through the eighth house pretty easily. Even when she caught up with Jupiter and Neptune, Neptune let me ignore certain issues without too much bother. Then Mars moved into opposition to my Progressed Moon and the proverbial Hades broke loose.

All of a sudden, the eighth house smacked me in the face, forcing me to resolve my back burner issues. And like anything with the eighth house, it isn’t pretty.

In the eighth issues remain isolated and buried beneath the surface. Most people with a significant eighth house signature are able to keep a pretty tight lid on the volcanic issues that seethe beneath at least for a while. This is the initial survival strategy of the eighth house, “Let’s hide it, so we don’t have to deal with it.” Yet the issues don’t go away, and the time will come when the issue erupts.

For a tenth house , take charge, in charge person like myself, to have things slip out of control is torture. Call it a need of the ego. In fact, all of the fixed signs have some aspect to themselves where they want to remain in charge and in control. Taurus controls their resources. Leo commands the spotlight, Aquarius insists on their freedom, and Scorpio keeps a tight reign on their rich inner life and emotional needs. Cross a fixed sign in that particular ego need at your own peril. The fixed sign insists on control on these issues and declines to reach out to others even when things get too sticky for them.

Yet here is the key to the eighth house. If you do not reach out, you stay alone and isolated within the eighth house prison, with no resolution to your issues. Where in the seventh house we form partnerships, in the eighth house, we need to let go of our ego drives to allow other people to be part of the solution. Whether you need to rely on the relatives to resolve a financial need, or you need to employ a therapist to help you through psychological issues, the answer lies not within yourself but in the synergy where “whenever two or more of you are gathered together, all things are possible.”

Of course to do this you must expose your seamy underside to others. You have to allow your pain to be shared. You have to admit that you do not have all the answers. In other words, you have to admit to yourself and the world that you are only human.


Now you know why the eight house is called the House of Transformation.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Squirrels in the Trees

squirrel2Venus, the bright shining lady of our evening and morning star has left intense and sexually charged Scorpio, after stirring up a heap of trouble in connection with the planet of our sexual drive Mars. Now she wraps herself in the sign of lofty ideals. Sagittarius. Usually when Sagittarius is on quest to find “true love” they tend to sample the whole Baskin Robbins of the flavors of love hardly lighting in one place long enough to explore what it is they are seeking. This is always the danger with Venus in Sagittarius, the tendency to treat others as chicklets rather than as people.

Adding fuel to the fire is the planet of our sexual drive Mars, in the attention seeking sign of Leo. Leo has a need for followers, so if we are on the hunt for love, we will look back to see who is chasing us and take delight in that.

Fortunately, Saturn in the zodiac sign signifying relationships, places a steady hand on love fraught Venus. Things won’t go as fast as we like and we just might end up in an enduring relationship in spite of ourselves. But before we get to that place we’ll be like squirrels playing a game of tag in the trees, running furiously, and just enjoying the game as its played.

Aries—The mad rash of activity at holiday time leaves you breathless yet exhilarated. Money flows as you meet the challenge.

Taurus—Avoid rushing and trying to do too much. Though you feel there is a lot to do, you won’t get anything accomplished if you wear yourself out.

Gemini—Swift footed Gemini can usually roll with the punches, but even you have a hard time managing this week’s frenetic pace. Keep plan B and C in your pocket to handle contingencies.

Cancer—You’ll be asked to lend a helping hand as a friend goes through some tough times managing an unexpected event. While you love your friend, you do not love the circumstance. This is too much like what has happened in the past.

Leo—You either stare straight into or crash into the unexpected. You find yourself at odds with the strangest people, and yet find your friends curiously supporting them, not you. Bummer.

Virgo—Your partner’s extravagant spending habits come as a shock and a surprise. What can you do to regain your footing? Stand down, and think things over. A fight is not going to help matters.

Libra—Someone gives you what for and tells you what to do! Though Libra just wants to get along there are just some things you just won’t tolerate. You deal with a little mall therapy.

Scorpio—The Scorpion loves nothing better than to fade into the background, which you do with alarming skills this week. Come out; come out, where ever you are.

Sagittarius—You remind me of the Beach Boys’ song, “And she’ll have fun, fun, fun, ‘til (and when) her daddy takes her T-Bird away. Nothings stops Sag from a good time.

Capricorn—Partnership issues grow sticky when someone wants more of a commitment than you are willing to give. Is it is possible that you sent out the wrong signals?

Aquarius—Sudden and unexpected news in the romance front proves to be at once a day brightener and another appointment in your overscheduled life. You need to decide what you are going to cut back.

Pisces—Other people want you to do things you don’t want to. Truth is you are exhausted enough already and need some alone time. Take some.

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The Astrology of Money: Jingle In Our Pockets?

no-jingle-in-our-pocketsWalmart embraces down markets, because for them, economic hard times forces upscale buyers into their stores while they retain their core market. And while everything else in the country is going belly-up, it looks like Wal-Mart, Target and other retail giants has hit the Christmas sales season just right with an emphasis on deep discounting electronic and appliance products to entice customers into early Christmas sales.

But with unemployment hitting double digits for the first time in thirty years and an economic downturn that just won’t quit, will successful Black Friday sales translate into Christmas sales success?

To gauge what is happening in the United States we go to the horoscope of our country. There are different versions of the chart of the United States but the one that many astrologers use is the Sibly chart drawn for July 4, 1776 at 5:10 PM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Right now in the Sibly Chart Jupiter and Neptune in the zodiac sign of Aquarius is sitting on top of the United States Moon. The Moon, in the third house of commerce, represents our hopes, dreams and wishes. Just to add a little extra kick to these aspects, the planet of commerce, Mercury has progressed from its original position to sit on the U. S. Moon as well. The Moon of the United States in the zodiac sign of the Waterbearer, Aquarius, a sign I associate in the tarot with the card “The Magician”. As a nation we certainly do pull off feats of alchemical magic to facilitate our economy. We do all sorts of strange things with our money supply, from not having any commodity to back it, to reselling the unearned income from mortgages as securities on the stock market. Then we wonder that we have problems.

One of our problems astrologically, is that the U. S. Mercury in the security conscious zodiac sign of Cancer is in stress aspect (inconjunct) to the U. S. Moon. With this aspect our nation swings wildly from the Sun’s viewpoint to the Moon’s viewpoint with no easy resolution. Venus, the planet of money, challenges the potent U. S. Moon as it travels in the sky right now. Despite the lure of store circulars and the siren cry of cheap electronics, we are not likely to see the cash outlay by Mr. & Mrs. America that signals confidence in the U. S. economy. But you didn’t need an astrologer to tell you that, did you?

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The Astrology of Christmas: History, Prophecy and Bad Uses of Astrology

Christmas Star

The Romans spread their civilization and culture through much of the ancient world. Their success was due to their ability to assimilate other people and cultures into the Roman State, like American Express offering the benefits of membership to new Roman citizens. Pantheistic, they readily accepted the gods and gods of their new citizens because they believed that these gods and goddesses were just aspects of their own. They employed a far-flung syncretism where they would look at local gods and goddesses and say so and so was just like this god or that in the pantheon.

Where the Romans ran into trouble were monotheistic peoples, like the Jews. The Jews were a people beset on all sides by peoples that by turns occupied Palestine. The Jewish aristocracy welcomed the Romans as protectors against foreign invaders, but soon the differences in culture proved a difficult hurdle. Religious laws (including dietary and health laws), celebrations, calendars (Rome’s was Sun based, the Jews, lunar based) and all the other elements of culture made the Romans a stranger in a strange land. Resentments were fueled by the taxation policies of the Romans that reduced the amount of resources that were paid in tribute to the powerful Jewish Priesthood. The tensions between the aristocracy, the priesthood, and Rome bred militaristic religion based splinter groups within Palestine. These militaristic splinter groups, like the Zealots, drew heavily on ancient prophecy that foretold the coming of a messiah, an earthly king that would banish all enemies from their land.

From Wikipedia:

The “Star Prophecy” (or Star and Scepter prophecy) is a Messianic reading applied by radical Jews and early Christians to a text from the Book of Numbers 24:17:

I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: There shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth.(KJV)

which was often employed during the troubled years that led up to the Jewish Revolt, the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem (70 CE) and the suicidal last stand of the Essenes at Masada in 73 CE. The Star Prophecy appears in the Qumran texts called the Dead Sea scrolls. “This was the prophecy that was of such importance to all resistance groups in this period, including those responsible for the documents at Qumran and the revolutionaries who triggered the war against Rome, not to mention the early Christians”[1]

The Star Prophecy was applied to the coming Messiah himself in contemporary radical Jewish documents, such as the apocalyptic War Scroll found at Qumran. In a pesher applied to the text from Numbers, the War Scroll’s writer gives the following exegesis:
…by the hand of the Poor whom you have redeemed by Your Power and the peace of Your Mighty Wonders… by the hand of the Poor and those bent in the dust, You will deliver the enemies of all the lands and humble the mighty of the peoples to bring upon their heads the reward of the Wicked and justify the Judgement of Your Truth on all the sons of men.

Astrology may have achieved such a poor reputation in part because it was used badly to justify violent actions. The Star Prophecy was originally a battle cry for religious zealots who wanted to wrest secular power from their government and religious power from their priesthood. Like all prophecies, you never quite get what you think. Now the message from what we call The Star of Bethlehem is “Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.” Now that is a message worthy of the stars!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em

venus-symbolAstrology through December 4, 2009

Venus, the bright shining lady of our evening and morning star leaves intense and sexually charged Scorpio, after stirring up a heap of trouble in connection with the planet of our sexual drive Mars. Now she wraps herself in the sign of lofty ideals. Sagittarius. Though Sagittarius is on quest to find “true love” they tend to sample the whole Baskin Robbins of the flavors of love hardly lighting in one place long enough to explore the depths of true love. Should you find love during this time enjoy it, but don’t expect it to turn into a life long commitment unless factors in your chart suggest otherwise.

Aries—You are much too dangerous to be let out on your own, but who can stop you? Fueled the planet of action in Leo and the Sun in Sagittarius, you are not just a force to be reckoned with, but a force of nature as well. Use your powers for good instead of evil.

Taurus—This a good time to face some secrets that have you bothered. You are poised for action, but aren’t sure of the correct response. The correct one for you, dear Bull, is to act in the interests of your own long-term security.

Gemini—You’ve got brilliant ideas, and plenty of energy to make them happen, but you can’t get anyone to pay attention to you. People want to see things in grander perspective right now, waiting the whole pie when you are offering them just a slice. Patience.

Cancer—What worked well in the past is not likely to work well now. There is just much going on around you to fuss about with odd ways of doing things. I can’t tell you to go with the flow since you are like a fish out of water now. Pull your canoe to the bank of the river and sits things out.

Leo—Though you are hearing what you want to hear, the fact is that the irresponsible and/or unpredictable action of others puts some big kinks in your plans. Best to sit back and wait until all the details are available.

Virgo—Settle back and let everyone else do the rushing around. Sometimes the best part of the holidays is the fond memories of the good ones. Reach out to an older relative and share your recollections.

Libra—Your big news now and in many months to come is that you are having to take a serious look at your relationships and pin down what it is you want to happen. Be aware that your attitude about affairs of the heart is due for a major transformation.

Scorpio—The planet of beauty and love winks out of your sign, an all to brief sojourn for Scorpio who goes it alone more often than not. You get homesick later in the week, maybe a bit nostalgic for the warmth of the family hearth fire, though the real problem is that you’ve isolated yourself far too much for your own good.

Sagittarius—You are itching to do something, but you can’t figure out what people want from you. Archer, the problem here is that you are far too blind to your own foibles and deaf to the appeals of your loved ones. Listen with your heart to get the information you need.

Capricorn—You are dangerously deadlocked from moving forward in an important relationship. Though you harbor some secret fantasies, your old devils prevent you from seeking a relationship of equals. No wonder you are so grumpy, Cap!

Aquarius—The phone is ringing, the emails keep popping up and everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Its exhausting being on call 24-7 so you absolutely must set some boundaries. Get plenty of rest, and lay off the white sugar and soda. You need all your resources to get through the week ahead.

Pisces—Sweet visions, Pisces, of romance and secret soul shattering love haunts your days this week. However, the object of your affections is a bit unavailable, too busy with the affairs of the world to respond to affairs of the heart. No matter to Pisces, you’ll just visit them in your dreams, which is almost as good.

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